Norby Job Prospects Uncertain

Termed-out OC 4th District Supervisor Republican Chris Norby has announced his intention to run for the possibly soon-to-be vacant County Clerk job currently held by Democrat Tom Daly. But the road could be rocky as Norby now has two credible candidates challenging him: Hugh Nguyen of the Board Clerk’s office, and Buena Park’s own grandfather figure, Art […]

We’ve Got Mail!

Friends, we receive thought-provoking e-mails from time to time, and like the good Friends that we are, we like to share them with you. We recently received an e-mail from Jeff Oderman, an attorney with the firm of Rutan & Tucker. Mr. Oderman happens to be the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency’s lawyer, and we’ve been pretty […]

To Blog or Not To Blog

Back not long ago from Savannah, and now off to grab some work in NYC. Next month it’s another airport, another city, another hope that the little TV in the seat in front of me works. I hope the flight attendants don’t get snarky, and I wish one would give me the whole damned bottle […]

Free Lights Bulbs For Our Friends

  Fullerton Electric Co. is giving away free energy efficient light bulbs. The Fullerton Electric Co. is committed to the future of clean and efficient electricity in Fullerton and Orange County. “We simplify green electricity. Small companies like mine can help make a difference right here in Fullerton. We believe in being proactive.” Owner Don […]

One Thousand Comments and Beyond

Today we captured our 1,000th comment on this blog  – a testament to our readers and their passion for Fullerton’s Future. The millennial comment is attributed to someone who goes by the crafty alias “Norby” — and of course, it’s fitting that this comment is actually a critique of our own post. Thank you, Norby, […]

Bloggers Wanted

Friends for Fullerton’s Future is the #1 Ranked Political Blog in Fullerton & North OC. We are currently seeking bloggers who would like to post on this site. You don’t have to be a Democrat or a Republican. If you believe in Fullerton’s future, in honest and open government, that principles are worth fighting for, […]


Last night I had my 60 day review at the Planning Commission to review the trumped up “public nuisance” charge brought against me by City staff at the behest of former council member and noted broomstick rider Jan Flory. Still smarting from her defeat at the December meeting she showed up again and had to […]