Friday Fun: AOCDS Gives Sidhu a Map and A Compass

One of our Friends got this dopey generic flier put out by the Sheriff Deputies’ union promoting the carpetbagging campaign of Hide and Seek Harry Sidhu. Talk of navigation with map and compass makes you think Sidhu’s running for Boat Owner Association President.

They made two errors, apart from the lame nautical metaphor.

The map and compass serve to remind us that Sidhu needs a map and a compass to get around the district he doesn’t live in – our 4th District.

The use of the compass is doubly ironic since Sidhu, who perjured himself on voter registration forms to support his carpetbagging, and who happily sought union IE support (though not their money!), seems to have no moral compass at all.

And somebody forgot to tell the union that they are supposed to play up “Harry” and not “Sidhu.”

12 Replies to “Friday Fun: AOCDS Gives Sidhu a Map and A Compass”

  1. Just like cops to look the other way while perjury is committed right under thier noses.

  2. “…seems to have no moral compass at all.”

    See, Harry and Wayne Quislin- uh, Quint are made for each other.

  3. I couldn’t believe that they actually put a compass and a map on the mailer. I was amazed.

  4. You know it’s pretty bad when your opposition actually posts and disseminates your campaign material.

  5. More Sidhu campaign fail! Lookit! They didn’t even use an American map! Elevations in meters?

  6. Funny how this doesn’t even come to the mailboxes of the 4th Dist. Harrish didnKt even send this to Fullerton…unless I missed it.

  7. Thor, this was the half-hearted work of the Sheriff Deputies – who must feel they have to have a presence in every election.

  8. What an embarassment for our sheriff deputies to send mail out on a guy that committed perjury during the same election no less.

    Is it too much to ask the deputy union idiot that heads up the group to at least back someone that lives in the district and is not recently responsible for comitting a crime? Art Brown is a retired sheriff deputy for goodness sake. At least back him. Art also gives the added benefit of living in the district for more than a month prior to filing.

  9. “Art also gives the added benefit of living in the district for more than a month prior to filing.”

    Hollis, harry still doesn’t live in the district. He’s just got a fake address. On top of that he’s a perjurer and an assclown.

    1. Joe, I was looking at the issue from the standpoint of the facts in the Sheriff union’s favor. Thats the joke. Their side of the facts have Sidhu moving twice just prior to the election. We know what the truth is but when the lie is this bad it just makes the sheriff union look like complete tools to be towing the line of a guy like Sidhu.

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