On The Agenda: September 20, 2011

As FFFF’s Grover Cleveland has pointed out, the City of Fullerton has no fewer than 7 pending or likely law suits pending – and that’s just what’s on the Agenda!

After the shock wears off, let’s look at the rest of tonight’s Agenda.

There are the usual meeting minutes and funding transfers. There’s an agreement between the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency and the City of Fullerton so that the City/RDA can pay the State so that the City can keep the RDA.

The price tag is staggering: $54,701,015!!! And this is in addition to paying off tens of millions in bond debt incurred thanks to Bankhead, Jones, and even McKinley. And this is “under the radar” in the Consent Calendar where we usually see minor routine action items. More often then not, however, this is where staff places big ticket items (like the City Manager’s FAT raise or this RDA agreement to pay blood money to the State.)

Oh but wait! It gets better. In the same agreement there is a schedule of payments to the tune of $58,383,657 to cover RDA administrative costs!

And almost as an after thought, the agreement schedules “housing administration annual costs” which will total $16,234,607!

Shaking my head and moving forward to Item 4 of the Agenda’s Consent Calendar, we find an extension for an exclusive agreement. JMI Realty LLC and The Morgan Group Inc. need another 18 months to plan development of the Fullerton Transportation Center . I know, you thought the Transportation Center was built and in use. No, the Redevelopment crowd wants to strategically bulldoze the area and erect apartments and bars dubbed “mixed use”. JMI and the Morgan Group have been getting extensions since 2006. At some point any rational person would have told these clowns NO. They have had 5 years to get their act together and have FAILED just like the rest of our City’s fine Redevelopment efforts to reward Cadillac dealers and big-box retailers.

Time for an aspirin.

Item 5 amounts to a $370,093 expenditure for hardware and software that staff hopes will streamline the plan submittal process. The funding comes from the Air Quality Improvement Trust Fund and AQMD has confirmed that these funds would be well spent on the new technology. If it works – and that is a big IF – it will be a big help for anyone submitting any plans.

Have you ever driven in from Anaheim, Placentia , Buena Park , or Brea and realize the moment you have entered Fullerton by the distinct sound of your car’s suspension system being pummeled by our pothole riddled streets? Item 6 is a paving agreement between Fullerton and Brea that intends to lessen the blow encountered when entering Fullerton from Brea on State College Boulevard. Brea will fix their section and we will fix ours. What a novel idea…

And moving into the Regular Business we are presented with the Taskforce on Homelessness and Mental illness. Item 7 includes a long list of who’s who of liberal activists and cling-ons. Among them are Rusty Kennedy, Pam Keller, and Kitty Jaramillo. Also included is Ron Thomas- I need not explain that. Missing from the list is Reverend Wiley Drake. Some consider him to be a goofy over-the-top religious nut but those who have dealt with North Orange County ’s homelessness know he is an incredibly caring and compassionate man who helps the homeless and mentally ill everyday. Also missing from the list are representatives from St. Jude Medical Center and law enforcement (FPD & OC Sheriff Dept.). Both St. Jude and local law enforcement need to be involved and on the same page.

At the conclusion of this Item is a note about FPD training. How much of the training will cover homeless and mental illness as compared with their hours of riot training and suppression of free speech remains to be seen.

Time for a drink.

I hope we see a lot of people at tonight’s meeting who share their outrage over FPD’s anti-honking campaign to suppress the free speech of the public. And where’s the video? Why hasn’t the Council looked at the actions of those officers, the police command staff, and other employees? Our Council is neglecting their duties.

Frustrated we move on to Agenda Item 8. The Council will appoint one of their own to sit on the CALGRIPP Advisory Committee. CALGRIPP is the California Gang Reduction, Intervention, and Prevention Program, a two-year state-funded anti-gang program.

Item 9 is the City’s Financial Report. Somebody call Levinson to audit these numbers. A few numbers I’m concerned with include the Water Fund (10%-11% is skimmed off and slipped into the General Fund to cover employee salaries and benefits) and the Sewer and Sanitation Funds paid through utility bills. FFFF has shown these funds have all been used inappropriately to cover salaries and benefits for employees including those in Planning, Human Resources, and the Fire Department. I’m surprised the Library doesn’t get in on the action.

Item 10 is labeled as “Approval of Amended and Restated Goals and Policies for Community Facilities Districts.” It turns out that someone at City Hall wants to “explore” the formation of a new community facilities district in the Amerige Heights neighborhood to help support new residential development. But before they can create a new district, the City has to update the goals and policies for these districts. Most of the verbiage has to do with bond funding and credit/debt management.

I’m sure I missed something but this Agenda has made me rather ill. So, please read the agenda and let us all know what else is going on.

The City Council meeting will open up to public comments at about 6:30PM in the Council Chambers. Seating is limited in the Council Chambers so you may be stuck in the lobby or library. Be sure to step up and tell the 3 blind mice (and the others) what you think of the way they are running your city.

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    1. If you have ATT U-Verse you can also watch it on TV – public access channel 99 thru your remote and some keystrokes will get you there; that way you will still have internet access for posting comments here (heh, heh, heh)

        1. For me personally, the emotional benefit is subjective as having to deal with the aftermath of
          residue sticking to my teeth sorta negates that but I can’t argue that the fiber moves “things” along.

  1. If you go to the City of Fullerton – Homepage
    http://www.ci.fullerton.ca.us, I believe you click on ‘Council Live’ and you could view it. It’s possible that it will not be viewable until it is over. The last one was over 5 hours long and I can imagine this one will be at least that long.

  2. Yes, Ron is always there, with the most impact out of everyone.
    His infamous remark at the last meeting was, “Mayor, I came here tonight to offer you an olive branch, but after you opened your mouth I want to grab a ‘baseball bat’ instead.”

    1. I agree,
      I remember the meeting when he stated his name;

      instead of or prefacing stating his name, maybe he should just identify himself as “Kelly’s dad”, ” for the record”.

  3. vomit so disgusting and wasteful and useless and wrong.
    and I would like to make a little notice about the games first of all known as those white bread old piece is a moron ik junk people know the first thing about being in a game or know the first thing about struggling in life so to put them on some cockamamie anti gang thing is just gonna lead to a bunch of very bad rules.

    speaking of that did you know there is a gang injunction in fullerton against our friends fullerton tokers town. for you who don’t know what is gang injunction is it means I can’t walk down the street with a home boy with a family member with someone from my same area. and if I do wanna fullerton finest why can come up pull me over and take us to jail just for being seen together in public. well if that doesn’t seem wrong well think again it is..

    and for the city council todd 58,000,000 dollars 300,000 dollars lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit some cockamamie transportation center I don’t think we need transportation center I think we need to get rid of some bars.

    p s all you city officials and parasitic cronies have failed over and over and over again

  4. RE: Item 6

    At least once a week I drive from Placentia thru Fullerton to Cerritos in the early morning (to avoid freeway clogs). Orangethorpe is the street I take and it is an absolute *mess*!

    Once or twice a week I drive from Placentia thru Fullerton to La Habra (I take Bastanchury and Harbor). B and H are also absolute *messes*. I’ve never understood why Fullerton didn’t “piggy-back” on to the improvements at Imperial/Harbor to repave that stretch of Harbor between Imperial and Las Riendas (?).

  5. PS, had a nice chat with a signature gatherer today at the Stater Bros at Bastanchury/Brea – told her if I lived in Fullerton I would sign the recall petitions…

    Travis – maybe you can put a brief explanation about how closed session works? She wondered if it would be broadcast, so I gave her a synopsis (only Council, City Attorney, *possibly* staff member[s] to answer specific questions, but not usually) and said they are not broadcast nor are they open to the public.

    If she is typical of the signature gatherers, I understand Mr. Bonehead’s fears – she is young, politically active, articulate, personable, and won’t take “stuff” from others. His worst nightmare.

    1. At the beginning of the 6:30 “open” session the council may hear a report on closed session items, or not. Usually not. Listen for the city manager to say “nothing to report.” doesn’t mean you can’t ask them anyway.

  6. we need , a diverse group of people to run for city council , when we kick these bozos to the curb , and then in the face or ass.

    young , old , black , chinese , mexican , white, young, young , a wise old one, , right ,,, not just some group of clones, each with their individual speciality darkness

  7. wow, fullerton folks must be broke after paying for all that. Think how much you’ll be saving after the recall. Corruption is Expensive.

  8. I don’t see any analysis of the effect this agreement will have on the City’s finances. The report and reccomendation is entirely by the Redevelopment Agency. It’s the fox gaurding the henhouse again

    1. This is exactly what we need and we must pressure the City Council, OC Supervisors, and our elected state and Congressional reps to open up one of these for FPD. I do not think one has been opened yet but at this point we DO have evidence of a “pattern” and it is time to start a DOJ investigation.

  9. These suits will kill property values here.

    Take the awards from the FPD retirement fund and the FPOA.

  10. I do not mean to grandstand here, but I feel since http://www.fullertonsfuture.org has many readers, that it would be good to post other government issues as well. I know you are all caring people, who obviously pay attention to the REAL issues, so I guess I feel that the FFFF community needs to hear my story.

    This country is headed for a disaster. Gerald Celente, of “Trends Research” states that we are all headed for the “Greatest Recession.” I believe him, because of a conversation I had with a Cal State Fullerton clerk today:

    As a hard, oh so hard working citizen of the United States: working REAL HARD for not a-lot of money, I am absolutely SICKENED by the proposal of Assembly Bill 130, the California DREAM act. I am also SICKENED by the fact that Cal State Fullerton administrators are being given cost of living increases while the rest of us starve… the “rest of us” students who are not receiving financial aid anyway, even though we desperately need it. The student who was born here, paid taxes here, whose parents paid taxes here, is an Eagle Scout, and who puts doing-the-right-thing ahead of the pursuit of money.

    Today I walked over to the financial services window at California State University, Fullerton. I was there to make my tuition payment. I asked the clerk to relay a message to Jerry Brown and the administration at Cal State Fullerton.

    This was the context of the conversation:

    I walk up to window #5, and sitting behind the thick, blued, bullet-proof glass is a middle-aged Caucasian woman with a “peace” sign hung around her neck. She was cordial and nice… but possibly brainwashed, like I feel many Americans have become. The context of the conversation was as such:

    I walk up to window number five and say, “I am here to make my tuition payment.”

    The clerk says, “OK, can you fill this out?” She hands me a piece of paper with “Name” and “Student ID.”

    I write my name and ID number, then gently slip it under the bulletproof glass and she grabs for it. By the way, what the hell is the bulletproof glass for? Probably people who are pissed of that they have to work their ASSES off to pay their tuition for degrees in worthlessness. Anyway, I quickly yank it away and say,

    ”Is this slip going to be with my money for a while? Because I want to relay a message to Jerry Brown via this payment slip.”

    She laughs. I guess she imagined I was kidding at first. I have written Jerry Brown countless letters and still he considers the passing of “Assembly Bill (AB) 130“, a bill that would give public funds to illegal immigrants of the United States: a bill that is funded by taxpayers. WHY IS AMERICA EVEN DISCUSSING THIS??? I am all for helping those in need but what about when a citizen NEEDS help?

    I exclaimed, “I am SERIOUS!” and go on to explain what I said in the last paragraph.

    She starts to take a conciliatory tone with me, as you can see I am making her slightly nervous. She says that she is in the same situation (she probably is). But the next thing she said is what really irks me…

    I told her that the tuition hikes make me sick… in light of the fact that REAL inflation… not the government mandated inflation rate (which is BS, because it doesn’t take into account the price of gas and food), has increased about 12% in the last year, and that these administrators are basically stealing my money. I have to pay more to live (because of Mr. Bernake’s quantitative easing programs: QE1 and QE2 = printing money not worth the paper it’s not printed on, digital dollars). Meanwhile, these administrators get richer by taking the little money I have in the form of tuition hikes. My neighbor works for Cal State Fullerton. Her husband works for the government. They both drive a Lexus.

    So I go on to bring to light the fact that my tuition payment is being made OUT OF MY OWN F-ING POCKET. I HAD TO WORK 60 HOURS FOR THAT F-ING MONEY. 60 HOURS OF MY LIFE, PART OF WHICH IS GOING TO THE “Cost of Living” INCREASES TO CSUF ADMINISTRATORS… “F” THEM!!! 60 hours of my life for one tuition payment. The qulity of education is hit-or-miss at Cal State Fullerton. Don’t be fooled by the tomfoolery that says the the business school is one of the best in the country, because the TRUTH is 40% of professors are good, and 60% suck.

    WHAT ABOUT THE COST OF LIVING INCREASES I, F-ING have to face??? Do I get a RAISE for that? No! They steal from the POOR and give to the rich. Makes me so sick I am POUNDING POUNDING POUNDING the keyboard as I write this!

    Sense of ENTITLEMENT in government… especially government in California… whether they are police unions, university unions, or just plain dumb politicians, they ALL make me sick!!!

    I will not RELENT!

    “Justice for Kelly, Justice for ALL”

    1. Have you considered moving to the northeast where the standard for education is much higher? Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut have the highest rated colleges and universities, both public and private. Also consider New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland for the same reason.

      1. No… I only have six classes left for a business degree that I could have received from Border’s Books University. The only two professors that were worthwhile here were Leibsohn and Daly. Two Harvard-Level university professors that CARE about students, but happen to teach at CSUF.

        It is too late to transfer now, but I think your suggestion is a good one for CSUF freshman and sophomores. Thanks.

  11. WHO: Orange County District Attorney (OCDA) Tony Rackauckas

    WHAT: Received today the Coroner’s Report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department regarding the cause of death of Kelly Thomas. District Attorney Rackauckas will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss his filing decision following the OCDA’s investigation of six Fullerton Police Department officers in the death of Thomas.

    WHEN: Press conference will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011, at 11:00 a.m.

    WHERE: First floor law library, OCDA’s Office, 401 Civic Center Drive W., Santa Ana


    1. Why is a press conference necessary? Tell us now T-Rack! Good looking out for America Anon II! I have a feeling there is going to be further tomfoolery in government!

      Justice for Kelly, Justice for ALL

  12. I’m watching online Cornpone Jones just called a recess. It’s 7:47.

    I’ve never seen anything like it. The city council meetings in San Diego are nothing like this. We’re more about zoning, trailer parks and booze on the beach.

    Stay on these clowns, Fullerton Citizens. You’ve got them on the run.

    California, the US, and the world are watching this. Thanks to you and poor Kelly, police corruption and brutality is once again a kitchen-table topic.

    I am so proud of you guys.

    The council has returned. Gotta go.

    Congratulations on a fine job, Fullerton Citizens. I love you guys.


  13. Another recess after “Dick” Jones was pretty much shouted down by audience members for trying to talk after “Public Comments” were closed. Interesting… I expected Whitaker and Quirk-Silva to look uncomfortable, but even McKinley looked uncomfortable and didn’t immediately leave with Bonehead and Boss Hogg. A fracture in the Fullerton cabal?

  14. Chris Thompson, once again, the anger challenged, bully, vomits forth a defense of Bushala. Unfortunately, Tony has left a wide, stinking trail through the city that will become all to evident in the coming month.

    1. This recall is not about Tony Bushala, its about removing 3 stinking failures from office and trust me there will be dozens if not hundreds willing to take their places.

      You and your types are going down fast and hard. Its over. You’re done.

    2. Whoa, dude you cops are getting, like, totally desperate.

      You have to defend those 3 real, real ye olde dudes. I feel kinda sorry for you man.

  15. I almost feel sorry for cornpone jones tonight.


    Somebody needs to take away his little hammer before he hurts himself.

  16. If looks could kill Pat McKinley would be on paid administrative leave right now. He was so angry he did not seem to blink for hours.

  17. You can’t commit a mentally ill person to a hospital, so what’s the point of another committee? The ACLU will stop any commitment law.

    To get the drug addicts and criminals off our streets, we need to stop paying them welfare and stop feeding them. But nobody wants to admit that. San Francisco and Santa Monica have failed to contain homelessness because they support them.

    If you pay someone for an activity, you get more of it.

  18. Wow, you’re quite the genius, PJ. So you’re saying if we can just “starve” them out — both figuratively and literally, then the problem will go away. Well reasoned, Einstein!

    Thanks for educating me, too. I thought homelessness and drug addiction were very complex social problems that affected all strata of society (including the middle class and wealthy who don’t receive welfare or food stamps). Now you come along and show me quite clearly that drug addicts, homeless people and the mentally ill are just thieves taking our welfare checks and we are the enablers who “pay” them to continue their behavior.

    If stupid were an Olympic event, you, sir/ma’am, have just won the gold medal.

    1. Okay, tell me what these complex issues are and how to solve them. Also, tell me why homelessness persists and increases as services increase.

      Yes, we are enabling this conduct. If your brother was an addict, would you give him money?

      Also, I never called them thieves, did I? But I guess self-righteous screamers like you misrepresent and exaggerate what people say when you lack a coherent argument.

  19. Ron Thomas is an taker. He is only after money and nothing else. He wants millions for his own misdeeds.

    The Police Officers may all be filed on but that will not negate the fact that Ron Thomas is responsible for the death of KT. He knows it and so does every normal thinking human being. He wants someone else to pay for his neglect of Kelly. Kelly would be alive today if it weren’t for his dad. Talk about murderer! Ron Thomas you murdered your son, not the COPS!!!

    And PJ, you are absolutely right!

  20. And may I add… Kelly was crying Dad… Dad… Dad… KT probably thought his dad was beating him. Was he crying out for his dad to stop?

    Ron Thomas, you are nothing but a gold digger and you should be sued for CHILD NEGLECT! How Dare You try to act like you care so much. What a joke! Go back under your rock!

    1. You have no right to call out any father (or other human being, for that matter). You are a miserable, sadistic piece of crap, and in fact not much better than these hideous individuals who murdered Kelly.

  21. Ron Thomas is calling six people murderers when he in fact was the one that caused all of this. I do have the right to call him out.

    So your saying Thomas has the right to call them murderers, but I don’t have the right to challenge him? There is no proof at this point. You will see! Don’t believe everything you hear!

    Get real!

  22. After they release the video, all will understand what happened. We will need no words from the D.A. or slick lawyers.

  23. Fullerton citizens got exactly what it voted for. Taxpayers will paying all the expenses for the next 10 years and huge crisis behind.
    Bloodstain has its unique memory.

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