As The Colony Turns: Galloway On The Move Again

You will soon be moving. Again.

Well I guess technically you have to have moved a first time to be able to move again, by why get all semantical ‘n stuff?

According to “Colony Rabble” at the Red County blog, Lorri Galloway is moving. Again. That makes three times if you are one of the tiny, gullible subset of 4th District citizens who ever thought she moved out of her 3rd District house in the hills to begin with.

Apparently she has selected yet another address – out of the Colony District and into to a place called “Five Points” that is farther west along Lincoln Avenue and is, in fact, halfway to Harry Sidhu’s phoney address at the beautiful Calabria Apartments behind the Linbrook Bowl. The property? Another Bill Taormina special. Gotta assume this one is actually zoned residential.  Could it be that the City Planning Department actually did its job?

Anyhoo, Lorri can be serenaded to sleep by the white noise hum of Interstate 5 that passes nearby; and now Harry and Lorri can both ride the number 42 bus in the same direction from City Hall to get “home”! Which of course suggests a money saving strategy for both campaigns: co-habitation at the Calabria!

The Calabria beckons...

6 Replies to “As The Colony Turns: Galloway On The Move Again”

  1. The scary part is she is going to beat Daly for dem votes. Did anyone see his video respsonse to the union question? We’re in trouble.

  2. Daly told the audience that his department has been e-filing for 12 years”.

    I’m now 100% convinced that Tom Daly is a career politician, they always lie under pressure.

  3. Get a clue Rabble! Lorri is not afraid of jerks like this. She’s stood up to them for abused women for many years. Her purpose was to expose his identity and his illegal use of phones on company time. No decent women would ever think this is ok to be treated like this by a man or anyone else. If they do they are just as sick as this guy. Keep on revealing your true self, Rabble. It is quite entertaining.

  4. Kimmy, how about you and I have a drinky poo and get all that pent up enrgy you got released…in a wholesome kinda way, of course

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