Martin Wisckol Passes Along Final Valentine To Ackerwoman

They would never lie to me!
They would never lie to me!

The other day the Register’s number two press agent for the Repug Machine, Martin Wisckol wrote what he no doubt hoped would pass as a species of objective reporting, here. Yet somehow it fails the smell test, as might have been predicted.

Notice how Wisckol equates Norby’s pointing out that Ackerwoman is a carpetbagger (true!) with her campaign’s libelous misuse of court transcripts in a case that was dismissed by an appellate court! Martin unhelpfully points out how Ackerwoman did live in the 72nd District for a long time – a long time ago; as if anybody thought that was germane to the fact that SHE LIVES IN IRVINE NOW!

Notice too, how Wisckol passes directly along, without a shred of skepticism that Ackerwoman is some sort of “well versed” authority on water issues (of course he diligently omits reference to her MWD vote last spring to raise commodity costs to local water retailers by 20%). Typical. We remember how he swallowed whole her lie about being a businesswoman, here, and then actually tried to explain away his apparent credulity as some sort of reporter’s strategy.

Wisckol permits a delicious quote from Ackerwoman about all the hordes of ethically upstanding Repuglican electeds who have endorsed her (including her own husband – say, Dick, how’s that Fair thing working out?) without any mention of Norby’s endorsements – by Tom McClintock, for instance – a real conservative who’s worth all of the Ackerwoman’s RINOs put together – and then some.

We could go on and on, but why bother.

Fortunately, we’ve only got one day to go. And hopefully after tomorrow Martin and Frank can go have their Friday drinkies with the head ‘Pugs at Gulfstream without having to worry about writing any more press releases.

Of course if there’s a crashing defeat for Ackerwoman they may not even be invited anymore.

12 Replies to “Martin Wisckol Passes Along Final Valentine To Ackerwoman”

  1. I realize you know-it-alls already know everything about OC Republicanism, but I’ll take the risk of introducing an actual fact into this highly-volatile, fantasy-based environment and inform you that Martin Wisckol doesn’t go to the Gulfstream gatherings. And Mickadeit hasn’t been there in a year or two.

    I rarely go myself — we’re now able to communicate telepathically, so even your tin foil hats won’t protect your thoughts from us.

    1. ” I rarely go myself”

      Well, Jerbie, maybe if you would have a few more cocktails we here at FFFF would like you a bit more. Then again, maybe not.

  2. I’ addressing the core issue, which is the inability of writers for this blog to separate reality from fantasy. Harpoon’s contention is Martin is somehow an agent of the OC GOP, or in the Ackermans’ pocket, and so manufactures allegations about Martin to buttress his fantasy.

    As I said, i fully understand this is not a place where being factual is welcomed — at least, not about when it comes to individuals who are on the FFFF enemies list.

  3. Are you contending that Wisckol has never cozied up to Dick Ackerman? That’s pretty laughable.

    There was even a column in the Register about Wisckol enjoying Ackerman’s 65th birthday bash with his sailing buddies.

    1. Are you contending that Wisckol has never cozied up to Dick Ackerman? That’s pretty laughable.

      I don’t know if he has or hasn’t. The difference is, you don’t know either, and yet you are clearly claiming that Martin does.

      There was even a column in the Register about Wisckol enjoying Ackerman’s 65th birthday bash with his sailing buddies.

      Wow, a fluff item in a political column. Unprecedented! That leaves no doubt Martin is in Dick Ackerman’s pocket!

  4. What douche bag – no wonder the Register is mostly used as Plan B when people are out of toilet paper – so disappointing the third largest county in California can’t have a serious mainstream news outlet – not like Mickadeit and Wackscull would make the grade at anything other the a junior high school newspaper or the Red County Blog

  5. It is incredibly disappointing when newspaper “reporting” is as biased or more so than the underlying campaign promotion literature.

    Providing FACTS would “have to be” the first order of business in “news reporting” if one wishes to pretend to being a public information resource.

    The obvious lies-distortions, repeated under the color of “fairness” or impartiality which we want from our “public institutions” (newspapers) is a scandal.

    For example, the “25% pay raise” (actually amounting to $50 per month or quarterly meeting per member, many of whom travel to and prepare diligently for such periodic public meetings) is just typical of the JUNK “charges” which Mrs. Ackerman’s campaign has spewed at Mr. Norby’s decades long record of careful investigating and monitoring spending of taxpayer’s money.

    I’ve been cured of subscribing to “The Register” for a few years now.

    If I worked for a business or in an industry which was absolutely destroying a fundamental national-cultural institution, i.e. THE FREE PRESS, I would actually be sickened and ashamed of myself.

    Why don’t you “newspaper” guys WAKE UP?

  6. Of course the point (despite the usual attempt to derail it) is Wisckol’s schlepping for Ackerman Inc. The worst part is how he “evenhandly” deals with the ugliness of the campaign – treating it at worst as a “he said she said” sort of affair (it isn’t).

    Never once has this paragon of journalistic integrity questioned Ackerman’s qualifications – or lack of same. Come to think of it, neither has Matt Cunningham. And that simple fact speaks volumes.

    Too bad Greenhut left.

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