Trail to Nowhere Pests Throw Party

A Friend just forwarded notice that something called South Fullerton Community is holding a “recognition” celebration this Saturday. The cause? Recognizing “community leaders” for succeeding in pestering, insulting and generally annoying Councilmembers Dunlap, Jung, and Whitaker until the latter finally caved in and approved the $1.7 million State grant to build a recreation trail through the middle of the worst industrially blighted, drug-riddled and gang infested strip in Orange County.

Hubris doesn’t seem to be something the South Fullerton Community folk worry about.

Of course this unheard of group was obviously created by and exists solely as a prop for Councilman Ahmad Zahra. Ironically, they won’t be holding their victory party anywhere near the site of the Trail to Nowhere. That would be a bummer for the celebration.

The announcement says that Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk Silva will be there to recognize the achievement, which makes sense because she doesn’t have any. Senator Josh Newman knows better than to bless this disaster-in-waiting by his presence; but maybe Gas Tax Josh doesn’t know better. This is the same guy who passed a regressive tax increase on his constituents the day before he left town for a Caribbean vacation.

And still the problems of the Trail to Nowhere appertain: a fraudulent grant application that omitted mention of contaminated soil and lied about the number of potential users; 10 active testing wells for trichlorethylene on the site; gang graffiti everywhere; homeless encampments; and of the cost of ongoing maintenance that no one has accounted for. Then there is the rosy, 5 year old budget that won’t get the deal done and will require additional money that could be used on other facilities.


Will any of the celebrants care about the true facts of the Trail to Nowhere? They haven’t so far. Will any of them stand up in a couple of years and apologize for the harebrained scheme? Of course not. All the people in charge of this mess know it as a fact that government has no rearview mirror and that mistakes may have been made (passive voice) but:

  1. Not enough money was spent.
  2. The people in charge have retired.
  3. Critical information was withheld by someone, possibly, but it was all a worthy gesture.
  4. It’s not a disaster it’s a victory!!
  5. Hindsight is 20/20.

Of course this being Fullerton the subject probably won’t come up at all, just as no one even bothers asking about the 20 year old embarrassment known as the Union Pacific Park.

I wonder if the party-givers have invited Messrs. Dunlap, Jung and Whitaker to their fete. They deserved to be recognized, too, and maybe even get a certificate of achievement.

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  1. Nicky Dunlap, Freddy Jung, and Bruce No-Whit-aker all gave into the Mexican middle aged mafia. Shame!

  2. I saw the e-mail that went out with this. Here’s a fun snippet:

    “This event will be an opportunity to recognize the community leaders who have worked tirelessly to ensure that all voices are heard and who’s shared vision for the Union Pacific Trail became a reality.”

    The vision became a reality? A little early for that proclamation. These idiots will never take responsibility for anything. All they have done is badger three weak “men” into giving in to an ignorant mob.

          1. Computer? What’s that?

            Try to get DL or ID in the first case without going to the DMV. Not sure how they are going to check documents and take your photo without going there. Or do a BTW test.

            Though I did hear you can take the written test remotely. Modern times.

            1. Well they aren’t going to get an ID at the back corner of Independence Park. But they might get mugged, if that’s any consolation for you.

              1. I believe in you Anonymous. If you put on your thinking cap you can plot a course from the back corner of IP to the DMV.

  3. Please rename this. The Trail to Oblivion. Because in the end no will take accountability and everyone will dodge discussion of it.

    I agree that Strategy #1 will be first (on the off chance that anybody cares): If only we had spent MORE money this would have been a smashing success.

    Of course Strategy #4 will be rolled out as well: this WAS a smashing success, but it will take more time for the uninformed to realize it.

    1. I choose to be optimistic that the project will be completed successfully and properly maintained, if only because of the forced controversy and resulting activism and public attention.

      1. Because you are a lonely fool. That’s why you pay me what you do and see me so often Johnny!

  4. The photo is of a new, proud occupant of one of Fullerton’s newest affordable housing solutions — “pallet apartments”! More are coming to your Fullerton neighborhood soon. Welcome the newcomers!

  5. Honoring community leaders? Who are they? Even Gin Flory snaked into city hall in a feeble attempt to be an elder statesmen for the trail. She should be honored. Whether it goes here, there, or anywhere, Mexicans love parties.

    1. Gin-soaked Gin backs something you know it’s a great idea. She was one of the purchasers of the Poison Park, right? And never looked back!

  6. You have to hand it to the radical Dems–they know how to organize and they never stop.

    Everyone knows that the trails are in North Fullerton because they are built in the flood control zone, to protect South Fullerton from floods, like in the old days. But the activists saw their chance and now the oppressed folks can have a fun party with their party bosses!

    I’m sure the Dems will improve the area as much as they have in the past 30 years–not at all.

    1. Their story (or wishful dream) is that the trail will lift the whole area somehow. But the sad fact is that we already have an example of this idiocy – the UP Park and the little discussed Phase 1 trail that nobody ever used except drug user, the homeless and gangs.

      There is no intelligent hope that Phase 2, if it can even be built, will not be dragged down by the same socioeconomic dynamic. It’s appalling that no one in City Hall is willing to vote no because of it – and forget about no potential users and contaminated soil.

      1. That’s right. Phase 1, lol. I hope the Council holds the people to their promise to keep up the park and trail, good exercise in civic life.

        The upgrades that will “lift the whole area” was also tried with the Hillcrest improvements costing millions. Was supposed to flush out the urban campers and make it a family place (but still not much enforcement).
        We never go there except in a group.

    2. “radical Dems” ffs…

      First of all there are two major parties, the Democratic party and the Republican party, referred to as Democrats and Republicans respectively. None are called “Dems”. I guess some people don’t like acknowledging that one party tends to be democratic and the other anti democratic these days.

      Second “radical?”

      Developing a derelict railroad right of way is radical in what universe?

      A bike and walking trail isn’t exactly the phase 1 of the revolution.

      If you think building park space is radical perhaps it’s you with the radical ideology.

      1. 1. Please remove the stick out of your ass.

        2. Pancy is right. The nonsense trail was pursued as a patronizing, top down “gift” to the “underserved” brown folk who, ironically, are too smart to use it. Who is the padrone? Why none other than Ahmad Zahra the Wonderful, bringer of all things Good.

        1. It’s simply implementation of the long standing bicycle master plan.

          And everyone knows the primary constituency for paved bicycle networks is MAMILs (middle aged males in Lycra)

          Those radicals.

          1. “And everyone knows the primary constituency for paved bicycle networks is MAMILs (middle aged males in Lycra)”

            But there aren’t any that will use the Stupid Trail to Nowhere.

        2. Thank you. Yes, it’s the Path to Zahra. He is building his fiefdom, and I almost admire his zeal and energy.

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