On the Agenda – January 4, 2011

Happy New Year Friends!

We have a council meeting this Tuesday at 4:00PM.  The agenda is a little unusual for a few reasons.  First, there aren’t millions of taxpayer dollars being squandered away!  Second, there are no minutes being approved!  Third, it’s a SHORT agenda!

Now that I have your attention, what’s in the agenda and how will it screw up (or possibly improve) our lives?

Item 1 of the consent calendar is the amendment of the St. Jude Medical Center Specific Plan.  After reading it and seeing the changes, I think it’s a pretty good plan.

Items 2 and 3 are donations related to the Police Department.

Next, we move into regular business.  Item 4 is likely to upset more than one applecart.  It seems the Orange County Flyers are looking to move into the pony stadium at Amerige Park , also known as Duane Winters Field.  The team has struggled to draw a crowd but some of the blame can go to Cal State who charges patrons for parking during weeknight games.  Some patrons have complained that the concessions are equal to a major league event in price only.  The agreement states that the cost for any development plans are the Flyers’ alone.  That’s good since we wouldn’t want the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency to spend public funds on for-profit entertainment, now would we…

Item 5 might place pianos all over town, much like the sheep and hearts that have shown up over the years.

Item 6 amends the municipal code so that the council can appoint replacement council members in the event a member resigns before completing their term.  As you may recall, a few members were dumbfounded by the process and needed significant hand-holding.

The next meeting, scheduled for January 18, 2011, has a full agenda.

  • Public Hearing – PPI’s – cont. from Sept. 21
  • Direct Appointments to Commissions/Committees
  • Presentation – Progress Report by OCTA on SR 57 Widening
  • Amend Public Nuisances Ordinance
  • Revenue/Fee Recap
  • Draft RFQ – Downtown Core & Corridor Specific Plan
  • Presentation – Future Farmers of America
  • TCC Recommendation – Euclid Street – NSA and Loading/Unloading
  • TCC Recommendation – Acacia Ave – NSA & 1 Hour Parking
  • TCC Recommendation – Williamson Ave – 30 Minute Parking
  • TCC Recommendation – Brookdale at Ford/Jacaranda/Ford – 2 Way Stop Control
  • Federal Appropriations Projects (Let’s blow tax dollars from out of state because we done blew through our constituents’!)
  • Closed Session – Labor Negotiations
  • Amendment to Coop. Agree. – OCFA – FTC Parking Structure
  • Fox Theatre – Operation/Maintenance Expenditures
  • Outdoor Dining & Public Right of Way Encroachments – Cont. from 12-21-10
  • Minutes – December 21, 2010 and January 4, 2011
  • Korean/American Festival Update
  • Closed Session – Property Negotiations – Muckenthaler (more bailouts)
  • Fullerton Police Officers’ Association Donation to Explorers

And for February 1, 2011:

  • Advisory Bodies Representation
  • Richman Athletic Field Improvements
  • Resident Permit Parking – 600 Block East Princeton , Almira Ave , Sycamore Ave , Melody Ave
  • Public Hearing – FTC Cost Recovery Fee (Cost Recovery, also known as Justification for Higher Taxes)
  • Mid Year Budget Report (we’re broke)
  • Fullerton Golf Course Irrigation Project

33 Replies to “On the Agenda – January 4, 2011”

  1. Hi Christian,

    “Closed Session – Property Negotiations – Muckenthaler (more bailouts)”

    What is the bailout here?

      1. Not good enough, Christian. If you are going to suggest that a standard ongoing negotiation has somehow become a bailout you are going to have to pony up some information to back it up. Show us some evidence of a bailout or take back your statement.

        1. I have to agree with Anon here. If you’ve got something then share it with us, go for it. Otherwise, the bailout remark seems to be reaching.

        2. Still waiting for an answer Christian. “We’ll have to wait and see”? Wait for what? when? Do you know something the rest of us don’t? Seems to me you would have published it here if you did. Looks like you have no credibility Christian.

          1. Fred,

            (Replying down here because the site software doesn’t seem allow me to reply to your comment above.)

            The Muckenthaler Cultural Center site is owned by the City of Fullerton, but operated, according to a contract, by the Muckenthaler Cultural Center Foundation (MCCF). MCCF raises money through grants, memberships, fundraisers, etc. to operate programs that were formerly operated directly through the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

            Naturally, the responsibilities of each party need to be recorded in a contract (who mows the lawn, etc.). The current contract negotiations have been going on for several years. I believe the closed session item is just an update for the city council about the progress of these negotiations.

            The MCCF was originally formed to save the city money by operating the cultural center during the last recession when money was especially tight (like now). It is a model very similar to the cultural services outsourcing implemented in LA County under Mayor Dick Riordan. It is a prime example of privatization of a government function.

            That’s what I know. If there is a subsidy involved I’d love to hear about it. I haven’t been involved in the contract negotiations, but I can’t imagine the Parks and Rec. Dept. is suddenly going to hand anyone a pot of money. I’d still like to know why “Christian” thinks there is some sort of subsidy involved, but I don’t think s/he will admit the it’s just bluster on his/her part.

  2. Council Meeting at 4pm? Why not at 7pm when people get home from work, grab some dinner, then attend their council meeting and doing civic duty!

  3. Why are the labor negotiations a closed session? I say open it to the public or let them strike!

  4. What about that picture in the Reg some months ago showing the 5 story sky boxes wall along Commonwealth? As a Redevelopment project. To provide more customers for the bars. Which will have parking also in that 850-space structure which will serve for Free Parking for the good ol’ team. Which will cost the same as 2,200 parking spaces but for the location. But includes a bridge to join the 2 SOCOs which the guys told PAC2 of RDA they wanted 2 or 3 years ago. Every day is trick-or-treat.

  5. “•Fox Theatre – Operation/Maintenance Expenditures” I just read a heart-rendering article in the OC Register about our own town’s armory on Brookhurst & Commonwealth being overwhelmed by homeless families. One 22 year old showed up her 7 month old baby. I relay this info because unemployment remains high in soCal and many persons’ (with dependents) unemployment benefits has run out after 99 weeks. Why is our city even considering wasting money on this moldy edifice and ignoring those who can’t provide food or shelter for themselves or children? I would rather have my tax dollars given to the homeless then see it spent on save the fox project.

  6. too bad nelson trashed millions in tax dollars during down the coyote hills development. coulda fed a lot of crack babies.

    1. Too bad Sidhu destroyed dozens of businesses and hundred (thousands?) of jobs to hand over land to his developer buddies. Too bad (for you) you backed the wrong horse in the election. But great for everybody else.

  7. Travis :
    I don’t know, Fred. Maybe Jones is pulling strings for an exhibit on the History of Syphilis.

    It will be a joint exhibit: Syphilis and Eye-talians in Galveston. Yahoo!

  8. Matt,
    Sorry I couldn’t respond earlier but I do have a life and a busy one at that.

    I have no other information other than that which is published in the Agenda’s forecast. However, history has shown that when the Muck is on the Agenda, the Muck Foundation tends to be holding their hand out looking for more funding.

    The last time the Muck was on the Agenda with their hand stretched out, you gave me quite an earful about the Muck. I appreciated it then and still appreciate healthy discussion on the use (or abuse) of public funds to subsidize “culture”.

    Looking forward to hearing you thoughts on publicly funding culture. Please be patient for my response.

  9. Christian,

    So, with “no information other than that which is published in the Agenda’s forecast” you decided to falsely announce that the Muckenthaler was asking for a “bailout”?

    I know of no “bailout” request. I know of no need for one. Do you? Is this the way you work? Throwing out bad guesses to see what sticks, even if it involves the reputation of a non-profit institution with members and sponsors?

    1. Then why is it on the agenda at all?

      Closed Session – Property Negotiations – Muckenthaler

      It sounds like use of property for money. Open the session if you have nothing to hide.

      1. The closed session is for the staff to update the council on the status of the negotiations. It is not a negotiating session itself. This seems to be the usual practice of the council and city staff. It isn’t the decision of anyone at the Muckenthaler to make it a public session. You would need to approach the city council if you want the briefing to be public.

        1. Matt,
          My comment “(more bailouts)” is sarcastic and demonstrates the pessimism shared by many taxpayers that see the Muck as a drain on public resources. If you don’t understand that, you may suffer from the same disease which renders our electeds useless after their first few years in office despite their best intentions.

          Is the Muck Foundation buying the property from the taxpayers? I find that hard to believe, but if it were true I would ecstatic and gleeful.

          1. Christian,

            So now you are saying there is no bailout, which is correct. In fact, funding was drastically cut last year.

            Your “sarcasm” doesn’t demonstrate anything to me except irresponsible use of words. If you don’t like the Muck’s funding model get your facts straight and spell out your argument.

            I am not aware of any plans for the Muckenthaler Center Foundation to purchase the Muck property. I don’t think FAST is going to purchase the Janet Evans Swim Complex either. Neither are the OC Flyers planning on purchasing Amerige Park, according to last night’s council meeting.

          2. Alright Matt, you got me: I have no idea how much the Muck will need from taxpayers so that it can continue to host weddings but I’m pretty sure the foundation will have its hand out for more public funding as membership and visitors decline.

            My comment on the agenda forecast about the meeting pertaining to a bailout is not an argument.

            You chose to make it an argument and yet you don’t seem to be certain what they will be discussing. If you do, please enlighten us.

            FAST pays the their own bills without further burdening taxpayers. The OC Flyers will be paying for all costs associated with a development plan as per the ENA approved last night. The Muck foundation had their hand out last year and I think they will this year. Prove me wrong Matt and convince the Muck to keep their hands in their own pockets and out of taxpayers’.

  10. I agree with Mr. Leslie, no back door negotiations. If it cant be said in public it shouldn’t be said at all.

    1. LT, I did not take a public vs. private position on the agenda item in question. I just wrote that if someone wanted a briefing to be public than it was the council to approach, not anyone at the Muckenthaler. It isn’t our briefing.

  11. Christian,

    I took exception to your use of the term “bailout”, which you have now admitted was not accurate. This was the only reason I wrote in about this blog story. If you want to write a story about the Muckenthaler and the City of Fullerton I will look forward to reading it.

  12. Christian :
    FAST pays the their own bills without further burdening taxpayers.

    FAST does not pay all their own bills. The city still pays FAST, but the key here is that the community pool is now being used by more people, longer pool hours, more programming, etc.

    1. HHH,
      According to various news articles, city staff, and persons I have spoken with in FAST (although I have not researched the matter itself), FAST is contractualy obligated to pay for all maintenance and operations of the pool facilities. FAST can offer various swim programs to help recover some of their costs.

      If you know otherwise, I would be interested to hear but it is a further digression from the agenda topics discussed last night.

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