Lorri Galloway Honors Anaheim’s History. Takes Up Residence in Colony District

Wait 'til you see the shoes...

UPDATE: One of our eagle-eyed Friends has discovered that Cynthia Ward, aka “Colony Rabble” picked up on this post and shared the news with her fascinated readers over there.

What caught our attention was her statement that we have been deleting her comments over here. That is patently not true. We don’t delete comments here – except in really, really  rare instances, and Ms. Ward is far too civil to ever trip our threshold.

– The Fullerton Shadow

Following up on our brilliant post about the carpetbaggin’  Anaheim councilman/billiards aficionado Harry Sidhu taking up residence in the 4th Supervisorial District, we turn our focus on the race’s other carpetbagger – Lorri Galloway, who until recently, lived in the 3rd Supe District along with Harry.

One of our Friends just got an invitation to a campaign coffee klatsch with Lorri “in the comfort” of her “lovely restored historic home” in Anaheim’s Colony District. She seems to have moved into a neighborhood near the busy corner of East St. and Lincoln, in a small enclave carved out by the UP underpass in which the City of Anaheim facilitated an historic preservation petting zoo. Not the greatest neighborhood, to be sure, but a whole helluva lot better than Sidhu’s crib farther west on Lincoln Avenue.

Convienent, Lorri can take the bus

Say, what is it about Lincoln Avenue that attracts Anaheim Hills carpetbaggers?

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  1. It’s easy to commute from your real home in the hills to your “place of residence” by going down Nohl Ranch Road which turns into Lincoln. You miss all the freeway traffic making it a very quick commute.

  2. Look at that real eastate sign. This is not even a residential property. Plus there’s a huge concrete driveway parking lot.

    You either have the wrong address or somethin’s fishy here!

  3. How did a house with no driveway end up three feet from a bus shelter? I think this photo is from inside Disneyland.

  4. I’m glad to she Lorri has such respect for Anaheim’s history that she moved into the historical neighborhood.

    That shows real commitment to the community.

  5. The three houses on that corner are a little commercial enclave; they used to all be part of the same quilt shop, with (IIRC) some kind of on-site living quarters for the proprietor. Looks like those quarters are now Lorri’s “lovely restored historic home”.

    As far as how living here “shows real commitment to the community”, get real — she grabbed the closest property she could find quick and cheap, without living in the midst of the Anaheim Colony old-house types (who all hate her guts), or the low-rent, high-crime apartment buildings that line East Street (but her “heart” lives amongst her people there, even though her body does not, so it’s all okay!)

    If you were settling down for keeps, would you take a house on a busy corner with a bus stop right in front and a concrete parking lot for a yard?

    1. Now that’s an excellent question! If they do their contributors can pay the rent for the uninhabited “residence.”

    1. Galloway seems to be all about her own self-promotion. Her site stresses “her cuteness” discusses not a single issue.

      Does she have a clue about anything?

  6. At least this looks like a place Lori would actually move to. Sidhu isn’t even pretending he is moving to the Linbrook pool hall.

    Hell, even Linda and Dick Ackerman kept up the facade. My question is, which is worse? The guy that never even pretends to move or the guy that at least acts like he moved in to the district for the election.

  7. Art, for some reason (Lorri loves to where super high heels) I can’t see her riding the bus.

    Plus, she won’t be living in the office shown in the picture, just pretending it’s a house and that she’s living in it.

    1. Are you kidding me?

      Other then some press photos for you to download and an address to send money to, there is no content.

      Perhaps you had a hand in developing the music, or the cookie?

  8. No I didn’t because I am not that creative. However, Lorri could give Shawn a hand with his campaign that is unheard of by many.

  9. Red County and LiberalOC are both talking about this post. What’s funny is that you are now known as “The FFF people” or the “the site that shall not be mentioned by name.” Ain’t that a kick in the pants.

  10. Anyone interested in a free history lesson?

    The 3 houses on the corner in the enclave as mentioned above all belong to Mr. Bill Taormina. Some (or all) use to be located near the Ruby’s (5 points) in Anaheim. The City sells land with antique buildings to him for CHEAP price tags (some @ $1.00 + a promise of community restoration AND unlimited free/reduced rent back to the City upon request). I believe the enclave homes are zoned commercial? Thus the need for the pseudo quilt shop store front (with owners quarters on site) under his Sisters name. And the other 2 on location? Taormina family artifact storage facilities. When the City awards historical home status, do people usually live in them? Or are they more for public viewing? Good question. I’m not sure of the answer. I better check. Let’s ask Lori. She might know? Wasn’t she just kicked out of one?

    More City Specials @ Anaheim & Sycamore where you find ANOTHER renovated craftsman home (2nd from the corner) if you make a right turn @ the light. Who lives there? Why nobody silly! It’s an office in front for (2 more family museums in back) Anaheim Disposal/Clean City/Taormina Industries & Trusts. Notice the similar owners quarters above the 2nd structure? ?

    It’s no accident the driveway connects to the nightclub (OOPS! I mean special event/corporate hall rental location) facing Anahiem Blvd.

    Someone mentioned lack of rental occupancy certificate forcing her temporary relocation?

    Good thing Bill had another property just like the 1st so near by!

    hink the noise from the traffic & bar flies will bother her at the new place? NOT! ha ha!

    Don’t worry! Bill owns the bar (aka hall rental per business permit records) location too! WOW!

    AND if the decor at that spot doesn’t suit her, she can alway migrate down the block to the Center St., historical high rise renovation project (also a $ 1.00 well spent with the City) which has a penthouse loft on the top floor available.

    Hey! Who’s the tenant in the basement? Why its the city of Anaheim! Wonder how a place like that rents for? Maybe nothing with friends in high places.

    Guess who owns it?

    And across the street you will find the Performing Arts Center/Museum. Behind it is the Family Justice Center!

    Hey Wait a minute! didn’t Lori Galloway mention that she was involved in developing/promoting performing Arts and the Family Justice Center?

    It takes a wonderful person to donate time to the publics interest. Maybe thats where she met Mr. Taormina? Might be. Why? Oh He owns both those locations too. Small world? Wow!

    And it doesn’t stop there!

    Wasn’t she the regional director of the Eli Home? Are they a charity? Last time I wanted to donate, I couldn’t find that name on the IRS list. I forgot to call and ask about that! Darn it! Better put that on my “to do” list ASAP!

    Bet you wouldn’t guess who the landlord is for that one too? Maybe if you were the tenant you could drop your rent off at Ruby’s? (5 points) If you do – better Ask the waitress to make sure that Bill gets the envelope. . . If she doesn’t know who that is, tell her to “ask the owner”. I’m sure he knows!!

    Lori said something about the redevelopment project in the area. Isn’t that on affordable housing? I’d have to check. . . I could be wrong. Where are those homes going to be built? Whoever owns that land will make a hefty profit. HEY – is that Bill again?

    I looked at Nelsons website & read his concerns about the railway plans. I agree that changing the planned route of the railway or deciding not to use tracks already made is kind of strange (not to mention extremely costly to tax payers)? What is behind the idea of changing the plans for the railway route? Who could say for sure.

    Maybe you should ask Bill? The new route might go right through his properties.

    Hey! You think this is all done on purpose? Oh – it can’t be true cause that might be against the law. I would have to double check that possibility. .

    Who is Lori Gallaway? Is it Bill Taormina in a dress?

    I always wondered how those guys throw their voice and make the puppet on their lap seem like she was talking. Sometimes they are so good at it, you can’t see their lips moving!

    In a crooked world, anything is possible. I watch the Soprano’s. Weird things happen to Tony all the time! I think he is in garbage just like . . . . . ???? Wow! It must be a small world after all???

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