Ackerman Defended, FFFF Attacked (Again) By Ackerman Spokeshole

Dick Ackerman would never lie to me. He has lots of honor. Just like me.
The search for Eternal Truth may have just been steamrollered by Ackerman, Inc.

Yesterday our old playmate Matthew J. Cunningham of the irrepressible boot lick Red County Blog took us to task for passing along the “false” information about his hero Dick Ackerman illegally lobbying for the OC Fair sale. You can read it here, but be forewarned about a likely gag-reflex response. It seems that Cunningham is on a noble mission to promote the Truth, the Whole truth, and Nothing But The Truth. How does he know that Dick’s behavior wasn’t lobbying? Because Dick said so! Quod erat demonstrandum!

I don't remember
I don't remember and you can't make me

Yeah sure, anything you say, J.

Ackerman has already admitted to “helping” draft the legislation, legislation that somehow managed to jump into AB 22 all by itself? Did Dick go to Sacto? Did Dick make calls to his former colleagues? Naw. That would be illegal lobbying.

Interestingly, our Friend Vern Nelson over at the Orange Juice blog has reported a conversation he had with Assemblyman Jim Silva who opposed the sale. Silva affably relates that there was lots of pressure on him to vote in favor of the sale legislation. Any guesses as to who one of the pressure-appliers was? Not Ackerman, surely – that would be illegal lobbying!

Well, maybe we’ll find out soon all about what Ackerman did or didn’t do; and Cunningham’s lofty life-long goal of pursuing the Truth will bear fruit – although no thanks to him. See, the County Counsel has asked the State AG to look into the whole issue of open meeting law violation, public procurement (Ackerman’s “services”) violation, and manifest conflict-of-interest charges against Ackerman’s employers. Who knows, maybe Dick will be able to explain what he did, or didn’t do under oath.

We also note in passing, that according to Scott Moxley at the OC Weekly, Ackerman’s law firm has passed the OC Fair “Foundation” hot potato on to Jones Day, the same scumsuckers  Ackerman used to try (unsuccessfully) to intimidate us.

Your Honor, can I borrow that wooden hammer thingy?
Your Honor, can I borrow that wooden hammer thingy?

7 Replies to “Ackerman Defended, FFFF Attacked (Again) By Ackerman Spokeshole”

  1. Don’ you believe Van Tran’s argument at the hearing regarding the Fairgrounds? Ackerman couldn’t have “lobbied” because that would have been illegal.

    And what exactly did Ackerman do, and why didn’t he protest immediately when the newspapers reported that he lobbied? Where are the copies of his contract and billing hours?

    And if not Ackerman, who was lobbying legislators on behalf of the Fair Board?

    Do they really expect us to believe in magic?

  2. #2, all good points. I agree with Grover. Now that the County is involved it’s going to be sort of hard to hush this up anymore.

    If Ackerman’s conversations with legislators were actually documented (or monotored) there’s going to be some ‘splainin’ to do.

    The octopus may be about to lose a tentacle or two.

  3. Grover:

    If you like, I can lend you my old college Logic textbook, “Logic Made Simple,” because you sure could use it.

    Given all the attention you lavish on me, I’m beginning to think I’m not so unimportant as you claim!

    But to your “argument,” which can be summed up as follows:

    Dick Ackerman engaged in illegal lobbying…because I think he did!

    Quod erat demonstrandum!

    I’m beginning to understand why you use a pseudonym, Grover: it would be too embarrassing to attach your real name to ridiculous mish-mash and fibs you try to pass off as argument.

  4. #4 Matt,

    Interesting you use the “Dick Ackerman engaged in illegal lobbying because I think he did” angle. That seems to be essentially the logic you have used to suggest there was nothing illegal, just in the reverse.

    Look, the truth remains to be seen but a few things are not up for debate here.

    1) Ackerman did take a job with Nossaman to become a lobbyist. There is no defense to this as Dick himself described his new career in this manner at his retirement sendoff.

    2) The fair board did need lobbying.

    3) Ackerman’s firm did get an agreement for services related to the sale of the fair grounds.

    4) At least some of the board members have described that they understood the agreement to be for lobbying.

    5) Nossaman has now punted and given the work to Jones Day.

    Matt, the content of the book you claim to poses would at least benefit you as much as anyone assuming it can be digested and comprehended.

    We will all find out what if any illegal activity took place now that the AG has been called in. To say there is no smoke here, however, would be illogical to say the least.

    1. I inquired as to what Ackerman was hired to to do, and was informed it was gathering information, and that he had no role in influencing the language of the bill authorizing the sale.

      Lobbying has a specific, legal definition. It is not an all-encompassing term including every type of contact with government.

      Yes, we will find out more in the days ahead. In the meantime, perhaps you’ll put as much energy into criticizing FFFFers for their adamant, claims — which they’ve made no effort to substantiate — that Ackerman broke the law, as you are with me.

  5. Notice how Cunningham went from “he’s innocent, you idiots” to “we will find out more in the days ahead”. Typical brown-nosed BS.

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