The 72nd Assembly District Election Highlights Possibility for Restoration for the Soul of the Republican Party

This great post  was written the other day right here in Fullerton by our good Friend and fellow blogger Martha Martelongo, about the 72nd election as a watershed for the OC GOP. Enjoy!

MarthaThis past Tuesday night, I was in Orange County for the special election to fill the seat vacated by the disgraced, resigned, Republican, Mike Duvall, for the 72nd State Assembly district. Duvall was handpicked by the entrenched ethically bankrupt establishment of the Orange County GOP. The same group that handpicked, Linda Ackerman, whom they thought would be a shoe-in, because she is the wife of former Republican Senate minority leader, Dick Ackerman.

The winner in that race, Chris Norby, born in the City of Fullerton, in the heart of the District, has been a teacher, a City Councilman, a County Supervisor. His politics have earned him a reputation for being a staunch defender and innovative leader for limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual property rights, education reform, and public employee pension reform, all issues that resonate with the independent minded majority of Republicans who live in the strongly Republican District. He speaks to these issues with moral clarity, authority, boldness, conviction and consistency.

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6 Replies to “The 72nd Assembly District Election Highlights Possibility for Restoration for the Soul of the Republican Party”

  1. Good write up and certainly a cause for optimism. But from the pictures I saw, Norby’s victory celebration was filled with a lot of the same ciphers who supported Ackerwoman and conveniently slid into the Norby venue when no one was looking.

    There were a number of cowardly no-commiters, dual-committers, and at least one swine who actually opposed Norby altogether.

    The OC Repuglican Party is run by people like the Ackermans who fail to see the need for a clean up. There are a few clear voices on the Central Committee, but most of the operation is for sale on way or another.

    I’d say it doesn’t look real promising. The next test will be how these people get behind Shawn Nelson knowing that Lewis is promoting the Democrat Daly.

    1. I love your comment Harpoon. Frankly, that is precisely why I did not attend the celebration. Knowing full-well that Chris will read this, the decision that he almost followed through on in supporting Daly rather than Shawn has wounded me with Chris and I have yet to fully recover. We have all seen Chris be a star, but he clearly is susceptible to future Ackermesque moves. Will he seek great government or will he seek to solidify his personal political future? Hopefully he will realize that he is no Ackerman with respect to making slick friends. However, Dick Ackerman is no Chris Norby with respect to his ability advocate for good government.

  2. It was disturbing to see all the usual OC GOP rats at Norby’s victory party. But at least now you will have one Republican politician in your area who won’t support useless Republicans like Dick Jones.

    And Norby’s endorsement of Shawn Nelson is great news! They will be a great team!

  3. The OC Republican party is like an old, formerly great company that is now run by the jackass salesman who duped the humble founders. The salesman who don’t understand what the organization is supposed to do. They are good at building relationships, but have no idea how to build and improve their product. By and large, their product sucks.

  4. I liked reading (in the Martelongo article) positive “top spin” about how the Republican Party is going to get better, but it will take more than optimism to fix that disaster.

    I viewed Norby’s decisive election victory over Mrs. Ackerman as ESSENTIAL in order for us to have any hope of correcting (i.e. completely reversing) the entire RINO-Republican reality of every incumbent member of the Party.

    The whole game evidently is media access, and consequently the RINOs are basically media darlings, e.g. John “the hero” McCain.

    The new media is important, but much more important is the intelligence of the electorate.

    I was greatly concerned that Mrs. Ackerman would receive a mindless brain-dead “women’s” vote, absolutely based on false nasty accusations-proved-wrong, while ignoring the decades long record of diligent elective public service (which Norby truly delivered before all of our very eyes).

    But “money” in bucketsfull and “media” which is now entirely Communist-Totalitarian- controlled (incredible as that seems to anyone born-raised-adopted of American citizenship), will only flow to those in government who will PROMOTE BIG EXPANSIVE GOVERNMENT. That is the essence of the RINO Republican Party.

    We have to defeat these folks who love government as much as the most ardent Obama Democrat-Communist, but who cloth themselves in phony “Orange County conservative” vestments.

    Slightly off topic, I must thank the Ackerman campaign for removing one of my long time concerns about Norby. They quoted him as saying to the OC government senior citizens welfare-type agency manager, something to the effect of: “Why do you have to do something for the Fxxxing illegal alien Mexicans?” That comment was supposedly included in (dismissed) “sexual hurrassment” lawsuit court testimony. As irrelevant as it was to such a lawsuit, it certainly clarified for me Norby’s evidently clear understanding of just how damned WRONG the RINO Republican and Democrat-Communist’s view of ILLEGAL ALIEN is in the minds of normal law abiding (and hugely pissed off) Americans.

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