It’s official.

Once again, Fullerton is without a Police Chief.

This morning, city officials issued a press release announcing Fullerton’s top cop had departed. Per Chief Hendrick’s contract, no disparaging remarks are included in the release, which summarizes some accomplishments in the short tenure of Mr. Hendricks.

— Improved Morale

— Improved Retention

— Improved Response Time

— Online Crime Blotter Reporting

— Homeless Support

— Streamlined investigations and documentation for complaints

Not a single mention as to why the Chief Resigned, namely any confirmation or denial that the Chief did in fact assault a uniformed female emergency response technician.

In any case, after collecting $60,000 on a paid vacation covering two and a half months after the incident, Fullerton taxpayers have yet another interim chief, no shortage of sign thieves, stabbings, shootings, double digit arrests every weekend downtown, and absolutely no answers whatsoever concerning what the hell happened at a concert down in Irvine involving two of Fullerton’s top brass.

27 Replies to “HENDRICKS QUITS”

  1. I heard they are going to pay him up to a full years Salary.

    Retention? What retention? The only ones that stay are the ones who can’t get a job else where. That goes for PD and the rest of the city.

    1. Yeah and they even had a “citizens” search committee, right.

      Is there anything too simple for the City of Fullerton not to fuck up?

          1. There’s no inside baseball story. She was on the community panel that interviewed the three finalists for the position. She seemed pretty disgruntled about the almost comically constrained process – I mean, you’re not really going to let some civvies make the call, right? – but what are you going to do. If the point is to try and blame her for any of this, good luck.

  2. Our city council is wholly incompetent at judging talent or character. They should just draw the next chief’s name from a hat.

  3. Between our City leaders and police dept. are we not capable of voting in , hiring competent leadership we can trust and believe in. Fullerton is going downhill quickly….stabbings, shootings, homelessness, drug problems. City in crisis to say the least. Fullerton needs to clean house .

  4. Who the FUCK put NO DISPARAGEMENT in his contract? He is a PUBLIC Employee taking a six figure salary. The city manager needs to GO! –

    1. Pretty messed up, right?

      As a Fullerton resident, you literally– BY CONTRACT– do not have a right to know what happened with someone you’re paying $400,000 a year in total compensation.

      This is part of the Bureaucratic Commandments. #3, Protect thine brethren and thyself.

  5. Let’s be honest, Hendricks was forced to resign. He is going to be charged with assault and Fullerton and his lawyer made a deal so it wouldn’t be a black eye. Except the damage is already done. Second question, did Hendricks drive home that night in a drunken stooper.

  6. That press release and his “accomplishments” are a joke…. Contract with Sta 18, they are not obligated to take the bad apples… Plus can someone confirm that clown Radus got promoted?

  7. Oooo judgy judgy. If this was a friend of any of yours you would be able to hear your friends side. Since POBAR is in place we get next to nothing, just gossip, which is more than likely worse than the truth. This smells of a “one strike and you are out” scenario. Reading his accomplishments, sounds like he was doing what the last chief was not willing to do. IMHO this is a loss for Fullerton.

    1. Former Chief Hendricks was hired into a position of leadership. Part of the basic fundamental criteria when hired into such position is to lead by example…. not behave in a manner that would compromise his position, make people question his leadership, or embarrass himself or the city he works for. This is not a friend to a friend situation. This was a Chief of police officer who whether on or off duty should always be representing our City and setting an example for his police officers in a way a leader should. I’m sure he has his truth for his questionable behavior that night….doesn’t make his truth right or acceptable.

    2. So should Fullerton police now start giving all the drunks in DTF who get in fights the benefit of the doubt? Maybe we should start giving everyone a free pass ? Talk about it…. get a better understanding why their drunk fighting people. Let’s all just be understanding friends ….

    3. Why don’t you read the report just posted stating Hendricks behavior that night. Of course he resigned. No better than the drunk rift raft thugs in DTF.

  8. Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive” – Marion

    Arrogant, condescending, self righteous & drunk is no way to host a date night with wife and friends. What a waste of time, money & resources for the cities of Irvine & Fullerton. Thanks again Mayor Chaffee. Birds of a feather… Awaiting your and your wife’s demise in local politics.

  9. The community of Fullerton needs to clean house of everyone. Everybody knows everybody, somebody knows somebody….the favors owed and given out of control. One big giant TOXIC merry go round. We use to be a charming, quaint little city…..changing fast and quick.

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