Fullerton’s Nuisance Noise and The Ongoing Saga of Incompetence and Corruption. Part 1

Flory in search of the proverbial yard arm.

FFFF has published lots of posts about the way in which our highly paid “experts” in City Hall have made it their business to run interference for the numerous scofflaw bar and “club” owners downtown when it comes to ignoring annoyances like Conditions of Approval and the municipal code’s Noise Ordinance.

In City Hall, doing the right thing just wasn’t gonna happen…

Both topics have been addressed in the same way: if they can, they simply ignore the situation. The blind eye approach has worked most of time. When it hasn’t, Step 2 is invoked. Step 2 is to diligently pursue making the laws laxer, so lax in fact, that the lawbreaking is no longer lawbreaking. This bureaucratic gambit is really nice because the Planning Department Staff can always claim that something is in the works that will address the situation. Of course that’s a lie. What’s really happening is that the department is trying really hard to come up with a legal absolution so low even the lowest douchebag can slither over it.

You can take the douche out of the bag…

At every step of the way, the scofflaws – Jeremy Popoff of Slidebar fame and the Florentine Mob spring most readily to mind – lubricate the gears of Fullerton’s small town political machine who have seemed ever-ready to support the law breaking.

While we here at FFFF have extensively covered the abuse of CUPs and other land use issues, the history of the ongoing issue of nuisance noise traces a perfect trajectory of incompetence or casual corruption, or most likely, of both.

The story spans three city managers, four planning directors and a whole slew of elected ciphers who would rather defend purveyors of nuisance over the right of their constituents to quiet enjoyment of their property.


9 Replies to “Fullerton’s Nuisance Noise and The Ongoing Saga of Incompetence and Corruption. Part 1”

  1. I know you gys are in love with whitaker, but he took a lot of money from Germ Popoff and other downtown crooks. He was helping too.

  2. Whitaker was always good at this issue. He never voted to allow loud amplified music outdoors, he insisted that the loud noise be kept inside and that patios were in area for rasped from loud indoor music. Whitakers for the people on this issue, since his days on Planning Commission to city Council.

    1. So how come he never did anything to enforce his own laws? He’s just part of the problem – a bump on a sinking log.

  3. Yes, I stand to be corrected, again, “respite”, not “rasped”.

    Thank you for pointing that out and helping me become smarter. Not much of an excuse but I only went to grade 10 then started working with my uncle on a fishing boat in the Bermuda Triangle.

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