Meet Mr. Palmer

Gregory Palmer, Esq.
Gregory Palmer, Esq.

Friends, here’s a fun post from two-and-a-half years ago introduction you to the egregious Gregory Palmer, Esq., who is employed to hassle citizens, ignore legal PRA requests, and most importantly, to investigate and stop kinky sex in the municipality that employ Dick Jones as City Attorney. Enjoy. 

A few days ago Joshua Ferguson told us the story of how one of the lawyers working for our City Attorneys, Gregory Palmer, gave him a big Fuck Off when he made a reasonable, and as it turns out LEGAL, request for the video recordings from FPD cops the night they possibly gave the City Manager a skate on a DUI, gave him a ride home and tucked him into bed. Mr. Palmer got tired of talking to one of the people who pay his retainer and basically said: if you don’t like it, sue.

Now I don’t care for this kind of assholery on the part of people who are supposed to be working for me, so I thought I’d check out Mr. Palmer and share some information, gleaned from the Jones and Mayer website. It’s always nice to know who and what you’re dealing with.

Apart from his alleged expertise dealing with “sexually-oriented business,” – whatever that means, this bit caught my eye:

Mr. Palmer has handled several high profile cases. In 1997, he prosecuted the First Southern Baptist Church and its pastor for illegally housing the homeless on its grounds. 

So Mr. Palmer and Dick Jones actually brag about about shutting down a church engaged in an act of Christian charity.

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  1. Slightly off topic – I remember that church case – Wiley Drake over in BP. And despite his bigotries the only pastor who bothered to protest the murder of Kelly Thomas.

  2. This clown was assigned the duty of blocking the DA from looking at the personnel records of Ramos and Cicinelli during the Kelly Thomas murder trail. He’s left quite a slime trail in this town.

  3. The “sexually-oriented businesses” claim reminds me of the failed criminal prosecution of The Naughty Teddy in DTF when they sold dildos without city approval.

    Oh look, Palmer was all over that one and he dropped bunch of assholish remarks to the media there, too.

  4. Palmer brags on his CV that he was responsible for closing the last adult theater in Orange County (I assume he’a referring to the old Pussycat Theater on Beach Blvd(, so I think that’s what he means by sexually oriented business. Of course, its a bit of a stretch for Palmer to take credit for the Pussycat’s closure rather than the VHS industry but a certain amout of exaggeration is probably to be expected from public officials. What isn’t acceptable, however, it outright rudness and condensation to citizens over perfectly reasonable record requests.

    1. Yes. There were those early days when Greg was going to use his law degree to change the world. Then came the Pussycat Theater And Wylie Drake. And now blowing off citizens making legitimate PRA requests.

      So sad. I weep.

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