When Loretta Met Lorri

Over at the Liberal OC blog, the proprietor, Dan C -somethingorother is supporting the carpetbagging 4th District Supervisorial bid of Lorri Galloway. Well, okay. Even though Dan C.  lives in Irvine, it’s a free country, right?

What’s really amusing is that Dan has taken to posting pictures of Lorri with all sorts of Democratic luminaries, the tacit implication being that there is some sort of endorsement or even connection. Our favorite pic is the one he uses most – with Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez apparently at some sort of food bank operation.

Let's get our picture taken then clear out. I've got a manicure appointment.

Ah yes! A couple of typical camera hog Limousine Liberals slumming it, nicely accessorized with strings of pearls for their photo op. Make sure you get your picture in the paper, honey, and try not to break a nail!

There you have the Lorri Galloway Experience and, oh, by the way – welcome to her life.

Shawn Nelson on Tea Parties and the Paycheck Protection Initiative

Shawn, please explain to our readers how you got involved in the Tea Party movement?

Shawn: To begin with, there was no Tea Party movement that I was aware of at this time last year. Last March people across the country and certainly in Southern California were reeling from the constant beat down of small business people and this unending talk of raising taxes, bailouts, and the government taking over everything from the auto industry to banking.

As a small business man myself I began to sense there were a number of my peers that had not been typically politically active but had suffered through all they were going to take. KFI’s John & Ken were focused on the same issues that were troubling me and so many others and the talk began to be that they should have some kind of rally to protest. I thought this was the perfect time to do exactly that and that people that had never participated in such things might be ready to scream they wanted the nonsense to end.

I got together with a fellow business owner in Fullerton and we sent an e-mail with photos of other events that had been held in the Fullerton transit center to the producer for John & Ken. It took a few days but they finally responded and were psyched up about the idea and the location. 12,000 people later on a beautiful Saturday in Fullerton I realized we were on to something. The people that attended last spring’s Tax Revolt 2009 in Fullerton were folks that in most cases had never protested anything before. They were people that run businesses and raise families and are usually willing to leave the protest stuff to the activists. They were ready to engage and I was thrilled to see them in action. These were my kind of people.

It wasn’t until last summer that I remember folks beginning to use the word Tea Party to describe the anger of the people and the new activism but I was thrilled to see the movement was not just a one day thing.

Prior to last springs’ Tax Revolt, I hit the radar screen of the Tea Party folks because I stood up against and stopped an attempted retroactive pension spike in the city of Fullerton 18 months ago. Since then I have been seen as one of the few people that will actually take political risk when it comes to all things union run.

What are thoughts about the paycheck protection initiative?

Shawn Nelson: I  believe unions have a right to participate and should. My family’s business, Daily Saw Service (yes I am a Daily) has been union since just after World War II. Paycheck protection will end the strong arm tactics of the union presidents who can at a moments notice raise millions of dollars whether their members are in favor of an issue or not. Right now, unions can literally control the election process in many cities. counties and state wide by their sheer ability to take their members money and throw their weight around. If members had to actually cut an after tax check before a union boss could use their money, I for one do not believe the faucet would be stuck in the “on” position like it is now.

Are you going to the rally this weekend?

Nelson:I will be at the event on Saturday, 10:00 a.m. in the Fullerton Transportation Center. Please say hello to me if you stop by.

What are people looking for in a candidate?

Nelson: Fullerton is the same as the nation. Folks are tired of people who make their living in politics.  A career spent in government affairs is exactly the type of background that has Tea Party types furious with their election choices.

I think people are looking for someone straight forward and honest. Some one who as actually run a business and who is about results not measuring intentions and effort. I think people are tired of voting for a person just because he/she is moving to another office in politics. They want to vote for someone that will get things done, not accommodate those that make their living in the system.

It is too much to ask a guy that has spent his career stroking his political friends to break ranks and disappoint by cutting programs that are not needed, reducing staff when it is feasible etc? This is the reason I am willing to give up my law practice and run and the reason I think I will win. I will say no to the cronies at the county and particularly any union boss who places protecting salaries and benefits above the taxpayers need for service.

There are a lot of candidates moving or claiming to move their residence to run for office lately. Would you be willing to move to run for office?

Nelson: No.

Why not?

Nelson: I live right near where I grew up in a home one of my best friends was raised in. I chose where I wanted to live based on the community, my children’s well being, proximity to friends and family trails, parks etc. Where I chose to live had nothing to do with politics or running for office. I cant imagine being so self absorbed as to move my family specifically to run for an office in a district outside of where my home is. Maybe worse than that would be to pretend I moved but not actually do so. Anyway, gimmicks are not what I am about.

Why do you think you will win?

Nelson: It really is time for some bold changes in who runs, who we elect and what the people we elect have the guts to do. For too long we have elected supposedly conservative people and what we get is constant cow-towing to unions and interest groups that are close to bankrupting government at every level. We need people who are giving up more than they get from public service, not folks that win elections and get a raise.

Can we consider you a friend?

Nelson: Sure, I am a Friend of Fullerton’s Future.

The Pitfalls of Carpetbaggery

The Register’s Jennifer Muir reported on 4th District Supe fundraising yesterday and pretty quickly got onto the topic of a salient campaign expense in Lorri Galloway’s forms: $850 to Taormina Properties – the guy who was supposedly providing the 3rd Distict resident Galloway with a plausible 4th District address.

You will soon be asked many embarrassing questions...

This item has already caused speculation as to whether Galloway was trying to fob off rent for her fake address in the Colony District as a campaign expense. Not so says Galloway. The $850 was for campaign space rental that just happened to be in the same building as her “residence”! She declined to tell Ms. Muir how much she paid in rent for her alleged living space.

Well that’s sort of embarrassing – more amateur campaign follies, and all due to her political ambition and office-lust that has caused her to dummy up a fake residence in our district.

Another interesting fact from the campaign finance reporting documents is that her landlord, Bill Taormina, has given Galloway the $1700 limit though his company “Clean City.” And so we immediately start to wonder whether Galloway is paying full market rental on her Taormina-provided campaign space, and, of course how much she is paying for her Taormina-provided newly new address in Anaheim’s “Five Points” area, farther west out along the #42 OCTA bus route.

As The Colony Turns: Galloway On The Move Again

You will soon be moving. Again.

Well I guess technically you have to have moved a first time to be able to move again, by why get all semantical ‘n stuff?

According to “Colony Rabble” at the Red County blog, Lorri Galloway is moving. Again. That makes three times if you are one of the tiny, gullible subset of 4th District citizens who ever thought she moved out of her 3rd District house in the hills to begin with.

Apparently she has selected yet another address – out of the Colony District and into to a place called “Five Points” that is farther west along Lincoln Avenue and is, in fact, halfway to Harry Sidhu’s phoney address at the beautiful Calabria Apartments behind the Linbrook Bowl. The property? Another Bill Taormina special. Gotta assume this one is actually zoned residential.  Could it be that the City Planning Department actually did its job?

Anyhoo, Lorri can be serenaded to sleep by the white noise hum of Interstate 5 that passes nearby; and now Harry and Lorri can both ride the number 42 bus in the same direction from City Hall to get “home”! Which of course suggests a money saving strategy for both campaigns: co-habitation at the Calabria!

The Calabria beckons...

Carpetbaggers Skip Out. Leave NUFF Holding Bag

The other day we mentioned the 4th District Supervisor candidate forum sponsored by Neighbors United for Fullerton (NUFF) held tonight at the Fullerton Main Library.

The Register’s Jennifer Muir is the moderator and has posted a piece about the event, here. Apparently two of the would-be Supes aren’t going to be there; and coincidentally both – Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway are carpetbaggers. Harry is pretending that he lives in a crummy pink stucco tenement behind the Linbrook Bowl; Lorri that she lives in an old relocated house converted to professional use on the busy corner of Lincoln Avenue and East Street.

Harry’s a no show.

Sidhu’s excuse for skipping the event is pretty standard: out of town on business. Galloway, on the other hand refuses to attend because the filing deadline hasn’t arrived and and she says one of the candidates may not be running! She asks for a re-schedule after the deadline!

Galloway is used to having people bend over backwards to accommodate her, but she can’t be serious. Does she really want to reschedule? Or could it really be that she’s not quite sure how to handle the carpetbagging and residency issues that her political ambitions have created; and that she has such a feeble grasp of County issues that she wants to avoid humiliating herself. Come to think of it, Harry won’t be able to bring his ghost writer with him and he could be in for a rough time improvisation-wise.

You will soon make a fool of yourself

Either way, north Orange Countians are going to miss an opportunity that Anaheim council watchers enjoy twice a month: to actually see Sidhu and Galloway in action.  Apparently the show is entertaining.

As The Colony Turns: Funny Business at the Anaheim Planning Department?

Strings will be pulled in the near future...

First of all, we here at FFFF don’t profess to be experts on urban planning, but something doesn’t seem quite kosher down in our neighbor to the south.

Our Intrepid Travis just got word from one of his Colony sources that the City of Anaheim is now smiling on the legality of Lorri Galloway’s 4th District carpetbagging rental residence in a house located in their “light office professional” (O-P) zone. Check it out. Why is the City smiling? Because apparently they believe that since the fake “carriage house” on site has a studio apartment in it, the whole Taormina property is wide open for residential use.

Hmm. Now that’s quite a leap, but not all that surprising given that Lorri Galloway is an Anaheim city councilmember and Taormina is a big Anaheim property owner and political big shot. So is the story over? We wonder. Consider a few facts.

First, the land use is O-P, within the commercial zoning division, as noted above. The Anaheim commercial zoning code tables provide for no residential uses in the O-P zone at all. None. The city does have a defined “mixed use” overlay zone, but it does not appear at all on the zoning map legend, and it is not shown applying to the property in question. So what gives? How did Taormina get a residential unit on that property in the first place?

Let’s say for the sake of argument that there is indeed a “mixed use” overlay on this O-P property, that is not reflected on the zoning map. The Mixed Use zone definition clearly states that there shall be a commercial use on the ground floor facing the street (modified only by Conditional use permit); and that a Conditional Use Permit shall determine the number of live/work units. So unless Lorri is inhabiting only the upper floor of that house, she needs a CUP. And furthermore Taormina not only needed a CUP to establish a residential use in the first place (if in fact there was an MU overlay), he would need to either modify it or get a new CUP to expand the number of existing MU units.

And here’s another thought: if the existing residential unit does not meet code then it is hard to see how an expansion of it is justifiable especially when expansion of even a legal non-conforming use is generally prohibited in land use law.

Ah, well. Let Heaven and Earth be moved to accommodate Galloway’s carpetbagging! And let the Colonists bang their tabors and joyously welcome their new, well-connected neighbor!

As The Colony Turns: Galloway Moving Again

You will soon be living in a new home.

Ah! The tribulations of homelessness! OC 4th Supervisorial wannabe Lorri Galloway is on the move again, kicked out of her so-called new “home” at 1155 East Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim.

It seems that the big house she was supposedly living in had no permit for a residential use – it’s an office; fortunately her landlord, Anaheim trash contractor Bill Taormina is obliging. He’s going to move the Galloway family into the studio loft in the adjacent “carriage house” that does have a permit for residential occupancy. The Register’s Jennifer Muir documents the latest twist in the Galloway saga, here.

Although Ms. Muir links to the Red and Blue County blogs’ attacks and apologetics, she doesn’t mention that we were the first to discover the whole carpetbagging scam.

Anyhoo, we are now supposed to believe that Galloway is moving into a one room apartment while her landlord tries to get the big house permitted for residential use? That ought to be fun! Taormina will have to apply for a permit, have a public hearing in front of a zoning administrator, then have that decision inevitably appealed to the Planning Commission, etc., and all the while with poor Lorri having to deal with the embarrassment of the whole shady thing.

The kitchen is to die for.

Well, you go girl, and good luck cooking tasty meals on that hot plate!

NUFFsters To Hold Supervisorial Forum

The other day I got wind that something called NUFF was holding a forum involving 4th District Supervisor candidates. What’s that you say? You have never ever heard of NUFF? I googled NUFF and got the National Uterine Fibroids Foundation. Then I added the word “Fullerton;” success! Neighbors United For Fullerton.


Turns out the group is a left-leaning tribe of Fullerton Observer adherents, and they are sponsoring a Supervisorial forum next Monday night at 6:45 at the Fullerton Main Library. Shawn Nelson, Tom Daly, Rose Espinosa, Lorri Galloway and Harry Sidhu have been invited by the NUFFsters. The latter two may need directions from their brand-new abodes in flat-lands Anaheim if in fact they have actually relocated their bodies, and not just their voter registration, to run for 4th Distrct County Supervisor.

The Register’s Jennifer Muir is slated to be the moderator, and a drearier job I can’t imagine. I wonder if she’ll bring up the carpetbagging issue. Let’s hope so.

Anyway, the forum could be great fun as voters plumb the depths of these candidates’ ignorance of County matters. Hell, Galloway can’t even figure out how to check with her own Planning Department to resolve an Anaheim zoning question!

Lorri Galloway Honors Anaheim’s History. Takes Up Residence in Colony District

Wait 'til you see the shoes...

UPDATE: One of our eagle-eyed Friends has discovered that Cynthia Ward, aka “Colony Rabble” picked up on this post and shared the news with her fascinated readers over there.

What caught our attention was her statement that we have been deleting her comments over here. That is patently not true. We don’t delete comments here – except in really, really  rare instances, and Ms. Ward is far too civil to ever trip our threshold.

– The Fullerton Shadow

Following up on our brilliant post about the carpetbaggin’  Anaheim councilman/billiards aficionado Harry Sidhu taking up residence in the 4th Supervisorial District, we turn our focus on the race’s other carpetbagger – Lorri Galloway, who until recently, lived in the 3rd Supe District along with Harry.

One of our Friends just got an invitation to a campaign coffee klatsch with Lorri “in the comfort” of her “lovely restored historic home” in Anaheim’s Colony District. She seems to have moved into a neighborhood near the busy corner of East St. and Lincoln, in a small enclave carved out by the UP underpass in which the City of Anaheim facilitated an historic preservation petting zoo. Not the greatest neighborhood, to be sure, but a whole helluva lot better than Sidhu’s crib farther west on Lincoln Avenue.

Convienent, Lorri can take the bus

Say, what is it about Lincoln Avenue that attracts Anaheim Hills carpetbaggers?