Carpetbaggers Skip Out. Leave NUFF Holding Bag

The other day we mentioned the 4th District Supervisor candidate forum sponsored by Neighbors United for Fullerton (NUFF) held tonight at the Fullerton Main Library.

The Register’s Jennifer Muir is the moderator and has posted a piece about the event, here. Apparently two of the would-be Supes aren’t going to be there; and coincidentally both – Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway are carpetbaggers. Harry is pretending that he lives in a crummy pink stucco tenement behind the Linbrook Bowl; Lorri that she lives in an old relocated house converted to professional use on the busy corner of Lincoln Avenue and East Street.

Harry’s a no show.

Sidhu’s excuse for skipping the event is pretty standard: out of town on business. Galloway, on the other hand refuses to attend because the filing deadline hasn’t arrived and and she says one of the candidates may not be running! She asks for a re-schedule after the deadline!

Galloway is used to having people bend over backwards to accommodate her, but she can’t be serious. Does she really want to reschedule? Or could it really be that she’s not quite sure how to handle the carpetbagging and residency issues that her political ambitions have created; and that she has such a feeble grasp of County issues that she wants to avoid humiliating herself. Come to think of it, Harry won’t be able to bring his ghost writer with him and he could be in for a rough time improvisation-wise.

You will soon make a fool of yourself

Either way, north Orange Countians are going to miss an opportunity that Anaheim council watchers enjoy twice a month: to actually see Sidhu and Galloway in action.  Apparently the show is entertaining.

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  1. We all knew this was coming, neither of these candidates know anything about the 4thDistrict outside of their little section of Anaheim.

    Pretty wimpy on Lorri and Harry’s part to not show, this is clearly NOT who we want in charge of the 4th.

    Just quietly term out and go back to the Hills…

  2. johnny b, their “little sections” of Anaheim aren’t in the 4th at all.

    Galloway’s excuse is lame – one of the others is waiting ’til the last minute to file and may drop out!

    So what?

    As this post point out she is probably just not ready (and may never be) to talk about the job she is applying for. Too bad. Her first job interview is tonight and we are the interviewing committee!

  3. not to mention Harry is out of town???! tomorrow (tuesday 1/26) is the Anaheim State of the City Luncheon…are you telling me he won’t be there? BS! So he is mysteriously coming back in town just for that?!


  4. Shadow, “Harry won’t be able to bring his ghost writer with him….”, I heard that Harry claims he writes his own press releases, not that sounds like a post.

  5. Harry is still the best choice and already serving on the Anahiem City Council and is the Anahiem VP mayor under Curt pringle. Not only that he is a succesful business man that employs many people, I think over 100. To the people actually looking for the right candidate Harry is the best choice. FFFFF please don’t shill out for the establishment choice a lawyer who is backed by the sith lord. If I can get footage of Harry actually living in that hell hole will you leave him alone haha…

    1. Vice Mayor…under Pringle…in Anaheim??? Hahahah, what does that entail? He runs the meeting if Pringle doesn’t show? Has that ever happened in the last 7.7 years?

      And the only reason Pringle is out making calls for Harry is because he needs his vote on the Council. Curt lost a lot of his buddies, so he made a deal with Harry.

  6. #6:

    If you can get footage of Harry living in the hell hole? Uh, thanks for the offer shill but we’ll cover that one ourselves. I’ve got a better idea. When we prove he does’nt live there because he does not answer the door ever and his “neighbors have never so much as seen him will you agree to stop the charade?
    How about getting the “honorable” Harry Sidhu to just tell us why he thinks so little of his wife and family that he would even disrespect them by claiming to live somewhere they dont?

    Finally, understand that I for one dont disagree Harry could be a good candidate for supervisor. He needs to respect the voters and the boundaries and run where he lives, thats all.

    1. #8
      This is a very minor issue when this is a community service job he is the most qualified as I have said before and has also made some smart moves in saving tax payers money. Big freaking deal about his residence it’s like 5 minutes from Anahiem and a silly law to begin with when he already serves on the Anahiem council and is the Pro temp mayor. What if Curt Pringle is assasinated? lol

      Your right there it is kind of worthless but I don’t see Nelson or Daley have this prestigous honor.

      If you want to hang your coat on the carpetbagging thing be my guest but a few people don’t want Nelson the GOP, Schroeder choice he is the real shill here.

      #6 Right on the money CHEERS!

      1. Harry Sidhu announced he is bringing aboard GOP Consultant Tim Clark of Clark Davis Associates to manage strategy and voter contact, and longtime Orange County Consultant Scott Taylor to put together a comprehensive ground game.

        Clark is the guy who ran the evil Van Tran’s campaign. You think Schroeder is bad??? Get your s@#t straight guy!

  7. Harry and Lori are starting out their campaigns with a lie..they do not live in the district and that is that..nothing else turn your attention to the real candidates for this race.
    Look at what happened to Ackerwoman when she tried to do the same thing recently in the Assembly race…shame on the liars..we will not support you.

  8. #8 Constituent:

    You state “Big freaking deal about his residence it’s like 5 minutes from Anahiem and a silly law to begin with” in regard to Harry not living in the district. Google Richard Alarcon. Living in a house that is not in a district that the law REQUIRES you to live in to run for office is a felony. I understand that it may not be a rule you find helpful for your guy but you cant deny that is in fact the law.

    If Harry is such a good candidate can one of you supporters just explain why he wont run in the district where he is legally supposed to run from?

  9. Ur know the carpetbagging allocations really get old.

    Sidhu already serves half of the districts voters as Mayor Pro T, so to say hes out of touch and doesnt understand the 4th is so insane and ignorant. Lets talk about real policy issues please people, grow up!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more #13 letsgetreal. The carpet bagging allegations get real old. When are people going to stop running for offices in districts they dont live in?

      When any person thinks he or she is more important than the rules its time to avoid that person. Linda Ackerman had her excuse “I lived in the district for over 30 years”. Harry has his “well i already serve the city on the council” excuse.

      Don’t we just deserve some one that doesn’t require an explanation?

  10. I’m confused…how can people say it’s a big deal if someone just moved from one side of town to the other? I understand the Ackerman argument, but there is no connection. Sidhu was elected by many of the same people he has to face now. I think the bigger problem is career politicians. What if someone is good, but they are stuck because someone like Ed Royce has a monopoly on the district, should that person forgo any dreams of being in Congress….seems unfair to me. A candidate would get no support if they tried to run against a sitting supervisor in their own district of the same party. I’m not saying it is always ok to move, but when it’s a five minute trip across town, there is no basis to exclude them other than motivations that are deeper than a carpetbagging allegation

    1. #13 & #15, pretending to live in a pink stucco tenement behind the Linbrook Bowl when you actaully live in an estate in the hills IS A LIE. So now you have a carpetbagger AND a LIAR.

      It’s pretty clear that Harry’s ambitions have leapt way ahead of his brains and ability – ot honesty!

  11. Carpetbagging example: Living in a Mansion on the hill with about 8 acres of land and moving to an, ahem, apartment just so you can run in a political race. If you have seen Harry’s place and trust me, I have been there more than once, it is lovely, the view of the freeway way up on top of the hill is not the best but the surrounding area is really something. This brings up the question: Why is he in such a hurry to run for another office (Supervisor of the 4th district) instead of running in his own district. Is he an impatient person, dunno. I am betting if he doesn’t win this one he will run again in his own district..?? Maybe he will rent apartments in each of the 5 districts so he can run in all of them until he wins? So my point is that what Harry is doing (and I am not the first to say this on this blog) is against campaign laws and therefore illegal. Case closed…and the same law applies to Lori. So if you want to change the district (redistricting) it can be done but not by the candidates on their own whim for their own selfish reasons. If you do not follow the laws while campaigning then what is to hold you to the laws after you are in office?

  12. I can’t understand how either Sidhu or Galloway will even raise a dime for this run from the people they bailed on (3rd District) or from the people they are trying to fool like they live in the district–the 4th . WHAT A JOKE!

  13. I like how Norby bailed out on the Carpetbagger Sidhu after the ’06 elections and is now making personal calls for Shawn Nelson…Norby see’s the writing on the wall people.

  14. Really? People bend over backwards for Lorri?? She must be better looking in person because I wouldn’t bend a finger for her.

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