Campaign Mail – Quirk-Silva’s Irony

It’s junk mail season and time to keep an eye on the nonsense being sent out by and for candidates and issues. One of the best pieces we’ve seen thus far in the cycle is this little nugget from the CADEM’s supporting Sharon Quirk-Silva for Assembly.

SQS Ford Irony
But just her?

They believe HER.

The irony and timing on this is pretty great considering that Quirk-Silva herself is being investigated by the State Assembly for political retaliation against Daniel Fierro, by way of trying to pressure fellow (D) Fullerton council candidate Ahmad Zahra into dropping Fierro as a client.

But they believe HER.

If you make a sexual assault claim against an SQS ally she’ll allegedly retaliate against you, as will her husband Council member Jesus Silva.

And yet they believe HER.


This is partisan schtick at it’s worst and I almost expect this to backfire spectacularly.

Where was this #IBelieveHer version of Sharon Quirk-Silva when Fullerton Officer Albert Rincon was being accused of sexually assaulting 7 women and costing the taxpayers of Fullerton $350,000?

Where was this #IBelieveHer Quirk-Silva when a judge said of that case:

“At the end of the day, the city put Rincon back onto the streets to continue arresting women despite a pattern of sexual harassment allegations. A reasonable juror could conclude based on these facts, that the city simply did not care what officers did to women during arrest,”.

For those of you wondering about the timeline on all this regarding Rincon and Quirk-Silva – from that same Oct 2011 article:

The Rincon case began in 2008, when Kari Bode and Gina Nastasi accused Rincon of groping them and exposing their breasts. They sued the department in 2009.

So where was #IBelieveHer Sharon Quirk-Silva when Officer Albert Rincon was allegedly molesting women on our city streets?

Oh. She was Mayor.

SQS Mayor Timeline

She was Mayor again in 2012 AFTER that Judge rebuked Fullerton for doing essentially nothing to an officer accused of at least 7 known alleged accounts of sexual assault under the color of authority.

And she seems to have done nothing. Apparently appeasing the police union was more important than Believing those women.

To make matters worse – Sharon Quirk-Silva just 6 short weeks ago, voted AGAINST SB1421 AND AB748.

After Jerry Brown sided against SQS and signed both of those bills into law, the ACLU stated:

“Together, SB 1421 and AB 748 will shine a much-needed light on police violence and abuse. Specifically, SB 1421 restores the public’s right to know how departments investigate and hold accountable those officers who abuse their power to frame, sexually assault, or kill members of the public. AB 748 will ensure law enforcement agencies throughout the state release police recordings of serious uses of force, including body camera footage, which are valuable tools for civilian oversight at a time of growing concern with police violence.”

SB 1421 is especially problematic for Quirk-Silva’s “#IBelieveHer” narrative in that it will make public some information specific to the powers of police officers, especially regarding sexual assault tied to the abuse of power to coerce a victim into sexual acts.

SB1421 directly addresses the problems with Officer Rincon and how it was handled within FPD and our city. Thus despite her firsthand knowledge of the problems being addressed by these bills from her time as our Mayor she opted to side with those who would abuse their power rather than the victims and the public seeking information about bad actors in uniform.

Yet they believe HER.

This is because Sharon Quirk-Silva apparently only “Believes Her” when the “her” in question can be used as a political cudgel against her opponents or to rally her more rabid base of supporters. When it comes to actually believing victims of sexual assault, in the end Sharon Quirk-Silva’ actions speak louder than her words. She can be counted on to run the gamut of doing nothing to actively, allegedly, trying to silence the victim and ultimately voted to keep information about official misconduct quiet.

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  1. Sharon Quirk-Silva is so fake and shallow. I remember when she responded to the Kelly Thomas murder by trying to collect socks. Empty and sad.

  2. Sharon and her puppet boy need to go. Horrible selfish people. That mailer is unbelievable… Any updates on the investigation of their meddling? Do they believe him?

    1. According to their people, who I had a long conversation with, Zarha is a personal friend and they do not understand why he would claim such a thing…

      1. Really Poe? You couldn’t possibly believe that person. They’re in big trouble here but since it’s dems investigating dems, they’re dragging their feet until the election. These people are dirty and will do and say anything to get re-elected.

        1. Oh I do not believe a word of it. I was just adding it to the conversation, as I thought it was an interesting note.

      1. you weren’t joking… the rights of teachers have to be in balance with the rights of students. Kids are paying for their education ( over a lifetime ) and should expect better.

    1. for once i agree with you… remember when Rebublicans used to be Blue… the libmedia did a switch back in the eighties, i guess the didn’t want to be associated with the color of anger * aggression

  3. Funny how you are chauvinistic women hating dick if you believe Judge Kavanaugh. She couln’t remember when it was, where it was, how she got there, who was there. Nothing! And yet women go to jail for protesting on purpose, throw anti-men rallies and wear shirts that show their hatred towards men.

    Nobody is allowed to believe a man, white man, any longer. #VILIFIED. Welcome to the new era folks. These phony Democrats like Quirk-Silva jumped right on this too. What a bunch of phonies. If it was reversed it would be riots in the streets…probably civil war.

  4. MOST people don’t give a damn about violence against women and children unless they are personally assaulted, or have someone close who has been a victim. Violent crimes have been consistently rising (worldwide) for many years, and while candidates will run on a tough-against-crime platform, no one has ever thrown down the gauntlet to take on the issue of violence against women and children specifically. Let’s face it -it’s bigger than Dr. Ford, Kavanaugh, or Weinstein. Women and children are dying each year of abusive crimes. So it’s a bit disarming to see the whole issue trotted out now as a political tool, but beyond hashtags, no plans on how to either bring awareness to the issue, or how to curtail it in our society. None of them has even bothered to point out that October is the Department of Justice’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This oversight points to a glaring lack of longterm commitment by these same candidates to study the issue, speak candidly about it beyond broad platitudes, or even worse -uphold an accuser’s claims on YouTube videos that later turned out to be untrue (you can thank the aged Republican Women’s group of Fullerton for that).

  5. Does Sharron believe Brianna, the ex wife of felon Victor Valladares who tossed down a flight of stairs, kicked her in the head, anally raped her?

    Did I mention Valladares holds a leadership position with Orange County Democrats?

  6. Sharon is a dirty hoe bag. Trained by the ones that came before her. She sat down at a meeting with 10 Fullerton residents while on council. We were in shock and wanted help to get the pigs that killed Kelly off the streets and the video released. She said she would stand for Justice for Kelly. Then sat on her blood soaked hands. And got rewarded…
    Her beard Silva is a waste of time and he will pay the price for her inaction or reap the rewards for doing nothing.

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