Rackaukas Fires Spitzer

Oscar Wilde once described an English fox hunt thus:  the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible.

While you ponder that pithiness, consider the firing the other day of junior grade deputy DA Todd Spitzer by his boss, District Attorney Tony Rackaukas. The Register reports, here.

Laugh now, cry later...

Supposedly Spitzer was trying to get some info out of the bad toupe wearing Public Admintrator/Guardian, John Williams. The latter thought it was improper, ratted out Spitzer to Rackuakas, who for the first time in his career actually punished a politician.

T-Rack & Williams. Is one of these men wearing a wig?

A politician? Yes. For Spitzer is a former County Supervisor, Assemblyman, and had put his DA-seeking career on hold, waiting for T-Rack to end his miserable legal misrule. And Spitzer has $1,000,000 in the bank.

Anyhoo, the plot thickens when we contemplate DA spokeswoman Susan Kang Schroeder, wife of OC political impresario Michael Schroeder, the guy who brought us Mike Carona. Ms. K-S has been rumored to be a challenger to Spitzer of the DA heir apparent title.

Just writing all this crap has made me exhausted and in need of a cleansing shower.

Ta ta, for now…

Say what?

13 Replies to “Rackaukas Fires Spitzer”

  1. It should be reported that T-Rack is engaged to Peggy Buff who works at the Public Guardians office.

    Digusting pigs in a trough: T-Rack and Williams.

    Now, I want Spitzer as the next OC District Attorney…NOW! Dump T-Rack NOW!

  2. Another fine article brought to you one of the dirty dozen more commonly known as the 4F kool aid drinkers. What does John Williams’ hair have to do with the story? Since you brought a person’s looks into this article and will attack a person’s looks as well as their politics, why don’t you attack Shawn Nelson’s bad dye job. That looks ridiculous and must cost him a fortune to try and look 16 years old again. He’s going to need a good retirement to pay for it later in life. Oh wait, he’s already got one in place. Most whores dye there hair, they just don’t have a pension plan.

    1. Who said anything about Williams’ hair? The caption read “Is one of these men wearing a wig”.

      I finally agree on something with the Freak; Nelsons dye job is ridiculous.

  3. Hey Jo-Jo, I guess it’s from reading the so called articles you guys post. They are childish. Or it could be from hanging around you.

    Hey DR, what difference does it make who I am?

  4. Spitzer is the closest thing to Mike Capizzi going, and these kooks know and fear it. He made a career of shining a light on much stupidity on the BoS. Bring him on.

  5. I’d love to see T-Rack run for another term with Spitzer using his $1 million for negative ads against him.

    Unfortunately, T-Rack/Schroeder can raise a pile themselves from all the dirty pols that he won’t investigate, starting with Larry Agran.

  6. So, who is this woman who, according to the Register story, called Moorlach to ask for help in getting Food Stamps for a freind, then called Spitzer to look into this case? Why are these two politicians being approached by her for special favors? Just who is she, and why can’t her friend go through the application system for Food Stamps like most people? Anyone know what Moorlach did with her alleged request to him? I sense there is more to this story —–

  7. Matt “JUBAL” Cunningham is standing by, with his twitter machine, waiting for instructions on what he should type!!

    Bleed The Freak: I guess you are cool with the corrupt staus quo in the OC, and in order to perserve it, you’d like to see Harry as a Supervisor.

  8. Everyone wants to know who I’ll vote for or who I’m against. It doesn’t matter. I will vote for whoever isn’t Shawn Nelson. He’s a whore and a shyster and you will find this out soon enough. He fooled all of you 4F ers.

    I’d vote for Forrest Gump, Gilligan or Stewie from Family Guy if they were on the ballot before I’d vote for Shawn Nelson.

    Nelson reminds me of Obama, he only cares about himself and his self interest. Not the public. He talks out both sides of his mouth and that hole just below his spine, what’s left of it.

    I’m actually excited for this election. I/ Fullerton can’t lose.

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