As The Colony Turns: Galloway Moving Again

You will soon be living in a new home.

Ah! The tribulations of homelessness! OC 4th Supervisorial wannabe Lorri Galloway is on the move again, kicked out of her so-called new “home” at 1155 East Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim.

It seems that the big house she was supposedly living in had no permit for a residential use – it’s an office; fortunately her landlord, Anaheim trash contractor Bill Taormina is obliging. He’s going to move the Galloway family into the studio loft in the adjacent “carriage house” that does have a permit for residential occupancy. The Register’s Jennifer Muir documents the latest twist in the Galloway saga, here.

Although Ms. Muir links to the Red and Blue County blogs’ attacks and apologetics, she doesn’t mention that we were the first to discover the whole carpetbagging scam.

Anyhoo, we are now supposed to believe that Galloway is moving into a one room apartment while her landlord tries to get the big house permitted for residential use? That ought to be fun! Taormina will have to apply for a permit, have a public hearing in front of a zoning administrator, then have that decision inevitably appealed to the Planning Commission, etc., and all the while with poor Lorri having to deal with the embarrassment of the whole shady thing.

The kitchen is to die for.

Well, you go girl, and good luck cooking tasty meals on that hot plate!

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  1. Unless the OP zone accommodates a residential use via a permit, it is hard to see how Taormina will get his permit, and in fact, would call into question how he got that permit for a residential use in the “carriage house” to begin with.

    This may be a path Taormina won’t really want to go down.

    In any case, the decision will have to be made based on findings of compatibility and zoning/GP consistency – that is going to be tough to justify given that the whole thing is just a pretext to give Galloway a plausible address in the 4th.

    This is going to be very entertaining.

  2. Lorri can’t get enough of her sugar smacks daddy Bill Taormina who also owns the property where the Eli home thrift store is on East street, and I would have to wonder if he still owns at least one of the homes in Anaheim that is used by the Eli Home (house)?

    The funny thing about Taormina is that he is also on Daly’s list of supporters. Bill covers all bases, next thing he’ll be supporting Harry and Nelson.

  3. Bill Taormina also owns the TRASH COMPANY that services Anaheim, ANAHEIM DISPOSAL.

    Taormina has thrown numerous fundraisers for Lorri and Harry, most recently at Mr. Stox @ $1000 per person — 11 well do to people showed up for Harry.

    Now he owns Councilwoman Galloway’s new Colony Home. Who is paying for the move??? Isn’t this a gift???

    He will be very instrumental in getting one of his Anaheim 3 elected so he can parley to unincorporated county TRASH CONTRACTS.

  4. No no! The trash contract is not his angle at all! Let me bring you up to date! He sold out to Republic a long time ago. Then he created Clean City a company who bills for maintenance & janitorial on his personal rentals. He didnt have enough work for full time wages, so he made them porters at his center st property & grafitti removal in the 4 story parking complex he owns next door. When grafitti became an issue in his rentals around that location & the city was not quick enough to remove it he gave that duty to them too and threw in free rent. then he figured out a way to bill the city for clean up & grafittit removal and gave them a free tial for 60 days to get them hooked. Same guys, free rent = 24 hour beckon call boys. Whats their job title? Depends whos asking? When the city pays, they are grafitti workers, when the planning commission pays they are on site security, maintenance/construction, when its the property management co paying with his trust checks – they are clean city rental/handicap rehab guys or was that day workers because its not legal to contract without a license in Ca? i am so confused

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