Pacific Strategies and the Big Toothbrush Caper

Flossing demonstrations are extra...

Apparently part of Matthew Cunningham’s deal as wordsmith to the OC Children and Families Commission  is to fill other functions from time to time – such as Ambassador to the Diocese of Orange with Dental Portfolio.

Here, in October and November 2007 we find Mr. Conservative Republican billing the taxpayers $200 an hour as coordinator of toothbrush distribution:

It seems as if the Commission was eager to insinuate itself into Catholic schools, too.

But did it not occur to anybody auditing these invoices at the Commission that it was a wee bit inappropriate to pay somebody that exorbitant rate to talk to somebody at the Diocese about handing out toothbrushes? Was anybody at the Commission even reviewing these invoices at all?

By the way, anybody out there know how many toothbrushes you can get wholesale for $200? Oy vey! Just more lax or non-existing oversight by our friends on the Commission.

Ironically, in the fall of 2007 Mr. Cunningham was hard at work in the trenches as a loyal foot soldier for the Diocese. But that’s a whole other matter.

15 Replies to “Pacific Strategies and the Big Toothbrush Caper”

  1. after reading this article and looking at this itemized bill, I believe the tooth fairy has outsourced her job to cunningham. He should be fired because he is cooking the books to pay himself for doing nothing.

  2. The spending continues in Orange County. Matt Cunningham continue to make thousands of dollars.

    Tom Daly is giving out contracts to supporters and hiring friends of supporters. The BOARD OF SUPERVISORS you guys need to bring up these issues.

  3. Am I missing something? Why is the exact same series of tasks billed two days in a row? See 10/25 and 10/26

    “Reading email re: CA 1st 5 and Westfield Malls Halloween promotion; internal team call with PM; more follow-up with the Diocese”

  4. 2.0 hrs $400 – Reading OCWeekly; kicking up dust for John Urell.

    Ok, it’s not in there but it should be.

  5. He got paid to call and confirm a lunch date with Mike Ruane. What a joke. Then he gets paid to go to lunch. I wonder if he had the courtesy to at to pick up the tab since they were paying him $200 to eat.

  6. Don’t forget that Matt is getting paid to get angry and call people idiots…too.
    Can I cry now?
    It is a sad state of affairs that there are people who should be questioning this and they are apparently silent..sad sad sad. Shame Shame Shame

  7. Egad! This is the worst one yet. Freakin’ toothbrushes? Will it ever end?

    Damn. Time to call the Grand Jury!

  8. I like the part of making $500. FOR SITTING AT A COMMSIION MEETING!

    I want to cross reference that with the minutes to see if even participated/spoke.

  9. Oh and the fact that he copy and pasted the “BULLSHIT” activities from Augusts’ word file.

    Was he running out of dough so he made this shit up.

    I want phone bills!

  10. Cunningham and the Children and Families Commissio? his overbilling is not surprising. whats worse is that he got sex-abuse victims fired when they talked to the newspaper. ask him.

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