NUFFsters To Hold Supervisorial Forum

The other day I got wind that something called NUFF was holding a forum involving 4th District Supervisor candidates. What’s that you say? You have never ever heard of NUFF? I googled NUFF and got the National Uterine Fibroids Foundation. Then I added the word “Fullerton;” success! Neighbors United For Fullerton.


Turns out the group is a left-leaning tribe of Fullerton Observer adherents, and they are sponsoring a Supervisorial forum next Monday night at 6:45 at the Fullerton Main Library. Shawn Nelson, Tom Daly, Rose Espinosa, Lorri Galloway and Harry Sidhu have been invited by the NUFFsters. The latter two may need directions from their brand-new abodes in flat-lands Anaheim if in fact they have actually relocated their bodies, and not just their voter registration, to run for 4th Distrct County Supervisor.

The Register’s Jennifer Muir is slated to be the moderator, and a drearier job I can’t imagine. I wonder if she’ll bring up the carpetbagging issue. Let’s hope so.

Anyway, the forum could be great fun as voters plumb the depths of these candidates’ ignorance of County matters. Hell, Galloway can’t even figure out how to check with her own Planning Department to resolve an Anaheim zoning question!

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  1. #4, I believe this is a group of older liberals who wished to exert more political influence in Fullerton. They say their broad mission is about the old, nebulous “quality of life” of Fullerton. Wonder how they squared that with the approval by members Quirk and Keller of the god-awful Jefferson Commons and Amerige Court monstrosities?

    They really stand for government activism, support for bureaucracy; dilution of public accountability, in fact.

    I went to one of their educational events a while back where they had a love fest with educrats from all of the districts in Fullerton.

    (sounds of retching)

    I will say this for the NUFFsters, yellowing submariners though they may be: I’m pretty sure they did not endorse that idiot Jones – like Sharon Kennedy Observer did. And that’s a good thing.

  2. Some of the key founders of NUFF all live in the area north of Fullerton College, just off Berkeley/ Lemon. It’s a mix of both Republicans and Democrats who started off mainly because they were interested in the neighborhood. They’re the ones who supported both Quirk and Keller in their bid for council. They also were against Florentine’s getting away with his little sidewalk infringement. I don’t see them as a terribly active group, but definitely old Fullertonians –as secular as all the others.

  3. The NUFFsters had a great forum on drug policy with Judge Gray. Lively group who are at least taking the Supervisorial race seriously.

    Let’s pack the place! This sould be fun.

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