Greenhut Launches Watchdog Website

Steven Greenhut just launched The CalWatchdog website (, a journalism project designed to provide investigative coverage of the state’s increasingly dysfunctional government.

This project could not have come at a better time, considering how the California budget is facing unprecedented shortfalls while the power and size of government continues to grow.

CalWatchdog’s first major story describes some upcoming state bills that allocate $11 billion to water projects which may not even be feasible. The story describes a “ready, shoot, aim” approach to water bonds that is destined to fail much like Gov. Jerry Brown’s geothermal “ghost” plants from the mid-1980s.

We hope that Steve’s new venture will bring some long-missing accountability to our negligent state legislature.

2 Replies to “Greenhut Launches Watchdog Website”

  1. Steven, why limit yourself to state level corruption? Orange County’s government is riddled with nebulous self-serving agencies and commissions controlled by nefarious directors.

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