Coto Joe Gets Big Union Stamp of Approval


Love is all around…

File this one under predictable public employee union self-service. The Orange County Employee Association has endorsed the carpetbagging candidacy of Joe Kerr to represent our 4th Supervisorial District.

The OCEA is a big union that represents the vast majority of County employees. As such, it is always involving itself in County politics, placing it’s own interests in the path of accountable, affordable government.  And what better mission for a labor union than to elect one of its own – a former union boss, in fact.

It’s not surprising that the union would place its own self-interest ahead of the public. They obviously see nothing wrong with a guy who lives in a rich, South County enclave trying to represent the working class neighborhoods of north Orange County; or if they do, it takes a distant back seat to electing somebody that will pay attention to their needs. And their needs are ever greater pay and benefits, regardless of the quality of service they provide.

This “early endorsement” serves only one purpose: to clear the field of potential Democrat opponents for the carpetbagging Kerr.

In 2010 the field for this seat was cluttered with several Democrat small fry and none of them made the November run off. And that’s something the unionistas prefer to avoid this time around.

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  1. I’m not sure the OCEA understands anything about north County politics. They would have done a lot better finding some one who actually lives in the district. This is Sukhee Kang all over again. he had every union endorsement in the State. What did it get him? An overpriced house on a golf course.

    1. Plausible local Dems are pretty hard to find around here. So the OCEA went out and found an implausible one from Coto de Crapa. And there you have the union mentality.

    1. It’s hard to get excited about it when the people supporting the event . . .

      1) Can’t read the budget

      2) Lie about the budget

      3) Vote for tens of millions of dollars in salary increases we can’t afford

      4) Let our infrastructure crumble

      If you really loved Fullerton, I mean really loved it, you’d demand your elected officials to pass a responsible budget that addresses our long term needs.

      Instead, they’ll throw in a t-shirt and run around the city proclaiming how great everything is because of them and God’s plan.

      That’s not loving Fullerton. That’s loving yourself. We don’t celebrate that.

    2. Right now there isn’t much “good news” coming out of City Hall – unless you think tanked budgets, lying councilmembers, DUI dodging city managers, and a corrupt, unreformed PD are good news.

      Anyway, we ALREADY pay for good news PR in the form of Behind the Bullshit, the State of the City propaganda video, etc. etc. That has been costing us the better part of $100,000 per year. Fullerton has no shortage of good news reporters.

  2. Coto Joe isn’t just a carpetbagger but he is a carpetbagging hero. That makes him despicable in the eyes of American voters and ridiculed by every taxpayer who sees thru the hero worship of overpaid hose pullers (which is about everyone by now).

  3. Chemical Lewinski says that the DPOC confirmed this dude’s address in Brea, so I guess that settles that.

    Does Joe’s wife know he moved? Which Brea school does his kid go to? I hope someone investigates.

    1. Um, not quite so fast. If this bozo lives in Brea how come his press release didn’t say so? That’s SOP. Since there’s nothing on any title reports he found an address to rent, if he has moved at all.

      In any case who really cares?

      P.S. What is Chemical Lewinski?

  4. How much money did the OCEA and Sheriff union spend on trying to get Harry Sidhu elected?

  5. Joe Kerry doesn’t need to live there, he is our selection and that’s enough for you north county peons. We limousine liberals know what your problems are and the best way to solve them. I am a limousine liberal. I don’t have a limousine but i have a big stucco box in irvine and my kids are in all the school plays. Residency means nothing as you will learn when we elect your next overlord. Sukhee kang was just the beginning.

    Oh, wait…

  6. Norby for the 4th or Whitaker for the 4th. Everyone else get out of the way or you will end up being immortalized on here like gin flurry.

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