The Todd Spitzer Streamroller

Word on the political street is that Todd Spitzer, recently fired Deputy DA, former State Assemblyman, and former 3rd District County Supervisor is serious about running for his old job at the County Hall of Administration in 2012. How serious? Apparently he is locking up political consultants in order to dissuade potential opponents who are not already terrorized by Spitzer’s prodigious campaign warchest.

Lobby later...

Two of the consultants are said to be Dave Gilliard who recently worked for Shawn Nelson and John Lewis, who didn’t. You all remember John Lewis, the repuglican who managed the ill-fated Tom Daly campaign behind the scenes. And when that tub went down, he scrambled rat-like up the bow line of the SS Sidhu – that was already taking on water badly. Will Lewis be working for free like he did for Sidhu? Quite possibly. See, Lewis is a campaign guy second and a lobbyist first and foremost.

Say goodnight, honey...

More word on the street has it that ‘pug sweatheart Orange mayor Carolyn Cavecche has already run screaming into the night, with Kurt Pringle and Bill Campbell, her sponsors not far behind. Geez, that didn’t take long.

Will anybody dare take on Spitzer and his precipitous mountain of dough? He’s got a pretty shaky record on pensions and that’s big right about now. Even so, there’s really no chance. See, Spitzer is running to mark time until he can have at our do nothing DA in 2014. If successful the 3rd District seat would open up and the political bowling pins would be reset.

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  1. Grover, “shaky record” is putting it mildly. He’s got the worst record on pensions of any Republican in the State (if you don’t count uber-pension failure, Bill Campbell). He votes pro-cop on every issue he can. Do we really want that kind of guy as DA? Spitzer vs. Rackauckas. What a dreary choice.

    Still, the fact that the main OC repuglicans hate his guts makes one pause to consider the Spitzer upside!

  2. Lewis probably stabbed Cavecche in the back. Which is just as well. She would just be a Pringle tool on OCTA.

    1. He stays away from botox, powder, tattoo makeup, and actually works to end OC corruption. That would make any person sweat.

  3. Damn!!! This means Daly can’t carpet bag it to the 3rd district. Oh well 3 more years of political insignificance for Daly unless he tries to run for Solorio’s office.

    1. The “old white boy” is no longer a winning formula for Democrats in central/north OC. Umberg proved that big time in 2007.

  4. Whoa, there don’t give up too soon, Grover.

    There’s Chuck Devore in Irvine, and that sneaky little rodent Bilodeau in Orange lurking in the shadows. And he would get to draw his own district lines next year.

    Larry Agran? He can raise dough through his machine.

    Flackerman to the rescue? The old pugs would love that guy to death, which at 70 is still a long way off.

    Hairball Sidhu? He may have finally found a job whose district he lives in.

    Geez, what a sad crop. Maybe you’re right, Grove!

    1. Bilodeau is a slug and he knows it. He is not about to give up his full-time job as chief of staff to Supervisor Nelson (until he gets fired). While he gets $100K+ per year as a county employee, he gets double bonus retirement points as a City Councilman for Orange. He can retire with close to 100% of his current salary after 15 years – not too far away. Again, he is all about the $$$$$. Plus, nobody would vote for him anyway!

  5. Take the first photo of this post, put a caption under it that reads “What, me worry?” and any opponent has a ready made hit piece that many will recognize.

  6. now i know why lewis is so successful, he is always happy and he is always on the phone,,,my kind of lobbyist

  7. I would pay dearly to watch Spitzer drive Moorlach crazy. That would be good, clean fun. But it would probably get old in a hurry.

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