72nd Election Recap: Validation & Valediction


Over at the otherwise dreadfully tedious Red County blog, our Friend Allan Bartlett opines on last night’s impressive Norby victory over Ackerwoman in the 72nd Special Election Primary. He almost gets it completely right.

He correctly points out that Norby’s 17% margin of victory over the Ackerman, Inc slime-peddlers is a bad sign for all of the establishment Repuglicans who happily climbed onto the carpetbagging, truth challenged bandwagon, believing  (erroneously) that money would trump experience and actual political accomplishment.

But tucked into Allan’s post is this admonition to Ackerman, Inc.:

We’ll give you a few days to lick your wounds and get over the bitterness that you and Dick are probably feeling towards Chris right now, but it’s time to finally end this ugly chapter in OC political history and endorse Chris for the runoff.  It’s the right thing to do.

Nice sentiment, perhaps, but a not at all necessaryof gesture of Republican solidarity. In the first place, if they believed half of the trash they peddled against Norby to the voters the Ackermans (if they had any integrity, oops!) would want Norby locked up “e-mmediately” as their flunky Dick Jones would say. But, neither Norby nor the people of the 72nd need anything from the OC Repuglican apparatchicks. On the contrary, Norby’s victory proves that one can win, and win convincingly (although being outspent 2-1) over forces that have treated OC government like their own little plantation.

At the end of his post Allan rightfully chastises all of the Republican elected drones who circled their wagons of self-interest around the Ackermans after hearing Dick’s do-re-mi siren song (with the emphasis on “dough” and “me”). Good for Allan. His was the the only voice on that blog that wasn’t making a full-time job of avoiding Ackerwoman’s deceitful residency and her contemptible smears.

Ah well, victory, as Allan trenchantly observes, is the best admonition to those who are more interested in money and power than they are doing what’s right. If all those folks who endorsed Linda Ackerman because of her “inevitability” (despite the fact that she didn’t live in the district, and completely misrepresented her business experience) think that this craven behavior will be soon forgotton, they may be in for a rude surprise.

And now, the task of this Grover Cleveland, having been completed, and satisfactorily so, we pass on the name to a new (and no doubt improved) Grover. Adios Amigos! And lets hope the times are really are a-changin.’

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  1. Allan pointed out that Ackerman got only 2400 more votes than Faher, who spent $0. Her supporters spent $350,000 for 2,400 votes. That’s just shy of $150 per vote. Must be some kind of record.

  2. Grover, it has been a pleasure to read your posts and I, for one, will miss your sightful and Insightful scripts.

    I will, from time to time, with your approval, invoke the name of the great Grover Cleavland to descend upon the blog and lift our spirits with his/hers wonderful prose.

    Are we still on for scotch and cigars at ……….

  3. Great posting Grover. Congrats on putting down the Hackermans. I read Bartletts comments as well. What surprised me was Fleshmans comments and his continued swing towards support for Ackerman (“they are personal friends” versus ” I have known Norby for many years”) ……Not surprising……

    WAIT WAIT WAIT…..just got to my other screen…My God, there are JERBAL droppings all over my screen….. Where in hell is JERBAL?…..All I find is droppings….could be a new posting on FFFF…..”Droppings from the JERB by Friends of the JERB”….. Tell me, Grove, I did see that white mystery suburban out last night near the Ackerman “Victory Party”-could it be that Dickie boy was giving a talking to to Fleshmann and the JERB? (dont ever come to my house in Irvine again)-and maybe they are planning their strategy to go after Norb given Linda’s very weak concession speech and her forward focus on community work–are they running for the planned open seat on the Fullerton CC?? Just my musings from here in Sacramento watching Reeps eating Reeps

  4. maybe the wicked witch and her “ding dong” husband can take a trip out to Chicago, inject their carpet bagging ass into that corrupt political system out there and never come back anywhere near here. Irvine is to close for me, get out of here you money wasting fools. You got your ass beat, now get!!!
    Take Keller, Jones and Bankdickhead with you…

  5. Guys, I hope we can forget about the past and leave all of us Republicans who backed the wrong team alone.

    Here’s the deal – from now on, all of us party hacks will pretend that we supported Norby from the begining. You may have noticed that we proudly showed up at his victory party uninvited, all smiles and giggles as if nothing went horribly wrong.

    Don’t worry, that fool Norby invited all of us over to the winning side. I’m not sure why, since he doesn’t even need our boot-licking to defeat that lowly Democrat in January. Oh well, we’ll take this opportunity to slither into the Norby camp before anybody notices. So please keep this on the down-low. Alright, thanks.

  6. I hear that the Fleshmann is a closest fan of the Washington Redskins. In their recent heyday, the Fleshmann would strap on his pig snout every Sunday during the NFL season and sit in front of his TV with his heroes the “Washington Redskin Hogs” and sing the Redskins fight song……..

  7. ooops….still cleaning the jerbal droppings from all over the floor….what a mess….back to the Fleshmann…you are right Arturo, that Fleshmann looked terrible in the picture that you posted on the Juice. I hear that Fleshmann was in deep conversation with his pal Jerbie and the Hackermans….the subject of the conversation was that they were going to be spending time in two parks….Hillcrest and Hart Parks as their time in the corner for the videotape nonsense that each engaged in as they touted the Hackermanns campaign…..Jerbie has to dig holes in the park so as to add to the number of affordable holes in the park for fellow rodents while the Fleshmann has to wear his junior Sheriffs Department uniform and walk from car to car with his FleshCam to record any physical contact between humans in parked cars and still remain flacid…..True public service by the Jerb and the Fleshmann…

  8. Yeah, well, congrats. I saw the pictures over at Pedroza’s site of Norby’s party. There were more octopus tentacles in that room than there were good guys – I can tell you that – Starting with Lewis himself and ending up at the despicable Fleischman who supporteed Norby’s opponent. And that moral coward Cunningham was there, too.

    Glad I missed that gathering of creeps. Norby is just way too nice.

    1. Good question #12. Any one on the crack research staff at FFFF know if the Ackermans have finally erased the last bit of the scherade that was the Hackerman campaign?

  9. over the deceitful campaign Ackerman Inc. ran. Every person and entity (Fullerton Chamber of Commerce) that participated in that smoke-n-mirror campaign should be exposed. Put the names of the Fullerton contributers up on a FFFF post for us Friends to see who’s who in the zoo.

  10. maybe they have to come from the Secretary of State? Anyone know how to get them or do we have to wait until 12/31 for the filing period to end?

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