Yes, I Have An Agenda

There’s been speculation about some of the new city council members and if they have a “hidden agenda.” While I don’t speak for any other council members, it did occur to me that I do actually have a personal agenda that I’ve been keeping since early June.

In the interest of transparency, why not publish it?

Here you go: my raw and unredacted personal agenda, online and up-to-date for everyone to see:

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234 Replies to “Yes, I Have An Agenda”

  1. Very good. I would just add a whistleblower protection apparatus for the FPD and the City employees. Might make oversight committee moot. Why diffuse accountability?

    I would also add: examine successful cities’ methods of homeless management, not simply repeat unsuccessful ones.

    1. Isn’t the point of a UNION, like the FPOA, to protect whistle blowers from persecution by their agency?

  2. Travis’s bucket list-you go. Lucky Fullerton.

    Wish all city councilmembers were required to post this sort of list after elected.

    1. I completely agree! Excellent list! And the other suggestions from the peanut gallery here too — add them to the list! 🙂

    1. The video that Chris Thompson provided reminded me of the main reason that I moved my family here to Fullerton over twenty years ago.

      Intelligent people celebrate and embrace diversity.

  3. I didn’t see “Do whatever Tony Bushala says” on the list Travis. What gives???

    The people of Fullerton are very lucky to have guys like you and Greg on board. True citizen leaders that will bring people power to city hall. I hope you’ll be able to get thru that to do list before November so you will have a strong record to run on.

    1. “I didn’t see “Do whatever Tony Bushala says” on the list Travis. What gives???”………. Hmmmm

      Well Sin Mill check your list!

      I believe I have seen there “Do whatever Tinajero, Walters and Pulido says” acknowledged by the France ass kiss.

  4. There’s been speculation about some of the new city council members and if they have a “hidden agenda.” THANK YOU TRAVIS for addressing the idle “chatter” on the so called “hidden agenda”…or as some chatter has stated “now Tony Bushala will get whatever he wants”….would that be Transparency? Honesty? Integrity? Leadership? Accountability? and Lower costs to Fullerton Taxpayer? If so, Great…I am in!!!!

    In the interest of transparency, why not publish it? AND AGAIN, THANK YOU for having the “courage” and “will” to state this publicly!!!! Such a character statement…Thank You!

    1. Oh please! It’s nothing more than a well executed PR move.
      Bushala’s agenda is not for public consumption.

      1. Hey TimeWillTell,

        Would you please do us all a public service and take the time to tell us here in a public forum, just exactly is Mr. Bushala’s hidden agenda that you aver to?

  5. Travis,

    You forgot the most important item:

    * Listen to the people. Act on their behalf, not yours.

    This should be #1 on the list, every month, for every council member.

  6. I guess the true basic purpose of the recall has been revealed.

    But that won’t stop me from blabbering. Nothing will.

    1. Actually, as usual, I agree with about half of what Travis says in his list. The devil will be in the details (and in its execution.)

      I’m glad to see that “explore municipal bankruptcy” is not on the list, which is appropriate given that citizens supporting the recall have had no idea that it might be coming.

      If Travis turns out to be a true good government type — rather than a “starve the beast” type — great! If not, he will have about four months to implement his list.

      1. There is no such thing as “good government” only “accountable to the people government” and it looks like Travis has that idea firmly planted.

        1. “There is no such thing as good government.”

          Liberty, that family name sounds familiar … are you from the Mogadishu clan of Libertys?

          1. Greg,

            Your paradigm is collapsing and your still in shock over it. I get it. No one cares how smart you think you are. When the shit hits the fan you will most likely kill yourself. So get to it.

            1. “So get to it,” it being killing myself? Charming.

              Did they kick you out of Mogadishu for being too violent?

        1. It’s a prediction, not a personal promise. I presume that Whitaker will outpoll him, so he’s up for one of two remaining slots.

          1. “It’s a prediction, not a personal promise.”……… Hmmmm

            My prediction and my personal promise to you Golem is that you will lose in the November and maybe the Cal. Bar will take notice of your public behavior as to the bar’s professional conduct rules.

      2. “The devil will be in the details (and in its execution.)”…… Hmmmm

        Actually Golem, the proper saying is: “The devil in Ms. Jones”, I know, I have seen the movie with lot of the details so I know what you mean.

      3. Travis,

        Perhaps you might add to the list: Moving the city boundries 1/3 of a mile into Brea so that Mr. Diamond, might actually have some “skin in the game”!

        1. If you’re asking me, I’d be happy for people to stop “feeding the beast.” I make a couple of observations to a few stories and the rest of my comments are responding to people telling me things like that I’m fat and that I should kill myself. That’s less fun than it seems.

  7. How refreshing. This is true transparency. There is a liberty revolution happening in Fullerton. Thank you Travis.

  8. Travis:

    Will you set a cost-cutting example by refusing to take medical and other benefits available to council members?

    1. Example? Are you implying that your union will decline whatever compensation I do?

      Can I get that in writing?

      1. It’s a straightfoward question, Travis. Since you’re supposed to be a straight shooter, it should be hard to answer.

        Are you going to sign up for the medical and any other benefits available to you as a council member? Yes or no?

          1. It’s not disingenuous. Your dodging is. What does it matter whether I am a union member or not (I’m not)?

            When you become a councilmember, you will have the option of signing up for various benefits, in addition to your council stipend. These benefits are paid for by Fullerton taxpayers.

            It’s a very simply question: are you going to accept these benefits or not? Yes or no? You’re going to have to make that decision in the next several days anyway, so why not just tell us? What are all your promises of transparency worth if you won’t answer a simple question like this?

            Your refusal thus far speaks volumes.

            1. Hey boss-Enos wants to know. What is the problem with being paid a paltry salary and signing up for medical benefits when Travis will be devoting his time SERVING the TAXPAYERS AND CITIZENS of Fullerton unlike the predecessors WHO VOTED FOR LARGESSE AND SERVED THEMSELVES AND THEIR CRONIES? I guess since he works in the private sector he doesn’t deserve to grab on to the rung for a couple of years. Unless you clowns wake up all the rungs are gonna break off cuz the ladder is full of termites and dry rot.

              1. There’s no problem with paying councilmembers a stipend, as long as it is reasonable and commensurate with the fact it is a part-time position.

                But why should Travis or any other councilmembers get medical or other benefits? Is that why he ran?

                How much do those benefits cost the taxpayers? Travis based his campaign on his libertarian philosophy of minimal government, on saving taxpayers money and reducing the size and scope of city government. Are you saying he gets to suck off the taxpayers because he is a libertarian?

                We might be able to have a more informed discussion of this if Travis would stop dodging and answer the question.

                1. Boss what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Medical insurance for a family of 3 runs about 10 grand per year. That is a bargain if it will keep an elected libertarian minded individual and his family healthy so he can be responsive to the needs and wants of his constituents and engage in the work of shrinking government.10 grand out of 250 mill is chump change. It is a very small investment that will yield a fabulous return to the taxpayer. Considering Travis’ presence on the council is by no means ceremonial. Things will get done.

                2. Boss Hog is a total and complete douche. That being said the council healthcare should be abolished and the salary should be lowered ASAP.

                3. Boss Hog, please tell us about the part of libertarian philosophy that requires us to all work for free.

            1. The reason he won’t answer is because the answer is yes, he does plan on helping himself to health benefits and a pension. What’s ironic is that all the recall apologists skewered the three dinosaurs for doing the same thing but when it comes to Travis, they can’t justify his doing the same thing fast enough! Hypocrites!

              1. They were not recalled for getting free health care. I voted to recall the 3 stooges for being a rubber stamp for the unions, running cover for the Kelly Thomas murder, holding our hands as they empty our wallets, flood us with alcoholism, slipline busted pipes and put slurry coats over third world streets. I could go on about the 140 degree 13 million dollar solar oven sports field, the 15 million dollar library while the homeless get the cold hard floor of the dilapidated armory, the white elephant earthquake deathtrap, and my 10% tithe to the mcpension program but I will spare you all.

              2. recall apologists skewered the three dinosaurs for doing the same thing

                What a bunch of BULLSHIT!

                They were skewered for being arrogant, disconnected and corrupt just like you two pricks. I don’t recall one person making an issue over the 3 bald mice’s healthcare coverage or pay.

                In fact I don’t recall one candidate ever making an issue over it either.

            2. I haven’t looked at the compensation yet. When the city fills me in and I make a decision, you’ll know.

              I’ll also let you know if any union offers to “follow my example.” That would be something.

              1. Travis :
                I haven’t looked at the compensation yet. When the city fills me in and I make a decision, you’ll know.

                Weasel alert! How long did it take you to figure out that evasion?

                What s there to be “filled in on”, Travis? Are you going to make your decision based on how generous or stingy the council benefits are? Gosh, you’re so principled!

                Travis, you are Director of Web Services for Precept, a company that manages health benefits for private companies annd government agencies. You must have a benefits package already. Why would you need Fullerton taxpayers to pay for full-time bennies for your new part-time gig?

                The answer is you don’t, unless you want to put more money in your own pocket at the expense of taxpayers.

                This is from your campaign website:

                “City hall has prioritized spending on employee salaries, generous benefits and lavish pensions instead of maintaining our infrastructure over the last few decades”

                You should lead be example by declining any benefits, insurance or pension opportunity offered to councilmembers.

                You should make a motion to eliminate benefits for councilmembers. Then we’ll find out if you and your compadres can walk the talk.

                A principled libertarian wouldn’t need to wait for staff to “fill him in” on what the council benefits are. You’re either going to takke them, or not. The amount should matter.

            3. Man, get off your high horse. You demand that Travis give you an answer to your question before he evaluates his compensation/option package which I understand he hasn’t even seen yet? That’s mighty reasonable of you. If you’re wondering why council members would get the option, it’s to get good people to participate in public service. It’s certainly not on par with the grossly disproportionate benefits LE or other union types collect. (e.g. the very benefits that draws them to public service)

      2. Travis, is your implicit position here that you will not refuse any benefits unless one or more unions do the same?

        That’s a perfectly reasonable position, if so, but it’s better if it’s made explicit. If it’s not true, I don’t follow the point of your response (except that it deflects the question away from your own choices.)

        1. If you move to Fullerton maybe Travis will feel in any way interested in even addressing a toad like you.

          1. Travis and I will be on the same ballot, ‘poon. But this isn’t about me, it’s about the question, which I thought he would not hesitate to answer. Hesitation seems suspicious.

            If elected to State Senate, I’ll take the benefits available to me. I’ll save people more money than that by not selling out to big corporate interests. Travis could say something like that….

            1. But this isn’t about me,

              It’s always about you.

              If elected to State Senate

              Greg “Alvin Greene” Diamond there is no if. You’re not going to be and you know it.

              You’re being paid to run to insure the incumbent wins without any real opposition.

              1. Tony and Travis, please add the above defamatory comment to the list that I previously provided you (and regarding which I still await your reply.) I only assert that the last line is defamatory; there’s no law against any stupidity in the former sentences.

                1. I should add to you Esq. Diamond, that a key element of the defamation is a “malice” and in your case as a public figure it is “actual malice”. See New York Times Co. v. Sullivan.

                  Therefore, affirm that you have and will not receive any financial sport to run.

                2. Mr. Self-important is making demands on FFFF?

                  Too funny! Yours maybe be the shortest political career on record!

                3. Thank you, Stanley. My demand is to the website under takedown provisions of internet law. This is not a legal complaint against the author, though that could follow.

                  “Swollen nut” — yes, making demands is part of what layers do.

            2. “If elected to State Senate, I’ll take the benefits available to me”…… Hmmmm

              I believe that your in-depth knowledge of the Marxism-Leninism should be sufficient, Golem.

            3. If elected? You’re going to lose by 40 points. Who cares if you’re on the same ballot. Some jerk off had to be the sacrificial lamb.

              You don’t live in Fullerton. Shove off.

              1. I like closer to Fullerton than Sean Mill does, but you’re not telling him to shove off, so I won’t either.

                I finished 28-1/2% back in the primary without campaigning. I wish it were ethical for me to take your bet of 40 points as the over/under.

                1. The fact that you didn’t campaign works to your benefit. If voters ever catch your act they surely won’t vote for you. Your pompous, blowhard, know-it-all rountine doesn’t play well with the voting public.

                  Most of the folks on this site are voters in the district you are running and I doubt any of them will be casting a vote for you. They’ve gotten to see you in action and it ain’t pretty.

                  Over at the OJ you fellas can all sit around circle jerking each other and telling yourselves how special you are. The folks here at the FFFF tell ya how things really are.

                2. Maybe that’s because Sean Mill doesn’t come here looking to start a fight and advertise dubious accomplishments like you always do.

                  Harpoon is right. Go bother the citizens of Brea with your long winded gibberish.

                3. That’s charming, Sean. If I lose by less than 28.5% (or win), will you be making a donation to charity to acknowledge your being wrong?

                  I see exactly one person anonymously backing you up in these comments — and for some reason they sound just like you.

                4. Greg Diamond :
                  That’s charming, Sean. If I lose by less than 28.5% (or win), will you be making a donation to charity to acknowledge your being wrong?
                  I see exactly one person anonymously backing you up in these comments — and for some reason they sound just like you.

                  Only if you promise to disappear from the blogosphere and spare all of us from your long winded, pompous, know-it-all writings.

                  When it comes to you Greg everyone sounds the same because we all loathe you.

                5. You “loathe me” — finally it kicks in: you sound like Shelly Long in Cheers! (But then who does that make Pravda?)

                1. Greg Diamond :
                  Oh — did it arouse you, Sean?

                  No Greggy it amused me…You have no shot at winning. The party would be better served if Huff ran unopposed.

                2. Who else shouldn’t be running for office by your standard, Sean? It’s a pretty weird comment you to make, as the soulmate of the guy who earlier this year was supporting Libertarian Gary Johnson for President.

                3. Who else should be running? Anybody that doesn’t make the Democratic Party look as bad as you do. You are doing more harm than good for the party in north OC with your actions on this blog.

                  Your Pedroza/Gary Johnson obesession is getting weird Greg. However Johnson and Judge Gray are doing a much better job at portraying Libertarians in a positive light than you do the Democrats.

                4. The point, Sean — as I’m beginning to think that maybe you really don’t understand instead of just pretending — is that a run for office can be justified in many ways. I hope to get the most votes; even if I don’t, it’s justified in much the same way that Gary Johnson’s run is justified.

  9. I respect Mr. Kiger’s To-Do list and making it public.

    However, I think something is awry. The primary reason Mr. Kiger was elected to a council seat was the murder of Kelly Thomas at the hands of FPD. Otherwise, the recall would never have happened.

    And we all know about the lack of transparency and concealment of fact post-mortem.

    Out of respect to Kelly and the cause – I believe that Mr. Kiger should have at least one issue on reforming FPD on his URGENT list. As a matter of fact, it makes no sense not to have an FPD issue on the URGENT list.

    Items on the IMPORTANT list could literally take years to accomplish and they could easily get moved to the back of the stove.

    Please, out of respect for Kelly and for the citizens of Fullerton – do the right thing and move an FPD issue to the URGENT list.

    1. A lot of the “Urgency” with the FPD has been dealt with in this City by its Citizens, FFFF, Outside agencies, and World Media. (Even the OCTA transit Cops are all over the Transportation Center)

      1. No it hasn’t. FPD continues to deceive. Haven’t you read the articles here? Nothing has really changed. Hell, FPD hasn’t even apologized for what they did.

        I think it’s a slap in Kelly’s face to not have an FPD item on the URGENT To-Do list. That’s my opinion. My oh my. How short memories we humans have, huh?

          1. No you don’t. You walk right up to the beast and punch him in the nose hard. That’s why 3 new councilmen were seated. Because they are expected to have the courage to do just that. Or are they going to be just 3 more career politicians who do everything from the angle of personal and polticial expedience? You will have the answer to that question in their first 3 months in office. It won’t take long to learn what motivates them.

  10. “There is a liberty revolution happening in Fullerton”……… Hmmmmm

    Now, the only thing missing is to ban the HOA fascism which you are so protective of.

  11. Barry Coffman’s Fullerton Police Officer’s Association To-Do List

    Updated 6/28/2012

    1. Breakfast
    2. Coffee Break
    3. Donut Break
    4. Coffee Break
    5. 2nd Breakfast
    6. Lunch
    7. Nap
    8. Snack
    9. Donut Break
    10. Stare vacantly at ceiling

    1. Pork tenderloin
    2. Center cut loin chops
    3. Pork loin, Canadian
    4. Pork loin boneless
    5. bone in
    6. Pork Chops, center cut
    7. pork loin back ribs
    8. country-style ribs
    1. Dieting
    2. Exercise
    3. Competence
    4. Accountability
    5. Transparency

    Things to Look At
    1. Basting
    2. Marinade
    3. FryDaddy

  12. “Analyze city memberships in various organizations” — good move. Any expensive relationship with the League of Cities or the Association of California Cities — Orange County ought to be cancelled.

    You don’t need these clowns in your business.

  13. Boss Hog: Why would we not want our leaders to have access to medical care? He should take any benefit that keeps him and his family heathy, alert and free to serve.

    Why so antagonistic?

    1. I’m not being antagonistic. I just want Travis to answer a simple question, especially when Travis’ point in writing this post is to show how transparent he is.

      Don’t you think he should answer a question about taxpayer-funded councilmember benefits?

      1. I would like to encourage Travis to take any medical benefits offered if they are better than what he already has though another employer. I also think that the stipend for city council is appropriate. The work of a city councilperson who really cares about the job is tremendous and they deserve a financial reward for the work that they do just like anybody else. The whole line of questioning is disingenuous since unless I missed it, I have not seen Travis or other bloggers complaining that city employees should not get medical benefits.

          1. Absolutely! Jumping on the taxpayer gravy train is absolutely A-OK as long as you are sanctioned by FFFF!

  14. One item to add to the list. A review of the transfers of the top operatives form the now defunct Redevelopment agency to jobs in city administration where in some cases they do not even have the credentials to fill the position. Questions need to be asked. Lets see them defend the GOOD OLD BOY NETWORK if they can.

  15. Travis, thank you for your “agenda list”. Sorry but I was more impressed with what was NOT on the list than on the “mostly administrative” tasks.
    As other people have remarked, you do not have the homeless nor anything about the pre during and post events on the Kelly Thomas murder. With all respect to the Thomas family, without his death, YOU wouldn’t be on the City Council. Shame on you for neglecting this “Urgent and Important issue”.
    But I am chagrined because you failed to mention two of the most important issues facing the City Council the roads and water system infrastructure! Both have been neglected for years and both have a big Price TAG! But not to worry your new boss on the City Council,Bruce, is on this like stink on do-do, so he will guide you.
    Also not to worry because concerned Citizens of Fullerton, will keep these issues in your face either at the City Council Meetings or this convienent blog.

    Which brings me to my last input: The main purpose of this blog was to get the three bald tires recalled by pointing out their inadequatcies. Now that that has been accomplished is it Mission Accomplished and by by Blog?

    1. No, that is not the reason this blog exists.

      “Intelligent, Responsible, and Accountable. These are the general qualities we seek in our elected representatives – plus the independence and integrity required to be effective leaders.We intend to support candidates in Fullerton who possess the willingness and ability to use their independent intelligence in weighing public matters; who will be responsible to his or her constituents; and who will insist on accountability for all the actions that he or she takes. We will actively oppose incumbents who have failed to demonstrate the qualities described above; who fail to remember that they are servants of the public; who believe that being a “team player” is more important than principle; who don’t have the courage to stand on principle when it means standing alone; who are not humble enough to admit error and are incapable of learning from their mistakes; and those who fail to treat constituents with the respect and dignity they deserve. And we will oppose candidates who through their words or actions indicate that they would not provide intelligent and responsible leadership, accountable to citizens of Fullerton. If you agree with our philosophy, you are a friend of Fullerton’s future.”

  16. I think some people “Get Real” are missing items on Travis’ list:
    Hire a police chief
    Should the police chief report directly to the city council?
    Examine effectiveness of a potential Citizens’ Police Oversight Committee
    Review of police complaint/discipline statistics
    It is the best way to start looking at the FPD and make some changes. Kelly was brutally beaten/killed by some of the FPD, not all so you cannot blame them all, nor can you ignore that Fullerton PD has had some huge issues.

    Give the new Councilmembers a chance to be sworn in and sit in their prospective seats, work on all of the citys problems/issues.

    Politics is the business of “what have you done for me lately” and every citizen has their own issues to be dealt with. Not all issues will be dealt with on the first few meetings.

    To “Boss Hog”, apparently you are Union and voted for Obama, now we all have to have insurance or will be fined. Thanks a bunch!

    Hang tight, keep watching I think the Council will be 1000 % better than what we have had in the last 20 plus years!

  17. Of course Travis will take the perks. If he does everything on the list he is going to earn it, and more. Accept it as a given and move on. These are not the Droids you are looking for….

  18. RE: Hiring and nepotism practices

    Wow, back in the 70s nepotism rules were pretty straight forward and HR was very sensitive to not having the appearance of favoritism in its hiring and employment practices. But, once that same HR Director got the hots for a gal in Community Services; the straight forward rules got bent, then they got bent a little more. The
    HR guy and the Community Services gal married (how sweet). But, nobody had to leave the City’s employment. In the 90s there was a senior level cop who was married to an officer in community services division. They are now both retired on very healthy pensions.

    I hope the city goes back to ‘straight forward’ approach. How about this: No person shall be hired as a permanaent, regular City employee who is related any current permanent City employee, regardless of what department or employee unit they are part of. For the purpose of this ordinance ‘related’ is defined as being a spouse, parent, uncle, aunt, child, brother, sister, or domestic partner.

    1. How about the HR guy (supervisory position) marries the HR female (subordinate)??? Been there, done that

    1. Bill Hunt was one of the few Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) deputies who had the cojones to publicly stand against the corruption of Mike Carona


      For having ethics and common decency, Hunt saw Carona blatantly sabotage his career before FBI and IRS agents arrested him, a jury convicted him and U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford sent him away as a scumbag who abused his public office.

      …I’m liking this guy.

  19. I’m glad nepotism is on the list. The number of lover/lover, husband/wife, mother/child, father/child relations at the City of Fullerton is staggering.

    Manuel Ramos never had the hammer dropped on him because of Lukie Ramos. Wouldn’t want to offend her.

      1. Why yes Katty Crum is a new sergeant assigned to patrol and reports directly to her brother captain George who is
        in charge of the patrol division. I bet for family sake she passes probation, what are the odds?

      2. It’s much worse than that.

        Did you know that former City Manager Chris Meyer hired his stepson to be an officer at the FPD? That must be nice when your bosses’ bosses’ boss is your dad.

        I’m not implying his stepson is a bad guy. The issue is that Chris Meyer still has plenty of clout at city hall and the police department. Beyond a verbal admonishment, it will be impossible to discipline the stepson without the FPD brass or Joe Felz having to face the wrath of Chris Meyer. That’s wrong on so many levels.

        People wonder how Manuel Ramos got away with his bullshit for so many years.

        The answer is right here:

              1. Indeed.

                Lest I forget, Sgt. Kevin Craig, who showed up at the end of the Kelly Thomas beating…his wife works as an FPD officer. I use the term “works” loosely because she’s more interested in her real estate business.

                I hope everyone has caught on to the pervasive trend…

              1. Here’s my fave: Sharon Nelson Wife of Supervisor Nelson.

                Haha. What an endorsement. Somebody’s wife!

                Janny is an illiterate featherhead. I sure hope she runs for City Council!

            1. No, she can not. That is an enormous responsibility for our department and falls entirely under my jurisdiction.

                1. I was just corrected, she makes 75,000 a year. Damn, I am working for the wrong people.

        1. I’m going to make this comment for one reason. Chris Meyer’s stepson is a uniquely courteous and friendly cop whose attitude and demeanor is exactly what I’d like to see going forward as being typical on the Fullerton PD. It is absolutely right to take a hard look at anything that even has the appearance of nepotism. With a former councilman/mayor, former city manager, current school board member and current cop in the family, the Caitlin-Meyer family has to see as reasonable that they would endure scrutiny with regard to nepotism. It is my understanding that this particular officer graduated 2nd in his police academy class and I have a close buddy on another PD who served on North County SWAT with him and characterizes him as simply the finest cop he knows by all measures. In this case, I don’t believe this man needed any assistance from his stepdad to get hired.

          1. To think that the city manager wouldn’t have some pull to get a relative hired is naive at best.

            The high percentage of cops hired who have close friends or relatives in the political or LE business is no coincidence.

            I read that the FPD cop who was fired for drug abuse and theft was the son of the former chief investigator at the DA’s office. And correct me if I’m wrong – didn’t he have a DUI on his record when hired? Do you think he would have been hired without pull from the inside? Just askin’.

            Nepotism runs rampant in government.

            You can be a high school grad and within a couple years have a compensation of well over $100,000 as a cop or a firefighter. You don’t think those jobs go to the connected?

            ‘Equal employment opportunity’ my foot.

          2. Good post Chris. It is important to retain people of high quality even as you change hiring practices and try to prevent nepotism. Good call.


            1. We shouldn’t dismiss good or great candidates who are qualified to serve based on who they happen to be related to. <– This is unfairly (and probably illegally) discriminating candidates.

              We should absolutely dismiss marginal or poor candidates who are not best suited to serving the city even if they happened to be related to someone currently working for the city. <– This is opposing nepotism.

          4. Sorry, Chris! The revolution is here and all associates of the old regime are suspected enemies of the state! Guily until proven innocent! There MUST be a conspiracy somewhere!

          5. Right..You guys don’t know shit and that’s what so funny. Who is your source for this shit. It’s absolutely hilarious.

  20. Travis has already shown more transparency before he has even been sworn in than McKinley, Jones, Bankhead, Sellers, Coffman, or anyone on the FPD displayed over the past 30 or so years. It is quite amusing though to watch a guy who uses the moniker of a sleazy, corrupt character repeating the same question over and over. I wonder what Boss Hogg has done to help the city, display any selflessness, or any transparency recently. Maybe if we hear the answer to that Travis will answer his.

    1. Who is your source Brandon..You talk shit about everyone and you know crap. Where is your transparency and who is keeping track of you and your made up lies. How do you prove anything you say. You just talk out of your ass.

  21. Gandhi said:

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Seems like the last two may have gotten mixed up, but anyway Travis you’ve got them all fuzzed up. Congratulations.

  22. Amend Title 15 of the Muni Code to permit a limited number of medical marijuana storefronts in designated industrial areas of the city.

    Like most things, there is a responsible way to regulate behavior and an irresponsible way to do so (or fail to do so). If done properly, we can allow seriously ill patients to safely access their medicine while generating revenue for the city and without detrimentally affecting property values or increasing crime.

    ..or, we can maintain the failed policies of the deposed regime. Whichever is easiest.

    Our choice now is between individual freedom on one hand and paternalism on the other. I voted for you, Travis, because I think I know where you stand.

  23. And also repeal section 9.12.080 of the Muni Code. It should be legal to give cigarettes to ducks.

    1. No way gonzo. We rather have the FPD eliminate the potheads like they eliminate the homeless! No individual freedoms allowed in Fullerton because you create dangerous second hand smoke.

      Full disclosure: I own Phillip Morris stock! What a great stock!

  24. Thank you for looking into the paramedic fee on the water bill. It may be a small item in regards to what this city has done to it’s citizens but it is welcomed.

    1. paramedic fee was chris meyers’ baby when he was a lowly ‘assistant to the city manager’

  25. We need medical marijuana dispensaries in Fullerton. The citizens need a safe and affordable place to obtain medicine.

      1. I am amazed that we don’t have dispensaries when one simply by comparison ponders the worship of and service to the distilled spirits industry by our community leaders. The liquor industry in Fullerton is thriving indeed.

    1. Yep. This would be very smart, especially as other cities back away from them. Fullerton is well sited to do this, too.

      Put a whole bunch of them right next to that part of Anaheim that sticks into Fullerton. The new Wal-Mart should be ringed with them on the Fullerton side of Lemon, each labeled with the Wal-Mart smiley-face logo.

  26. You tell em JFA/ACU

    SHOT BY OFFICERS: Kyle Miller was shot and killed by Broomfield police Thursday after he pointed what his family said was an Airsoft gun at officers. Photo courtesy of Miller family? ( courtesy photo )
    A man killed by police Thursday in Broomfield’s Aspen Creek subdivision long struggled with mental illness, his family said.
    Kyle Miller, 21, was shot by police Thursday morning after pointing a gun at officers near the intersection of Aspen Street and Durango Avenue. The family said they warned officers the gun was a plastic Airsoft gun.
    “I did everything I could, everything I knew was right to do to try and stop it,” said his mother, Cheryl Miller.
    The family had called 911 early that morning, because Kyle had a knife and was trying to harm himself, she said. Kyle struggled with schizoaffective bipolar disorder, which was a factor in him recently losing his job as an EMT. Cheryl Miller said the disappointment caused him to hurt himself.
    Broomfield Police Chief Thomas Deland said the department cannot release more information, as the investigation is ongoing.
    “Legally I’m not permitted, nor are any of my staff, to comment,” he said.
    The Adams/ Broomfield Critical Incident Team is conducting an independent investigation of the incident. The involved officers were placed be on administrative leave, which is a standard policy, Deland said.
    Deland planned to meet with the officers on Friday to make the determination on when they will return to duty, based on his evaluation of the officers and that of a police psychologist. They could return to duty before the Critical Incident Team’s investigation is complete, he said.
    Miller said she does not bear ill will toward the officers who shot her son.
    “No one goes to work in the morning wanting to shoot someone,” she said.
    Yet Miller said the tragic situation highlights the need for a change in how law enforcement and the general public respond to mental illness issues. Police had come to their house several times before, and were familiar with Kyle’s mental health background, she said. Her younger son, who called 911 Thursday morning, had clearly told dispatch that Kyle had a gun that was a plastic toy, not a weapon.
    “The system is broken. It’s just broken,” she said.
    She added that the family had pushed to hospitalize their son on several occasions because of self-destructive behavior, but the Boulder mental health center had not recommended it.
    Barbara Ryan, CEO of Mental Health Partners, which serves Boulder and Broomfield counties, said she could not comment on Miller’s health background because of privacy rules, or even confirm he sought treatment through their services.
    “We can say that we assess these kinds of situations very carefully,” she said.
    Family friend Virginia Ward said the Millers repeatedly sought to find the best treatment for their son.
    “I’ve know Kyle for well over 10 years … he was not a mentally deranged man. The family did everything they could to save his life. There is no way Kyle was a threat to the community,” Ward said.
    Miller said there was more to her son than mental illness. He was a dedicated Christian, who felt drawn to those who struggled. He often handed out small porcelain frogs to homeless people and asked to pray with them. The frogs symbolized the acronym “Fully Rely On God.”
    He also was involved at Flatirons Community Church, where he was a youth leader for several years.
    “Kyle was so loving and compassionate, and always aware of those around him. He wanted to help the outcasts, because he knew he was one of them,” she said.
    Ward said Miller was the best friend to her 21-year-old son, John, who has duchenne muscular dystrophy, a rapidly worsening form of muscular dystrophy.
    “It’s a very significant challenge and Kyle never turned away from that,” she said.
    Miller had recently completed training at Front Range Community College to become an EMT. It was his life’s dream to have that job, his mother said.
    Yet depression and mental illness got in the way once he was hired this spring as an EMT in the south-metro area. He and his supervisor agreed the job was not a fit for him after just three weeks, she said.
    “I think that is where he lost all hope. … He had a choice to drop the gun, but he was in a tormented place mentally,” she said.

    Read more: Man killed by Broomfield police officer struggled with mental illness – The Denver Post
    Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:

  27. This recall will be for nothing if the various city departments are not reviewed and people who need to be fired are fired. The city erupted last year after the Kelly Thomas tragedy because that was the last straw not an isolated incident. Many people feel very angry and bitter with their experience with different city departments, this blog has covered the fig leaf lady. I came into the city council along with several other low-income tenants…tenants at one complex were falsely arrested in the middle of the night…complaining was a complete waste of our time and we are angry…

    1. I’m interested in hearing more about your experiences and the reactions you’ve gotten. To whom did you complain? Did you contact Tony? I presume that he’d have to be on your side, to keep things consistent….

  28. I have one request.

    Can we do something a little more constructive and/or creative with Channel 3 on Time Warner cable?

    Anything would be better than the current offering of staring at test patterns in between the live broadcasts from the City Council.

  29. One of the things my older brother taught me growing up in Fullerton was to recognize false insults. That is, one can say something to you with a tone that sounds like an insult, but when the the words are examined at face value, they are not an insult at all.

    A young man can be accused of being a goody-good. A young woman can be accused of being a virgin. Someone interested in politics can be acused of having an agenda.

    What is so bad about having an agenda? I thought that city councils were required by law to post their agendas in advance.

    A couple of months ago a cousin of mine stated that what Tony Bushala was doing was out of an agenda. I applied my brother’s test of logic. I stated that if she knew that Tony was opperating from an agenda, then she thereby must be able to define what that agenda was.

    She backtracked an said that she could not define Tony’s agenda.

    Travis, thank you for being upfront and posting your agenda. This will lead to much intelligent discussion and learning.

    1. I agree with you. There’s nothing wrong with having an agenda. It’s the contents of the agenda that make it good or bad.

      I tend to think that one’s agenda should be presented to voters before one takes power rather than just afterwards — remember the scene in Bananas where the new Latin American dictator decrees that everyone will now speak Swedish? — but better late than never, I guess. After all, it’s still before the November election.

      1. “I tend to think that one’s agenda should be presented to voters before one takes power rather than just afterwards”

        Oh, really? Do you apply that same principle to Ms. Quirk? Just wondering.

        Thanks for reminding me of a post I’ve been meaning to write. I think I’ll address it to all my good friends in west Anaheim.

        1. You’re welcome. Thanks for agreeing with me, implicitly.

          Sharon is not going to do anything as big and unexpected as hurtle a city into bankruptcy without telling voters of the possibility, as Travis and his colleagues (potentially) will.

  30. Hey Travis, how about allow fireworks in Fullerton? Churches and youth sports leagues will do huge business if we just let freedom ring. What do you say?

  31. Yes fireworks in Fullerton good idea. tony can own the stands. That should be one of the first acts to pay tony back.

  32. What a great idea. I live in a city where fireworks sales are banned. Fireworks are banned too. Yet, starting today, I hear an awful lot of booms and bangs. Hopefully, its not the Fullerton PD practicing on some dumb homeless person!
    Anyway, when the cities around you sell fireworks, its difficult to get people to not set them off.

    1. Well if they get hit with friendly fire, that is their fault. They should of been under the freeway underpass.

  33. I read the “list.” I just cannot believe that Travis is that stupid. What is he thinking? Where does he get this stuff? Go ahead Travis, tell the city attorney he is not doing a good job!!! lololololololololololol

    1. The city attorney has been doing a crappy job – for 15 years. Adios Jones & Meyer.

  34. Does Travis know that a recall can go both ways?
    Let’s start now!


  35. Anyone who wants to ensure the cold-blooded murder of Kelly Thomas does not go unpunished please sign these petitions and pass them on. This story has not received the national attention it deserves. If all of Kelly’s Army forward these petitions to a few friends we could have 100,000 signatures on the petition to get the four accomplices who held Kelly down, and/or displayed cowardice and complicity by not stopping the murder off the force. The FPD is sure as hell not going to do it because it’s the right thing to do.

    1. #166 Brandon, July 1: I want to THANK YOU very much for posting the”” petitions, for Kelly. My roommate & I have signed, & are passing the info. on to MANY others, & asking THEM Tto do the same. I WOULD THINK, that this should be very easy to get accomplished, considering …. ” The Circumstances”, and all the recognition ”Kelly`s Case” has gotten, from ALL OVER The world!!!! Once again….. THANK YOU MUCH!!!!!

      1. Your petition is worthless. No one else is going to be charged or fired and there will be no clean up at the police department. Cause it doesn’t need it. So give it up Brandon. Why don’t you go and give more IQ test. Work for a living.

        1. #171 J.D. BECAUSE THE P.D….. ”does`nt NEED it????? Oh my GOD, you MUST BE A COP!!!!! How else in the world could you know all that`s been going on with that F.P.D., AND say such a thing???!!! You`re either married to a cop, or are one, OR a family member who would just…”STICK TOGETHER”, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! NO morals, or a shred of decency in you,but…… Kelly Thomas was`nt YOUR son, or loved one…. I get it!!!! He was`nt …”ONE OF OUR OWN”, huh?? Well, he WAS one of ”someone`s own”, and did NOT deserve anything that those…. ”nice policemen ” ( puke!!!!) did to him!!!! You jusy MAY be right, as to ” no one else being charged”, or the dept. not being cleaned up, but you must have your head up your—, if you think….. ”it does`nt need BOTH”!!!!! As for Brandon giving up, …. not when you`re a decent, caring human being who cares about everyone,… not ”JUST ONE OF OUR OWN”!!! At least he IS SHOWING HIS ”I.Q.”, AND …SO ARE YOU!!!! ( POOR THING!!! ) why don`t YOU, go back to school, while Brandon is at work!!!! P.S. May I add, that I DO REALIZE that there are good cops, and BAD, & bless the ones that ARE good. There ARE good & bad in everyone. But FULLERTON, SEEMS TO HAVE MORE BAD THAN THEY SHOULD!!!! ( Like YOU….MAYBE????)

          1. Obviously you know shit also. If the city was dirty, Gennaco would of said it long ago. Gennaco is long gone. I care about my city, not this mob that wants to take it over. The three weak council people are gone, good. They were there to long anyway, but the new council is a joke. And come November we will have new leaders.

            1. Mr/Ms. Doe,

              I’ve been assigned your case and offer some remedial grammar refreshment instruction.

              If one does know one’s shit, then that’s a good thing. When one does not know shit, that’s a bad thing.

              When speaking in the past perfect, such as would-have, use would-have, not would of. Would of is actually spelled wudda or and is slang.

              When joining two independent clauses, use a semi-colon and not a comma. A comma may be used when using an appropriate conjunction.

              When speaking of people who occupy a council seat, use council members. Council people would be a race or ethnic group.

              Two means the number, to is an article, too means too long.

              When beginning a sentence with an introductory comment, use a comma.

              Mr./Ms. Doe, you failed to make one complete sentence without a grammatical error. Please report back to your third grade instructor as quickly as possible. The Grammar Police has neither the time or resources to improve upon a case such as yours.


              Deputy Grammar Po Po

    2. Brandon, thanks for the link. I just signed it. I tried to sign the Care2 petition also but could not. Do you know how to sign that one also?

  36. Please add this to your agenda:

    Rename the Fullerton Transportation Center to:
    “Kelly Thomas Memorial Transportation Center” or
    “Kelly Thomas Memorial Transportation Center of Fullerton”

    I take the train to LA daily from the Kelly Thomas Memorial Transportation Center !

  37. Ken I read your post #145 where you stated that the city departments need to be reviewed and people need to be fired. What I want to know is who would be the judge in this matter?
    What is blue to one person may be black to another. Willy nilly random shot in the dark emotional reactions do not work. All you have as a result is total chaos and unhappy people with a low morale among the ranks.
    Think it through very carefully before you begin “housecleaning.”

    The old saying “The devil you know… ” applies in this matter.

    1. The City Manager will decide. He’ll have to cut the dead wood like former Redevelopment flunkies instead of keen them on the payroll.

    2. Fullerton Citizen, #168: A GREAT idea… renaming to HONOR KELLY!!!! Also, a small sign at ..”the site, ( corner) where he was ”MURDERED”, To… ”Kelly`s Place”, ….OR something nice??? ( if possible ) We (or I ) would have to think of something EVEN BETTER, if it could be done. ”Justice For Kelly!!!!”

    3. So, you CREEP, if one does not ”accomplish a lot in life”, that means they are a horrible person, and it is justified to just snuff the life out of him, whether he has physical, mental, or emotional problems,…. OR NOT???? YOU sound like a REAL ”accomplished” human!!!! Are you a”cop”, OR…. a ”ROCKET SCIENTIST”????? (or just a rotten piece of CRAP, THAT does BELONG IN THE LOCAL DUMP???!!!! I`m sure that GOD is so proud of you!!!!!!

  38. Greg Diamond :
    Thank you, Stanley. My demand is to the website under takedown provisions of internet law. This is not a legal complaint against the author, though that could follow.
    “Swollen nut” — yes, making demands is part of what layers do.

    How are those demands working’ our for ya, chief?

    1. They’re working as well as they need to be working so far, in that they’re published in this venue. Thanks for asking!

  39. At least he never murdered, raped, terrorized, roughed up for kicks, etc.. Wow he’d already accomplished more than 33% of the entire FPD force.

  40. No problem Bob. Thanks for passing it on! The more people who sign it the better the odds of getting the other three officers fired and possibly prosecuted.

  41. Don’t hate cause 20,000+ have signed the petition to get the other three officers fired and only seven people have donated to FriendsForJay Mrs. Doe. Thanks for keeping your vile hate filled messages online. It inspires those of use with morals to keep up the fight for justice.

  42. @ what work do you do to earn money Mrs. Doe? I’m pretty sure instigating arguments online and begging for donations on websites do not constitute real jobs.

    1. I don’t need to ask for donations, like I said, I was born with a silver spoon. I have given to worthy causes. And maybe even to the cicinelli’s. But that is my business. That is what makes it great. You can keep on guessing till you are red in the face with anger on who I am. Cause you don’t have the slightest idea.

  43. Greg Diamond :
    Thank you, Stanley. My demand is to the website under takedown provisions of internet law. This is not a legal complaint against the author, though that could follow.
    “Swollen nut” — yes, making demands is part of what layers do.

    I’m sure your ‘list’ was shitcanned in record time, or at least after the recipient(s) stopped laughing. Can you say section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (which provides this site complete immunity re: passively hosting third party material)?

    Hey add this to your list, fucktard.

    1. Fine if so — that makes the non-response intentional.

      I can ask them to take it down. In court, I can ask for discovery of information related to the identity of the poster. They can refuse, but that escalates things, especially in circumstances where the site itself has solicited the defamation — a factual matter. This would not be a passive hosting case.

      There’s no basis for me to ask them to take yours down. Stupid insults, unlike assertions of fact, aren’t defamatory.

    2. Hello — my name is Greg Diamond and I am a username.

      The username Greg Diamond is an online pseudonym and/or username meant for entertainment and/or communication purposes and does not in any way represent any actual person, persons or entities both living or dead who may share a similar name or identity.

      Any comments, communication or discussion made in any way at, towards or against my username should not have any bearing on any actual person, persons or entities both living or dead who may share a similar name or identity.

      Greg Diamond

      1. Wow (says I, the actual Greg Diamond); if you tried this at OJB I’d blog your URL and that of all of your progeny for seven generations.

        Admins, what you do is up to you.

  44. truthseeker :
    Boss what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Medical insurance for a family of 3 runs about 10 grand per year. That is a bargain if it will keep an elected libertarian minded individual and his family healthy so he can be responsive to the needs and wants of his constituents and engage in the work of shrinking government.

    Geez, it’s entertaining to watch kool-aid drinkers like you rationalize Travis hopping on the taxpayer gravy train! It’s no different than any other politician or his supporters saying it’s OK foor THEIR guy to have his snout in the trough because he’s a good guy.

    You people have no principles. It’s all situational.

  45. Kirby :
    Man, get off your high horse. You demand that Travis give you an answer to your question before he evaluates his compensation/option package which I understand he hasn’t even seen yet? That’s mighty reasonable of you. If you’re wondering why council members would get the option, it’s to get good people to participate in public service. It’s certainly not on par with the grossly disproportionate benefits LE or other union types collect. (e.g. the very benefits that draws them to public service)

    Excuses, excuses. Did Travis run to get the council perks and bennies?

    See my comment above on why, if he is a principled libertarian, Travis shouldn’t have to wait to see what the benefits are before making a decision. Unless his principles have a price.

  46. The Fullerton Harpoon :
    If you move to Fullerton maybe Travis will feel in any way interested in even addressing a toad like you.

    Travis is an elected official now, Harpoon. He wrote this post to demonstrate how transparent, accountable and accessible he is. Or is that only for sycophants, and impertinent, inconvenient questions from outside the in-crowd will be ignored?

    And please stop blogging on taxpayer time.

  47. Jt :
    The whole line of questioning is disingenuous since unless I missed it, I have not seen Travis or other bloggers complaining that city employees should not get medical benefits.

    Who said anything about city employees?

    Travis is a councilman now, an elected official, not some civil servant. It’s a part-time job that he volunteered for. Why should he get full-time benefits paid for by the taxpayers? Just because you supported him?

    Travis wrote this on his campaign website:

    “City hall has prioritized spending on employee salaries, generous benefits and lavish pensions instead of maintaining our infrastructure over the last few decades.”

    Here’s Travis’ chance to lead by example by declining the “generous benefits” he could get as a councilman. I’m sure his employer (Precept, a health benefits management company) provides him with health care bennies. He doesn’t need to shift that cost onto the taxpayers.

    Travis should decline the council benefits, then you and the rest of the kool-aid drinkers can praise Travis instead of making excuses for him.

    1. Since I’m not against public employees (including elected officials) getting medical benefits, why would I have a problem with Travis or any city councilperson getting them? Just because I supported Travis doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with his position on every single issue. I have no knowledge of whether city benefits are exorbitant or overly generous or not, and its not really of major concern to me. I think the city council total compensation is very low compared to the workload. If its less than $9000 per year total compensation and if you figure that a council person works 10 hours a week on city-related business, which is a conservative estimate, than they are making $17.31 per hour. I know waiters who make more than that.

    2. I’m calling bullshit on this one. I don’t want a bunch of independently wealthy councilman making decisions because they’re the only ones who can afford to keep a seat.

      What you’re advocating, Boss Hog, is called an aristocracy. In case you missed it, we won that war over two hundred years ago. We’re celebrating tomorrow.

    3. I drink filtered water thank you very much. You are splitting hairs pal focusing on the minutia. A Blackwater police department needs to stay away from Fullerton and we don’t need Ivan Boesky running the labor negotiations. Travis and his kid should be able to go to the doctor.

  48. Boss Hog = Matthew Cunningham. It figures he would be trolling over here. The writing style is the same.

        1. Wait, now city hall is handing out benzedrine? Is that the inhaler or the tablets? And if they give them to councilmen why did Bankhead keep falling asleep?

          GODDAM IT!

    1. Haha. There’s something funny about Matthew Cunningham lecturing us on how libertarians should work for free.

      1. Oh my, looks you boys are going to change the subject and fixate on Matt Cunningham instead of whether Travis should take the bennies.

        Travis won’t be working for free. He’ll get the council stipend. But why should he get perks and benefits from the taxpayers?

    2. I figured Matt would be busy outting the names of Carlos Bustamante’s “alleged” sexual abuse victims.

  49. haha. Another kool-aid drinker! Of course, it couldn’t be anyone else because EVERYONE loves the FFFFers!

    Don’t you think Travis should shun the bennies, Allan?

    1. “Ethical conduct requires ethical people.”

      And ethical people are smart enough to avoid even the appearance of nepotism, insider influence, or cronyism.

      When the OCTA board hires Scott Baugh and Matt Cunningham as consultants, or contracts with friends and families for an “independent audit” promised to the taxpayers, they are showing their arrogance and incompetence.

      1. Correction:

        Ethical people avoid nepotism, insider influence, and cronyism.

        Narcissists (people who value appearance over substance) avoid the appearance of these things. Ethical people do the right thing regardless of how it looks to the casual observer.

    2. I’m more concerned about how electeds vote on the big money issues. It’s the same as all the Republicans in Congress who demogogue the earmark issue but they are usually the ones who also vote for big government across the board.

      The question coming from you Matt also doesn’t impress me.

      1. So, he’s some guy who charges 200 dollars an hour to post comments on FFFF? That’s ironic to me since I believe “Boss Hog” made a comment above criticizing Travis for blogging on taxpayer time…

        1. “Methinks thou dost protest too much.” is the thought that comes to mind regarding Matthew’s disdain for paid blogging.

  50. If you don’t care about signatures, stop whining about them JD. Join the 12 people who are supporting Cicinelli and I will join the 20,000 who want justice and accountability.

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