The Fart Boy

Anything You Say, Boss...
That was a good one, Boss...

A Friend of ours tells the story of a special kind of person, necessary to almost any organization. He’s the guy who always sits next to the boss. And when his boss lets fly with some flatulence, he is there to tell him what a great fart it was. That’s the Fart Boy.

We have discovered the Fart Boy of our Orange County life and times – Matthew Cunningham, aka “Jerbal” a low-grade lackey who hides all of his motives and prejudices behind high-sounding rhetoric, but who is, in reality, the biggest suck-up we have come across. Every time he has come to our blog it has been to shill and pimp and obscure some indefensible behavior on the part of one of his bosses.

Whether it’s his mentor John Lewis, Mike Carona, Tod Brown, Jim Silva, etc., etc., no one in authority, no matter how self-interested, crooked, or stupid, is too contemptible to receive praise from the Fart Boy. That’s why he’s here. And so we salute you, Fart Boy. You’re the best at what you do.

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  1. First of all, I thought the Fart Boy was there to take the blame for ripping the fart not giving compliments to he who did. With that said, you could not have picked a finer example of one.

    This guy will go round and round for hours trying to deflect the spotlight from shining on any of his transparent attempts to praise one of his benefactors. The “King of the Circular Argument Award” must also be bestowed on this boob.

    I’ve seen him respond to writiers time and time again that he would share facts that would enlighten us all, he just doesn’t feel like it or he doesn’t want to waste the time. After responding enough times in this fashion he then switched to the “I already answered the question” mode as though refusing to answer 5 times then qualifies as an answer.

    This guy is a looser pure and simple. When the economy was rolling he was able to masquarade as a public affairs guy and actually make a meger living trying to ram developments down city’s throats. Now that the well has gone dry he has been exposed for what he has always been, an unimportant lackey of lobbyists. He has John Lewis that may throw him a crumb now and then and apparently has tied his rowboat to John Campbell for now. The Jerbal is doing John Lewis’ bidding to run cover for Democrat Tom Daly and, instead of admitting it, he acts like your 6 year old with chocolate all over her face denying she ate the cookies from the now empty plate in the kitchen.

    What has become mistifying is why any of the people left at Red County that sunk money in to that operation will tolerate this idiot? Lack of judgement over there has become so bad the Jerbal now uses the republican based format to announce three of the most liberal council people in North Orange county have endorsed his master Lewis’ candidate for supervisor, democrat Tom Daly. Breaking news to the “Red” readers huh? Can’t wait for Jerbal’s news blast to all republicans that Beth Krom has been endorsed by Larry Agran and Wylie Akin.

    Hats off to you guys for exposing this traitor and twit among us. Please keep up the pressure and let us Friends know when the Jerbal makes his next move. I’ll need to call Terminix so they can come set some traps.

    1. “Can’t wait for Jerbal’s news blast to all republicans that Beth Krom has been endorsed by Larry Agran and Wylie Akin.”

      Yes that would be a typical Cunningham dodge. Keep track of his site and see if he ever announces any other Dem getting endorsements from other Dems.

      I have to thank (or curse) this guy. He was the one who got me involved looking into County politics.

  2. Hollis, yes, I can see that turn on Fart Boy, too. “Gee, sir, sorry about that. can i open the window for you?”

  3. Did you know that “jerbals” are among the most intelligent members of the rodent family, and they are also easy to tame? I guess Carona, Cambell, Silva, etc. identified that latest feature, and turned our OC jerbal into the best Fart Boy.

  4. I had gerbils when I was a kid. They ate their own babies and spent endless hours running on the wheel.

  5. Joe, “They ate their own babies and spent endless hours running on the wheel.”, LOL X 100

  6. Just back from conducting a Jerbal seach and noticed the following:

    1) A dude named “Richard Geere” posts on Orange County and weighed in on this issue. Either that is the most hilarious coincidence of names to be talking about a Jerbal or that guy has one heck of a sense of humor.

    2) The Jerbal’s wife turns out was head of John Lewis’ staff and touts that as part of her great skill and experience on Jerbal’s web site.

    But really, they aren’t told what to do by Lewis, they stand up to him and shine the light on truth all the time. They’d point out the numerous examples of this but they dont want to waste time with people like us. There are so many examples of Jerbal standing up for pricipal and against that corrupt Lewis he shouldn’t have to stoop so low as to point them out. All the examples of the Jerb not being a shill are really obvious. Why should the Jerb point out examples of his independence when he just did while we weren’t looking? Get the picture.

    Jerbal has no principals. They were sold to John Lewis a long time ago. If you are a father jerbal, I feel sad for the example you have set for them.

  7. Laura Cunningham-Principal of Strategic Solutuions (Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham’s wife) is one of Orange County’s most respected (by John Lewis) public affairs professionals and provides clients with almost two decades of experience in governmental and political affairs.

    She served as District Director for former state Senator John R. Lewis throughout the 1990s, and continued with Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman during the early part of his first term.

    Laura served as Vice President of Public Affairs for the Lewis Consulting Group, representing clients to the Orange County Board of Supervisors (Daly loves Lewis) , local governments and special districts. Her client work included land development, public bond financing, waste management, landfill engineering, and strategic political and campaign consulting.

  8. #12,

    That was a stinky one indeed! When I heard John and Ken rip him on KFI about it I knew it was the beginning of the end for Jerbal and Red Klownty…

  9. WTF? Why would John Lewis, a republican insider, want to be associated with this guy? Is there really that much at stake for John Lewis?

  10. Matt is a good man, with a good wife, and a real blog. That’s something that cannot be said about the folks at O.J.

  11. Willis :
    Is there really that much at stake for John Lewis?


  12. #17 “Matt is a good man, with a good wife, and a real blog. That’s something that cannot be said about the folks at O.J.”

    O.J.? O.J. Simpson? What the hell are you talking about? The folks at O.J. as in Judge Ito and Kato Kalin? Maybe we could call Marsha Clark and Chris Darden or raise Jonny Cochran and Bobby Kardashian from the grave. Are you on something?

  13. #20 Behind The Jerb (bad image just popped in my mind):

    Makes sense but that would make more reason for Lewis to back Harry Sidu or Shawn Nelson wouldn’t it? Lewis is a republican.

  14. What I like about you guys is that the sense of humor was not lost when you started talking politics. Based on what I’ve read about Jerbal Cunningham, a laugh at his expense was well earned by him.

    Keep ’em coming!

  15. You can tell when Jerbal has recently come back from doing Lewis’s bidding, he has a retrieval rope tied around his ankle and an awful, foul stench about himself and his postings.

  16. #23 Willis: If I’ve warned you once I’ve warned you a hundred times, do not give hot sauce to the cow!

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