Commissions and Committees

The new city council is still soliciting applications for appointments to the committees and commissions that advise the council on various subjects. There are/will be openings in the following groups:

  • Planning Commission
  • Community Development Citizen’s Committee
  • Library Board of Trustees
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Transportation and Circulation Commission
  • etc…

If you’re interested, fill out an application and drop it off with the city clerk. (Download the general committee application or download the Planning Commission application).

Applications are due tomorrow, July 31 at the end of the day.

42 Replies to “Commissions and Committees”

  1. Love to help you out, however when I looked over the application to serve on one of these commissions I noted that it says that all of the personal information that I’m asked to supply will be publicly divulged?

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  2. Trustee Chris Thompson is a firm advocate of transparent information regarding Fullerton School District bodies. But what he discovered at Beechwood School recently may have been too much information, even for him.
    Several weeks ago (the exact date is not clear), Thompson said he stumbled onto a sex act being performed in the school’s parking lot that days later ended in an angry confrontation with the young romantic by shoving him away.
    Since he was elected trustee in October 2010, Thompson said he’s heard complaints from the neighbors of suspicious activities at the K-8 school. On this particular evening,  Thompson drove to the school’s parking lot to check things out.
    He pointed his car so that his headlights illuminated another car in the lot. Thompson said he first saw broken bottles, then broken eggs, condoms, and then what looked like the naked back of a teenaged boy in the back seat of a car.  He also saw “what I assume was a naked girl underneath him.” Thompson said it looked as if they were having sex, but he didn’t look so close he could confirm it.
    “I’m not a fan of this stuff,” said Thompson, who often walks his dog in the area and whose sons play basketball at Beechwood facilities.
    Startled, Thompson slowly backed up his car and called Acting Police Chief Dan Hughes. While on the phone, the teen, now wearing boxers, approached his car, Thompson said.
    “He engaged me angrily,” said Thompson, adding that the teen asked Thompson why he was watching them. Words were exchanged, and the teen returned to the car and drove away, Thompson said.
    Thompson said he chased the teen so that he could write down his license plate number, but dropped out of the pursuit at Brea Boulevard and Rolling Hills Road. When police arrived at the scene, everyone had left, leaving no evidence for the officers to act on, said Sgt. Jeff Stuart, Fullerton police spokesman. No report was filed.
    Fast forward to Monday, July 9, about 8 p.m.  Thompson was at the school watching his son play basketball.  On his way out, he was confronted by a teenage boy.
    ” ‘You followed me the other day,’ ” Thompson said the teen told him.
    Thompson, who did not recognize him at first, said the teen appeared to be 16 years old and stood puffing out his chest.
    “He got in my face … and his friend was saying ‘hit him,’ ” recounted Thompson. “He was in my face and cursing.”  He said he stood chest to chest with the teen. “He wouldn’t back off,” he added.
    “He was a lot bigger than I thought … and I’m thinking, he’s going to take a swing at me,” Thompson said. “And his buddy is egging him on. So I pushed him out of my face.”
    By that time someone had called the police, though it is not clear who. The police log indicates it was not Thompson. Once there, police talked to all parties involved and both Thompson and the teen’s father declined to file charges, Stuart said.
    The age and identity of the couple in the car has not been released by police. A request was made by for the official police report, but it was denied by the city attorney.

    This is way Fullerton citizen should be able to carry concealed weapons. Who does this fornicating teen think he’s messing with?

    Has Danny Hughes put a siren and lights on Thompson’s car? He should, pursuits are very dangerous without them. You have to give the kid some credit, condom(s) how many?

    I would sure love to listen to Thompson’s DAR on this contact.

    1. Oh, boy let me make some popcorn before Thompson runs in here with his hair on fire! Hey Chris, admit it, you lingered near the car a lot longer than you’re admitting! This kid was pissed because not only did you stand there watching him put the smack down on his old lady, but then you chased him down the street afterward! Ahahahahahahaha! What a degenerate!

      1. I can just see Thompson working his junk, lurking into that car getting an eye full of that naked little girl with budding breasts and a firm teenage behind.

      2. Chris, WTH were you thinkin. The boys Dad did not press charges, imagine that. But I bet there’s a Daddy’s little girl out there, seeing red.
        OH to be young again, and in the car….condoms, at least they had some thought process.

    1. Listen, dolittle… All you have to do is put your name on top of the application and pass it in… Just like Travis did when he was placed on a commission. It’s nobody’s business who you are!

  3. I nominate Greg Diamond. Oh wait…….

    He lives 1/3 mile beyond the city limits……….NEVERMIND!

    What a blowhard.

  4. I find it interesting that Councilman Kiger is advertising these commission openings here….a cynic would think that he’s trying to fill the commissions with 4F Mafia members. Did he make the same public service announcement on any other “news” outlet?

  5. Give Travis credit where credit is due. He is passing on information that is important for all civic minded individuals. nothing more. one can be cynical, but the fact remains, strong committees are built by a variety of voices. no one should be excluded.

  6. I wanna be on the Police Oversight Committee. Where do I sign up for that? I promise that I’ll do Fullerton proud. I’ll be your hero. Vote for me and I’ll set you free!

  7. Record time…that’s how long it took for Jughead to abuse his power. Did anyone read the article on Apparantly Jughead gave Peeping Thompson the heads up when the public records request was made and Peeping Thompson called Davis and asked him what he wanted to know. Is that legal? Can Jughead give out that information? Imagine if that was a private citizen who made the inquiry. Would Peeping Thompson have called that person at home, or even showed up on their front door? Shady business, nice job by the new Clowncilman.

    I think it’s safe to say Jughead is a fiscal liability to the city. He’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Way to hitch your wagon to an arrogant, drunk asshole like Peeping Thompson.

    Keep acting like you own the city Thompson, i can’t wait to see your mugshot on the front of the register.

    1. People were wondering why Chris Thompson was becoming so chummy with Chief Dan Hughes. It seems we now know why. Hughes is handing out lunches and get out of jail free passes.

      1. I know, right? I find it odd that Thompson thinks he’s a jr cop and can call the chief at home to report two kids fucking. I’m pretty sure I would have given my left nut to have seen some kid beat his ass down to the ground in front of his own kids! Hahhahaha!

  8. Is there going to be a police oversight committee to start firing the irresponsible cops who are costing the residents of Fullerton millions? I thought that was one of the cities biggest concerns and the primary cause for the recall.

  9. Brandon, an oversight committee is only as good as the method and way it is set up. It can only function with an investigative arm. Just a committee with no oomph behind it is merely a figurehead.
    So first, you need the rules and regs related to the commission, then you nominate the folks to be on it.
    My first nomination will be Lt. Andy Goodrich, representing the police department. You know anything he says is a fib. After all he is the ex public info officer – spokesperson. Imagine the lies he can spew on a police commission!

  10. Wow, O’Malley has the trolls stirred up tonight.

    You’ve really found your element O’Malley. Illiterate, self-entitled sociopaths. Yay! In the Kingdom of the Blind the one-eyed man is king. Oh wait. That’s Cicinelli’s job.

  11. Travis, Greg & Bruce:

    Howzabout getting rid of some of those committees that really don’t do a damn thing except ratify staff desires?

    Also, what about whacking the Planning Commission down to 5 members each of whom is directly responsible to an elected?

    1. That’s a great idea. In that way, the clowncil members can appoint know-nothing sycophants like you where they’re more easily controlled and will do the council majority’s bidding.

      1. No, that way we don’t get stuck with staff-kissing drones who aren’t responsible to anybody.

      2. Wait, I thought “Joe sipowicz” was actually Tony, now he’s not Tony (the evil puppet master) but in fact he’s some lackey who wants to curry favor with council members?

        Christ, could you morons get organized and just pick one lie and run with it.

  12. Wish I lived in Fullerton. I have a degree in environmental analysis and a minor in Urban N Regional Planning.

  13. I concur Tuco. I figured the new council could use their authority to establish an oversight committee that was ran completely by citizens rather than cops or politicians.

    LMAO @ Cicinelli and Ramos suing anyone. Unless they are planning on suing the men who violate their arses in prison, I doubt their suits will go very far. Thanks for the laugh though Time. This blog gets too serious sometimes.

  14. Hey Nipsey. It’s only cops and their wives/mistresses who hide behind multiple screen names on here. Everyone else wants honesty and accountability.

  15. I want honesty and accountability. How about answering these questions:

    Chris Thompson was one of the most vocal critics of the Police Department and the old City Council, with most of his criticism focused on an alleged lack of transparency and coverup by the PD.

    Thompson went on to be the campaign manager of now-City Council member Travis Kiger, who was also a frequent and vocal critic regarding lack of transparency and an alleged coverup by the police department.

    And now we have these incidents, which raise so many questions.

    Regarding the first incident:

    1. Why did Thompson report the first incident directly to the police chief? Was he looking for preferential treatment? Was it because he didn’t want his phone call to be recorded through the 911 or business line? Why wouldn’t he have just reported it to dispatch to get a patrol car there as quickly as possible?

    2. Why would he initiate a confrontation in the parking lot rather than wait for a patrol car?

    3. I’d like to know more about the pursuit. What speeds were reached? Were traffic laws broken? Did Thompson stop at the stop sign at Rolling Hills Drive & Puente Street? What about any red lights at Rolling Hills Drive and Brea Blvd?

    4. Was a report taken regarding this incident? If not, why not, as Thompson made allegations of a statutory rape (Penal Code Section 261.5) having occurred?

    5. If an officer responded and had contact with Thompson, where are the recordings of the contact?

    Regarding the second incident on July 8th:

    1. Who called the police? Where is the recording of the call? After all, much has been made by Kiger regarding the releasing of the 911 tape on Kelly Thomas. Why isn’t it appropriate to release this call, too, in a timely manner, especially if there is no pending investigation?

    2. Thompson responded to a verbal barrage by the minor with a physical push. Technically, that’s a battery (Penal Code Section 242) involving a minor, which could also possibly be construed as a misdemeanor violation of Penal Code Section 273a(a) (Child Abuse). At the very least it should have been documented, since it involved an adult and a minor. The minor also may have violated Penal Code Section 422 through his threats. Was a report taken at this time? If not, why not?

    3. Where are the recordings of the officer contact at this incident?

    For Kiger:

    1. Explain why it was appropriate for you to notify Thompson of a public records request by Fullerton Stories regarding these incidents.

    2. Why are the police reports not being released? If any minors were identified, why not just redact the report to eliminate any information which might identify the minor(s)?

    3. Why can’t you immediately release recordings of any calls made in reference to these incidents just like you did with the Kelly Thomas recording?

    4. Since this involved city business, why shouldn’t any and all phone records regarding your call to Thompson, and any subsequent call on the subject, should be made public?

    After all, if an incident like this occurred involving any of the three recalled council members, Kiger, Thompson, and Bushala would be asking for all this and more. Isn’t it more than a little hypocritical for such “transparent” politicians like Kiger and Thompson not to be forthcoming with this information?

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