The Highlight of the 72nd Primary Election

Dear Friends, we have received the following e-mail from Joe Sipowicz:

The last couple of months have been a lot of fun for me as I followed the doings in the 72nd Special Election primary. This was really the first time I have paid  close attention to a state election, and boy was it an eye-opener. I guess enough has been said about the triumph of substantive record versus hollow slogans, mendacity, self-serving corruption, seemingly bottomless pots of money, and an outright lie of a residency.


My favorite part of the whole episode came when FFFF published a post on the Dave Lopez appearance at the Ackerman party at the Summit House and was  subsequently notified by some huge law firm (Jones Day) that FFFF would be in big trouble if you didn’t remove it and cook up some cowardly “retraction” of simple facts. It was a pretty obvious case of harassment orchestrated by Ackerman himself.

You did not give in. Instead you left the post up and essentially told the Ackerman campaign and its running dogs to shove the crap right back up where it came from. I think you deserve a lot of credit for that. And I wonder how many of the sniveling centro-sphere pin heads who love to throw around the word ‘”cowardly” would have caved in to that sort of intimidation attempt.

Anyway FFFF, my thanks for you efforts to keep the Ackermans out of Fullerton. I’m not even sure if you realize the great service you have perfomed – but thanks!

Thanks for the kind words, Joe.

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  1. Although there are occasionally some tasteless comments, I appreciate the dialog and opportunities that are present. My hats are off to FFFF for keeping the pressure on Ackerman, et al.

  2. My favorite episode was that hilarious “Christmas Greeting” video showing the Ackerman dwelling in the “top-secret” gatec community in Irvine. That was priceless!

  3. My favorite were the signs all over North county. No Ackerman Irvine Carpetbegger.

    Shot to the heart that woke up the voters and the repuglicans elite are still denying they made a difference.

    1. Those signs were everywhere, and the message was simple and true. I’m sure they hurt Ackerman bigtime. Many of my friends made comments about them.

  4. In a nutshell, Norby got out of the gate fast. In short order, she was dead when:
    a–the carpetbagger issue was put on the table as early as it was;
    b–the Fleischmann video–unbelievable since it backed up A;
    c–the business background was exposed;
    d–the hate mail started as fast as it dead;
    e–the issue of her husband-and by inference getting around term limits;
    f–relationship with Duvall;
    g–the Dez and Associates party on TV with hubby;
    h–voters hate husband-wife succession;
    i–interviews in the white suburban;
    j–jerbal droppings all over Fullerton.
    NORBY kept his mouth shut

    DOA from the beginning–FFFF is the kingmaker….Proctor and Gamble in the headlights

  5. Ackerman was dead when:

    hate mail started as fast as it did-she could not focus on the issues because of the carpetbagger issue-she was cooked when she resorted to the hate mail as fast as she did

    sorry for the typo–jerbal droppings that I just found out are hazardous waste

  6. SCR, you are going to make us blush!

    But please no more Jerbal stuff. The poor boy is coming unglued. Pretty soon he may have to take the trip to the Canadian nut farm.

  7. Proctor and Gamble in the headlights

    I thought you would be saying Alaskan Nutters rather than Canadian nutters……At least he can sit on the porch in Alaska and pretend he can see the Orange County coastline as a member of the Harbor Commission

    You folks are setting the tone for the next campaigns—DarkKnight Schroeder lost today as the Anthony Adams recall effort failed big time

    1. I believe the Canada reference was to the joint they hustled Urell off to so he wouldn’t have to fininsh his deposition.

    watching Olberman last night, was that Jerby and his friends wearing the squirrel suits running around in the cage? It looked very suspicious—-you can watch it online at msnbc/olberman

    At least we know he can run in the cage with the other jerbals

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