Happy Felziversary

We have something to show you ladies and gentlemen. It’s time you were exposed to the truth.

Two years ago following election night, FFFF returned to the scene to break the tale of Joe Felz’s Wild Ride, the Tragedy of Sappy McTree, the Corbet-Coverup, the Subaru Smash, the Great Wide Turn of 2016, the Hit-and-Run on Highland, Dan Hughes’s Last Sweet Kiss.

This election? No such scandal to report, but in the interest of continuing post-election day shenanigans from Fullerton people named Joe, last night we received something special from a Friend.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Nothing offensive here folks, just some good fun to break up your election result reading.




37 Replies to “Happy Felziversary”

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, a perfect performance.

    I would have also enjoyed an analysis of the NASA logo and the Apple HQ, too.

  2. Joe…you look different, is this what happens when you sit and YouTube yourself all day and night?
    Seriously ..this guy is good.

  3. Great impersonation all the way around, but to really become Joe, the guy would have to talk for at least another 45 minutes.

  4. Great impression, done in the spirit of fun. I like Joe-don’t agree with everything he says, but he raises a ruckus, drives folks nuts and gives the city clowncil a heart attack. He’s a brave guy who cares about his community and lets the chips fall where they may. You don’t have to agree with him on much to at least see that.

    1. He IS nuts.

      Take one egomaniac, mix in 51% ignorance and you have Embryo. He’s NOT brave. He never does anything where he puts himself at real risk – unless you are actually dumb enough to believe in his crackpot theories about “them,” “they,” or other unnamed conspirators who are out to depopulate his flat Earth.

      He slanders people from the safety of his computer. Real courageous.

      1. I don’t know Joe personally, but know he’s a guy with a family and a job. I also don’t believe he’s nuts, as wild as some of his opinions are. I’d reserve that moniker for the crackhead I witnessed a few months ago on the corner of Harbor and Chapman defacating in the Dripp planter as I waited in the left turn lane. Or the lunatic who used to empty the free newsstands on St. College and strew the paper all over East Fullerton.

        As far as his courage (you could call it recklessness) I’d say it takes a bit of that to say the things he says in public. He certainly puts his name/reputation/livelihood on the line and no doubt has consequences in ways I shudder to imagine for his family.

        Is he eccentric, a class of people interesting and to have in a society? Maybe so. Perhaps he’s a reminder that we should shut ourselves off and stop feeding the beast…

        1. At least the crackhead on the corner has an excuse. He’s addicted to crack. Joe’s as sober as a judge when he goes on his whacky convoluted rants.

        2. Yeah he’s reckless running his stupid mouth and so far he’s lucky he hasn’t been sued. Other than that he risks nothing. He doesn’t care that people think he’s crazy because…HE’S FUCKING CRAZY.

          That only relevance about that ninny having a family and a job is that it makes him feel sorry for his kids and co-workers. The wife must be just nuts.

          That is all.

          1. Little Joe is just a lunatic. You want to make a hero out of a crazy, deluded little fucker, well you just go right ahead.

              1. Yes, Little Joe got “butt hurt” along the way somewhere. That would account for a lot.

  5. He’s a total nut job. A looney tune. I agree that he raises a ruckus … at the expense of all the nice people who attend council meetings and have to sit through his time-wasting, conspiracy-mongering lunacy. I doubt he gives the council a heart attack. I think they see him more as an annoying buffoon.

      1. You got it backwards, chum. The Russians have the goods on Trump and he has failed to disclose how much Putin has loaned him. Little Donnie is terrified by Daddy Vlad.

  6. Remember the officer getting stabbed in Placentia while off duty? Well, guess what? He made it all up. Another great officer of the FPD.

  7. Hello, I made this video, that’s right… I just noticed on my Youtube analytics a lot of people viewed my video from this site. Joe is much better entertainment than the crap that is on tv and his topics are very informative. I’m amazed at how much knowledge he has and what I feel is a true desire to help people live a better life.

    I think the guy who is swearing and talking trash about Joe just might be the Fullerton Mayors husband or something, or maybe it’s Jack Hibbs? But really, thanks for noticing the brilliance Inside the Snow Globe little Joe.

    Anyways, Some people think I did this to make fun of Joe but that isn’t the case at all. I just thought it could make some people laugh. A number of people who said they love Joe said they really needed a laugh and thanked me and it really made my day just knowing I helped some people have a little bit better of a day. Even Joe said he enjoyed the videos so it’s nice to know he didn’t take this the wrong way, like some people unfortunately did.

  8. I worked in It for years and in the beginning I used to think what Joe talked about was utter nonsense until I began reading and researching myself. I thought the video was hilarious and an extremely accurate depiction. Most people just ignore these jealous little turds here. This site would barely gets a hundred views a day and I’m sure the traffic on that video had very little to do with this site but rather the content of your video. Are you going to do a sequel?

    1. What is there to be jealous of? Imbriano makes a lot of noise but he’s never actually accomplished anything. At least the people on this site get rid of bad government employees to make room for new ones.

  9. You poor saps see Joe under every Rock and then in every corner. You have Joe on the brain. Freaking hilarious. Little pipsqueak got all you guys shittin.

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