Under New Manangement


Friends for Fullerton’s Future is now owned and operated by a brand new collection of miscreants, malefactors and truth-tellers. Sure, some of our old Friends will still be here. Some new ones, too.

In 2013, the previous proprietor of this esteemed institution decided to shut it down – after thousands and thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of comments. In 2010 and 2011 FFFF was named the Best Blog in Orange County by the OC Weekly. Well, guess what? We’re back.

On a hot July night in 2011 a sick, homeless man was bludgeoned and suffocated to death in one of our gutters by members of our own police department. He choked to death in his own blood as the cops that killed him were nursed for their scrapes with soothing words, Bactine and band aids. A supposedly distraught mother and father were bought off with $6,000,000 of our money, in order to keep the truth from us.

And what the Hell has happened in Fullerton the meantime?

In 2012, a new 3-2 city council majority emerged, belligerently determined to eradicate the memory of Fullerton’s second recall; blindly determined to ignore the Culture of Corruption that pervaded the Fullerton Police Department. You remember that culture? Remember the names: Rincon, Mater, Major, Hampton, Nguyen, Mejia?  Search our archives, Friends, to remind yourselves.

Jan Flory, Doug Chaffee and  Jennifer Fitzgerald replaced the Three Bald Tires – Bankhead, McKinley and Jones – as proprietors and caretakers of the corrupt Old Regime and as custodians of the silence.

It is four years later. Now our streets are choked with traffic that will only get worse with the advent of new massive projects created to enrich a few developers, their “consultants” and their lobbyists.

Lobbyists? Our own mayor is a professional lobbyist. She says she wants us to  “participate in building a better future for our city.” How? Apparently, by promoting more gargantuan housing development by her own future campaign contributors, while turning a blind eye to the incredible waste of resources spent policing the downtown booze-fueled free-for-all created by her predecessors and her own current campaign contributors.

Hundreds of millions of gallons of water have been poured into leaky Laguna Lake by the City government as Fullerton citizens have been forced by their own government to let their landscaping die. In the past four years, $45 million dollars have and will be been transferred from reserve accounts to keep the City solvent, as our own mayor takes credit for a “balanced budget.”

Are things changed? You tell me, humble readers.

Oh yeah, we’re back. And we’re kind of pissed off.


17 Replies to “Under New Manangement”

  1. Chaffee started out by opposing over-development. Now he’s a big fan. Bye, Dougie. You will soon follow the career trajectory of Pam Keller.

    P.S. Welcome back FFFF!!!

    1. Yeah, I remember that. He tried to use all the development up near St. Jude’s to get elected. When that failed he ditched the idea.

      Chaffee owes more to the 2012 recall than anybody else. Except maybe our Mayor-for-hire.

  2. This blog, and this devoted group of malcontents, malefactors and truth-seekers are the reason this city was able to get rid of the Three Bald Tires, cast a critical eye to the relationships between the city council, the city manager, and the police department following the Kelly Thomas murder. Beneath the hijinks, #FFFF was a galvanizing force for good. It certainly helped get this city through a really bad period by keeping the laser beam on the truth.

    So what do we have now? What targets other than overdevelopment, a new business and poli-cronyism have taken hold since the departure of the Three Bald Tires? I look forward to finding out.

    I’m glad to have you back.

  3. This blog didn’t rid those old farts. Bushala and his money did. He bought the council off. His butt boy Travis opened his mouth immediately and was never heard from again in politics. I think Tony off’d him.

    Who is going to take over for Felz and DannyBoy?

  4. We-e-e-ell now, let’s not git up on our hinders ’til we got us all the facts in a row. Ah, fer one, have great con-fee-dance in that boy.

  5. Welcome back boys and girls. Hell of a way to kick off. I really wonder how cursing and ranting went on at the Fitzgerald house when the first story went live.
    Excited to see what happens now.

    1. She has nothing to worry about. Felz and DannyBoy are retiring and in the wind. This case is over because no blood sample given. No proof.

  6. Why did you have to use that picture on the reopening off this blog?
    You shut it down just when we needed you the most.
    Unless you plan on doing something to get real justice for Kelly, please don’t use him like FPD and his family did.
    You should consider removing that photo.

    1. Huh?

      That was the photo Goodrich released to show what a menace Kelly Thomas was – a cop bone breaker. A lot of us don’t believe that even IS a picture of Kelly, who had bright red hair.

      I used that picture because it IS menacing. And the people who clammed up and covered up need to feel a bit menaced. It’s not coming down. Sorry.

      As for Kelly Thomas, there is nothing we can do, except maybe to make some complacent people uncomfortable, which isn’t much. If you have a suggestion, please share it. In fact write a post and I will publish it.

      It’s tragic and wrong, but Kelly Thomas will not get justice.

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