Andrew Cho Won’t Talk About the Tax

Anaheim bankruptcy lawyer and District 1 council candidate, Andrew Cho has sent out a mail piece with the usual dreary pictures of his incredibly happy home life, his conservative Republicanism, and the empty promises of accountability, public safety and miraculous economic superpowers.

Too bad we then see his endorsers – a gaggle of liars, grifters, thieves, and idiots you wouldn’t trust to walk your Pomeranian. He shares his bold pledge to support Prop 13, as if that had any bearing in Fullerton. More on the subject of taxes in a bit.

The bottom portion of the flyer is dedicated to attacking his one and only opponent, Fred Jung, as a radical leftist.

But notice what’s missing? That’s right. No mention at all of his position on Measure S, the 17% sales tax that is the brain child of his sleazy string-puller, Mayor-for-Hire Jennifer Fitzgerald; a tax increase that is approved by liberal Democrat councilcreatures, Flory, Quirk-Silva and Zahra.

Well, that’s not very good, is it District 1 Republicans. Poor “Andrew” is in a big bind. The Republican registration is a dwindling minority in D1, and if Cho is trying to shore up the die-hards at this point in a non-partisan election he’s in deep republicrap.

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  1. Bankruptcy lawyers are the worst kind of ambulance chasers. Profit off of people who are struggling. Pirates!

    Look at his endorsements! It is a who’s who of people who have profited off of the backs of Fullerton for years.

    No thanx! Vote for PEDRO!

  2. Jennifer Fitzgerald a conservative Republican? That’s a hoot. She endorsed sign-thief Chaffee-wife for county school board!

    1. Cho is backed by Young Kim (ret.), wait didn’t she get beat bad by Quirk-Silva? Is that the reason why she’s retired? Fitzgerald, didn’t have enough guts to run for herself? All has-beens.

      1. She was toast in D1 and she knew it. As soon as she went back on her high-horse speech about council pay and perks it was all over. Her only hope was to help elect a puppet and then work Jesus and Ahmad like she’s been doing for two years.

  3. The fire union goons produced a slick endorsement video for Cho they’re running on their facebook page now. Looks expensive and designed to scare the old ladies into coughing up more dough to make sure the Heroes have new boats and river houses.

  4. Cho clown came knocking on my front door to drop off a campaign leaflet and my ring camera caught the super spreader on camera without a mask!

    13% of all Fullertonians are over 65 BoCho the clown.

    Are you trying to kill us all?

      1. How does a degree in public health qualify anyone to help get us out of this budget mess? Why isn’t Dr. Doolittle wearing a mask? Why is he knocking on anybody’s door? So many questions. I will just ask Fitzmagic since she holds his purse strings.

  5. Better than the blowhard Jung. The last thing Fullerton needs is another liberal USC alum. Cho is the least worse option in D1.

    1. U$C grads are not liberal. They are Wal-Mart heiresses and daughters of Full House’s Aunt Becky. Cho is not the “least worse” option. There is a write in option. But an anonymous poster Mrs. Malaprop wouldn’t realize the obvious.

    2. What about one of those liberals from BIOLA who trash the budget, defend the incompetent and pal around with Democants like the sleazy Chaffees and the filthy Flory.

  6. Anon, Bad mouthing USC won’t get BoCho any more votes. In fact, now I know that Jung is a Trojan, he has my vote.

  7. Hold my beer.

    This isn’t a measuring contest between Trinity Law School in Santa Ana and the University of Southern California is it? Because last I checked, Trinity isn’t even accredited by the American Bar Association. Don’t even try and shade USC on this blog. Orange County is home to Trojans and you just may kick the hornet’s nest. Next time you see Cho tell him to hit those books and aim for South Central Louisiana State University Law School.

  8. REPUBLICAN VOTER WARNING. Last gasp of the desperate. Cho is Yes on S and Jung is against it everybody in D1 knows it thanks to Fullerton Taxpayers for Reform.

  9. He calls Young Kim retired when in reality she was a one termer that got beat by Sharon Quirk Silva the treacherous back stabber
    Ask Sharon why she was unendorsed by Labor

  10. It’s sad that a lot of these replies sound like Twitter posts from our current President. Such a sad time in our country.

    1. Cho is negative campaigning now. Bad Cho signs started it but it is disturbing that Cho is playing the same game now. Fullerton deserves better than Bad Cho or Cho.

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