The Highlight of the 72nd Primary Election

Dear Friends, we have received the following e-mail from Joe Sipowicz:

The last couple of months have been a lot of fun for me as I followed the doings in the 72nd Special Election primary. This was really the first time I have paid  close attention to a state election, and boy was it an eye-opener. I guess enough has been said about the triumph of substantive record versus hollow slogans, mendacity, self-serving corruption, seemingly bottomless pots of money, and an outright lie of a residency.


My favorite part of the whole episode came when FFFF published a post on the Dave Lopez appearance at the Ackerman party at the Summit House and was  subsequently notified by some huge law firm (Jones Day) that FFFF would be in big trouble if you didn’t remove it and cook up some cowardly “retraction” of simple facts. It was a pretty obvious case of harassment orchestrated by Ackerman himself.

You did not give in. Instead you left the post up and essentially told the Ackerman campaign and its running dogs to shove the crap right back up where it came from. I think you deserve a lot of credit for that. And I wonder how many of the sniveling centro-sphere pin heads who love to throw around the word ‘”cowardly” would have caved in to that sort of intimidation attempt.

Anyway FFFF, my thanks for you efforts to keep the Ackermans out of Fullerton. I’m not even sure if you realize the great service you have perfomed – but thanks!

Thanks for the kind words, Joe.

The 72nd Assembly District Election Highlights Possibility for Restoration for the Soul of the Republican Party

This great post  was written the other day right here in Fullerton by our good Friend and fellow blogger Martha Martelongo, about the 72nd election as a watershed for the OC GOP. Enjoy!

MarthaThis past Tuesday night, I was in Orange County for the special election to fill the seat vacated by the disgraced, resigned, Republican, Mike Duvall, for the 72nd State Assembly district. Duvall was handpicked by the entrenched ethically bankrupt establishment of the Orange County GOP. The same group that handpicked, Linda Ackerman, whom they thought would be a shoe-in, because she is the wife of former Republican Senate minority leader, Dick Ackerman.

The winner in that race, Chris Norby, born in the City of Fullerton, in the heart of the District, has been a teacher, a City Councilman, a County Supervisor. His politics have earned him a reputation for being a staunch defender and innovative leader for limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual property rights, education reform, and public employee pension reform, all issues that resonate with the independent minded majority of Republicans who live in the strongly Republican District. He speaks to these issues with moral clarity, authority, boldness, conviction and consistency.

Read the rest of this great post.

What Do Ackerwoman, Galloway and Perez All Have In Common?

We don't live here. We're just pecking our way through...
We don't live here. We're just pecking our way through...

With the announcement by a woman named  Sue Perez (who is connected to the wackos at Trinity Broadcasting and seems to be a friend of Lorri Galloway), that she intends to run for 34th State Senate District, we have the spectacle of yet another candidate who doesn’t live in the district they want to represent.  The announcement by this woman who wants Senator Lou Correa’s job, got us to thinking about some of our recent aspirants for State and County office, including the Ackerwoman and Lorri Galloway, herself.

We all know by now that Ackerwoman lives in Irvine, but wants to represent North OC in the State Assembly; Galloway lives in Anaheim Hills – in the 3rd Supervisorial District – but claims to be running for the 4th District.

Other than that they are all females, a common denominator is that any one could soon be using the yard next door as their phony residence. Of course we have left out Harry Sidhu who, like Galloway, lives in the 3rd District.

The Trouble With Harry? He doesn't live in the 4th District, either.
The Trouble With Harry? He doesn't live in the 4th District, either.

What is it with these birds? Can’t they just stay in their own yards?

72nd Election Recap: Validation & Valediction

Over at the otherwise dreadfully tedious Red County blog, our Friend Allan Bartlett opines on last night’s impressive Norby victory over Ackerwoman in the 72nd Special Election Primary. He almost gets it completely right.

He correctly points out that Norby’s 17% margin of victory over the Ackerman, Inc slime-peddlers is a bad sign for all of the establishment Repuglicans who happily climbed onto the carpetbagging, truth challenged bandwagon, believing  (erroneously) that money would trump experience and actual political accomplishment.

But tucked into Allan’s post is this admonition to Ackerman, Inc.:

We’ll give you a few days to lick your wounds and get over the bitterness that you and Dick are probably feeling towards Chris right now, but it’s time to finally end this ugly chapter in OC political history and endorse Chris for the runoff.  It’s the right thing to do.

Nice sentiment, perhaps, but a not at all necessaryof gesture of Republican solidarity. In the first place, if they believed half of the trash they peddled against Norby to the voters the Ackermans (if they had any integrity, oops!) would want Norby locked up “e-mmediately” as their flunky Dick Jones would say. But, neither Norby nor the people of the 72nd need anything from the OC Repuglican apparatchicks. On the contrary, Norby’s victory proves that one can win, and win convincingly (although being outspent 2-1) over forces that have treated OC government like their own little plantation.

At the end of his post Allan rightfully chastises all of the Republican elected drones who circled their wagons of self-interest around the Ackermans after hearing Dick’s do-re-mi siren song (with the emphasis on “dough” and “me”). Good for Allan. His was the the only voice on that blog that wasn’t making a full-time job of avoiding Ackerwoman’s deceitful residency and her contemptible smears.

Ah well, victory, as Allan trenchantly observes, is the best admonition to those who are more interested in money and power than they are doing what’s right. If all those folks who endorsed Linda Ackerman because of her “inevitability” (despite the fact that she didn’t live in the district, and completely misrepresented her business experience) think that this craven behavior will be soon forgotton, they may be in for a rude surprise.

And now, the task of this Grover Cleveland, having been completed, and satisfactorily so, we pass on the name to a new (and no doubt improved) Grover. Adios Amigos! And lets hope the times are really are a-changin.’

Ackerman Defended, FFFF Attacked (Again) By Ackerman Spokeshole

Dick Ackerman would never lie to me. He has lots of honor. Just like me.
The search for Eternal Truth may have just been steamrollered by Ackerman, Inc.

Yesterday our old playmate Matthew J. Cunningham of the irrepressible boot lick Red County Blog took us to task for passing along the “false” information about his hero Dick Ackerman illegally lobbying for the OC Fair sale. You can read it here, but be forewarned about a likely gag-reflex response. It seems that Cunningham is on a noble mission to promote the Truth, the Whole truth, and Nothing But The Truth. How does he know that Dick’s behavior wasn’t lobbying? Because Dick said so! Quod erat demonstrandum!

I don't remember
I don't remember and you can't make me

Yeah sure, anything you say, J.

Ackerman has already admitted to “helping” draft the legislation, legislation that somehow managed to jump into AB 22 all by itself? Did Dick go to Sacto? Did Dick make calls to his former colleagues? Naw. That would be illegal lobbying.

Interestingly, our Friend Vern Nelson over at the Orange Juice blog has reported a conversation he had with Assemblyman Jim Silva who opposed the sale. Silva affably relates that there was lots of pressure on him to vote in favor of the sale legislation. Any guesses as to who one of the pressure-appliers was? Not Ackerman, surely – that would be illegal lobbying!

Well, maybe we’ll find out soon all about what Ackerman did or didn’t do; and Cunningham’s lofty life-long goal of pursuing the Truth will bear fruit – although no thanks to him. See, the County Counsel has asked the State AG to look into the whole issue of open meeting law violation, public procurement (Ackerman’s “services”) violation, and manifest conflict-of-interest charges against Ackerman’s employers. Who knows, maybe Dick will be able to explain what he did, or didn’t do under oath.

We also note in passing, that according to Scott Moxley at the OC Weekly, Ackerman’s law firm has passed the OC Fair “Foundation” hot potato on to Jones Day, the same scumsuckers  Ackerman used to try (unsuccessfully) to intimidate us.

Your Honor, can I borrow that wooden hammer thingy?
Your Honor, can I borrow that wooden hammer thingy?

The Ethical Ackermans of Irvine

Heh heh. A backroom deal? You came to the right place!
Heh heh. A backroom deal? You came to the right place!

Our pals over at the OC Weekly have finally got on board the OC Fair story. Scott Moxley has described a letter from County Counsel Nick Chrisos to a State AG rep about the obvious conspiracy by Fair Board members to create their own insider cabal to push for the sale of the Fair – to themselves.

The lawyer hired to shepherd this little back room deal through the legislature was none other than the husband of the Ethically Exuberant Ackerwoman – Dick Ackerman. In his article Moxley forgets to mention that good ol’ Dick hadn’t even been out of the Legislature for more than a few months himself and so seems to have violated state law by lobbying the Legislature,  a characterization of which Ackerman is already trying to slime away from.

Like husband, like wife. Linda, Dick’s supposed better half, is running as a candidate in an Assembly district that she doesn’t live in, pushing a resume that is patently fraudulent. And worse yet, Dick claims to “speak for his wife.” What a team. And they want us to think that she is the ethical choice!

You want ethics? We got lots of ethics all over the place...
You want ethics? We got lots of ethics all over the place...

But back to the OC Fair deal. Now that at least one government entity has finally gotten involved, it’s going to be really hard for Ackerman, Inc. to wriggle off this hook. And consider this: since the County Counsel has got involved, its a real good bet that at least one County Supervisor other than Chris Norby has Ackerman in his/her sights.

Martin Wisckol Passes Along Final Valentine To Ackerwoman

They would never lie to me!
They would never lie to me!

The other day the Register’s number two press agent for the Repug Machine, Martin Wisckol wrote what he no doubt hoped would pass as a species of objective reporting, here. Yet somehow it fails the smell test, as might have been predicted.

Notice how Wisckol equates Norby’s pointing out that Ackerwoman is a carpetbagger (true!) with her campaign’s libelous misuse of court transcripts in a case that was dismissed by an appellate court! Martin unhelpfully points out how Ackerwoman did live in the 72nd District for a long time – a long time ago; as if anybody thought that was germane to the fact that SHE LIVES IN IRVINE NOW!

Notice too, how Wisckol passes directly along, without a shred of skepticism that Ackerwoman is some sort of “well versed” authority on water issues (of course he diligently omits reference to her MWD vote last spring to raise commodity costs to local water retailers by 20%). Typical. We remember how he swallowed whole her lie about being a businesswoman, here, and then actually tried to explain away his apparent credulity as some sort of reporter’s strategy.

Wisckol permits a delicious quote from Ackerwoman about all the hordes of ethically upstanding Repuglican electeds who have endorsed her (including her own husband – say, Dick, how’s that Fair thing working out?) without any mention of Norby’s endorsements – by Tom McClintock, for instance – a real conservative who’s worth all of the Ackerwoman’s RINOs put together – and then some.

We could go on and on, but why bother.

Fortunately, we’ve only got one day to go. And hopefully after tomorrow Martin and Frank can go have their Friday drinkies with the head ‘Pugs at Gulfstream without having to worry about writing any more press releases.

Of course if there’s a crashing defeat for Ackerwoman they may not even be invited anymore.

One For The Road…

Our very close pals at Friends For North Orange County are planning a farewell card for Linda Ackerwoman. Because you Friends are just so darn friendly we offer you a sneak preview of a mailer that’s landing in 10,000 non-absentee Republican and DTS mailboxes manana.

Here's the front. Fake charity to benfit Linda's friends.
Here's the front. Fake charity to benfit Linda's friends.
And the back. You mean she really lives in irvine? Shocking!
And the back. You mean she really lives in irvine? Shocking!