The Processionaries

After seeing a video of caterpillars connected head to toe endlessly walking in a circle I was compelled to see why they would behave like that. It turns out these were processionary caterpillars. offered up the following:

“Jean Henri Fabre wondered what would happen if processionary caterpillars somehow got stuck without a leader. He constructed an experiment where he got a line of caterpillars to go around the rim of a flowerpot and as soon as they filled the rim, he knocked the extras off. Voila. Caterpillars walking in a circle without a leader. He put some food nearby.

The caterpillars walked around that flowerpot without stopping for 6 days until finally some of them died from either exhaustion or starvation. That broke the circle allowing for a new leader and a new direction.

What a powerful metaphor for addiction — where we go ’till we can’t go any more.

And for recovery — where we follow a new leader to get out of the circle.”


That left me wondering if Fullerton PD would ever recover from their addiction to power and the ensuing abuse with their old “new” leader, Danny Hughes. Are we and the FPD doomed to endlessly walk in a circle? Can this cycle ever be broken and how?

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  1. Dear Christian – The catapillars don’t have a choice. They’re hard wired to do what they do.

    But, a nice try.

    A new chief could find he/she isn’t powerful enough to buck the current ‘culture’.

    There needs to be a stimulus from the outside. Like of like a bolt of lightning. Something the ‘culture’ can’t co-opt, defeat, or corrupt.

      1. And you don’t see that it the “fixed action pattern” problem applies no less well to this blog.

        “Please proceed,” Sipowicx.

        1. Well it certainly applies to you: the fat jester at the court of Democrat Party Talking Points Uber Alles.

          1. Sipowicx, are you going to misspell “Alcazar” too one of these days when you type it in and give yourself away?

            1. Greg, you said you were not going to blog here anymore. Do you live in Fullerton? NO…..You have nothing to add here anymore. The election is over. Stick to your OJ blog. Please…..The name of this blog is Friends of Fullerton Future. Key word “Fullerton”….

              1. I’m blogging here less. I just found these post titles so provocative. (And there are plenty of people here not from Fullerton — if there are plenty of people at all.)

                1. (And there are plenty of people here not from Fullerton — if there are plenty of people at all.)…….. Hmmmmm

                  Plenty more then in your OJB Pravda, Golem and;

                  I was flying with Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force Auxiliary, Squadron 40 as a First Lieutenant, search and rescue pilot from the Fullerton Municipal Airport.

                  In addition I had my personal Beach Sundawner tied in the Fullerton Municipal Airport for couple of years and payed taxes and fees there so I am invested in “F”FFF both financially and emotionally.

                  Therefore, exclude me from your idiotic remark above you moron mongoloid – Tatar – please!.

  2. “Power provides the ability to choose… but has a proclivity for corruption”

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
    ― Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark

  3. “The use of power should never be taken lightly, for it is never without consequence.”

  4. according to the report from the office of independent review the same bad behavior would be repeated inside the Fullerton police department because disciplinary action was nothing more than a reprimand. Lets go to city hall and demand that there must be an attempt to repay the water funds which were illeagaly taken. To just sweep the thing under the carpet like some of the city council members want to do would be to encourage the same behavior to be repeated.

    1. According to a Judge in the Rincon settlements, it was actually approved.

      Rincon was never charged or convicted, and given patdown training as a sick joke of a reprimand that was actual approval.

          1. Cicinelli, is now Poster Child of Fullertons Abuse of Authority, MCSATANS SPAWN.

            he was given non uniform duty, immediately after incident.

              1. Mickey, I think being at the end of the caterpillar conga line has you confused. Of course your view never changes.

              2. MICKEY HALLER :
                You losers have nothing better to do than make up lies…idiots!!

                Those facts were reported, You PSYCHO!!!
                Except for the SATANS SPAWN.

  5. We do have a new leader. Our mayor ,Whittiker. He wrote a nice article in the oc Register. I’m not quite convinced that Flory really did win by 29 votes the way the vote count suddenly jumped in her favor. If voter fraud is the caseThat would mean the majority does in fact wish change for fullerton, and I am going to stick with what I believe to be the majority.

    1. That’s idiotic. Flory’s vote total increased once the count came down to provisional ballots proportionately to how the totals of Democratic votes increased in all three overlapping races — Sharon’s, Jay Chen’s, and mine. Meanwhile, you’re impugning one agency in County Government, the Registrar of Voters office, that really does do exceptionally good work. And you don’t have the guts to do it under your own name. What a jerk.

  6. “What a powerful metaphor for addiction — where we go ’till we can’t go any more.”………… Hmmmmmm

    This experiment applies only to the non-free followers like Democrats, Liberals and Socialists who just goosestep and repeat the group’s talking points.

    In contrast, the constitutionally sovereign individuals like I are immune to this phenomenon.

    1. Dear Mr. Sipowicz-
      I guess, in the long run, the tide may turn no matter what Lira says or does — or doesn’t do. I think he’s a questionable character in this whole mess, anyway. Yorba Linda is now patrolled by OCSD since last Saturday when small-town Brea handed the reins over to the Sheriff per YL’s new contract. Next will probably be Placentia who will go to OCSD in a year, maybe 2 or 3. Maybe a kind of ‘domino theory’ will take hold so that even the strangle hold FPOA has on Fullerton can be broken.

      1. Getting a quote from OCSD will be our next task. The cops FPOA got off the hook last summer because Seborn chickened out. I’ll bet he’s willing to change his mind.

      2. Mr Shimon,
        Your blessed Brea PD and those who took a paycheck from that community and swore to protect they had a contract til April, did they honor it, NO they high tailed it out, when people of that area saw that men where makin close to 100 grand doin nothing, SO let me get this straught my son goes to war and is paid 2000 a month and is exposed to numerous IED, taliban ect and he makes 28 thou a year but the fat fake cops on the dole dont show to work and act like babies and leave with their ball? I say sue each an ever cop indiviually for dereliction of duty, and ther last pay check would be zero, fuck em have them sue you, draw it out for years, lets make lake havasu nice, and OC COP free..BREA PD are pussies.

    2. I wonder when Lira’s lawyer will confront him after reading his comments here. THAT would sure be embarrassing..

    1. I ALWAYS saw Mickey RI, as an ally of the blog, a made up online persona, even entrusted to promote the well being of the Blog and City… but also the same as a losing fool and self defeating. 🙂

  7. Greg Diamond :I’m blogging here less. I just found these post titles so provocative. (And there are plenty of people here not from Fullerton — if there are plenty of people at all.)

    lets make it never…lets try that on for size, you are a XXXXXlarge, or is it the illusion of being bloated? GREG FREE ZONE, a girl can dream

  8. Greg Diamond :I wonder when Lira’s lawyer will confront him after reading his comments here. THAT would sure be embarrassing..

    ask garo yourself, you dont think ron thomas ambulance chaser, the guy who makes money off your misery, he is making tons off his sons sacrifice,LIRA< GARO THE SPERM SWILLER<THOMAS, need to leave now.

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