The 10 Million Dollar Library Expansion

On Tuesday Fullerton held a groundbreaking ceremony on the $10 million Main Library Expansion and approved the first round of construction contracts.

Fullerton resident Helen Logan sent us her thoughts on the expansion. They are printed below.

Before the library drains more precious tax dollars into its “Meet the Jetsons” architecture, Fullerton’s city council should be made aware of other futuristic stuff like the Kindle, the iPad and the Nook that can download hundreds of books right into our hands. With the advent of internet technology,  libraries and their staff are nothing more than appendages to our society.

Our tax dollars would best be spent helping Fullerton’s residents afford the future by defraying the costs of laptops, internet services, and other digital reading devices.

The city of Fullerton should partner with local businesses to reduce the cost of internet technology to its residents. This move would directly benefit our residents and stimulate Fullerton’s business sector.

Fullerton’s city council members’ approval of this library expansion exposes their ignorance that books and knowledge may only be found in an actual building.  Expansion of the Fullerton library is a growing monument to the dinosaurs who rule our city from their seats on our town’s city council.

9 Replies to “The 10 Million Dollar Library Expansion”

  1. I’d love to know how many Fullerton residents actually use the library. When I say “use” I’m talking about going to the library to find BOOKS, AUDIO/VIDEO or to access computer DATABASES not available from home.

    There’s an obscene number of folks who use the library as a daycare center for their kids, or who hog the computers to visit Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or other stupid sites. IMHO, those people shouldn’t be counted as users of the library.

    The thought of a coffee bar in the library is just lovely. They should open an IHOP. Why settle for coffee stains when you can destroy the books with maple syrup instead?

    Coffee-stained books are a great way to siphon more tax dollars to pay for “replacements” and additional city employees to clean up the mess.

  2. So instead of wasting tax dollars on frivolous things like libraries, Fullerton should be investing its tax dollars in important things, like subsidized iPads?

  3. biff, In these harsh economic times that may get worse, I don’t advocate spending any tax dollars. Yet, if Fullerton’s city council has the power to command ten million dollars be spent on improving the literacy and wisdom of the populace, then spend our hard earned money on wise ventures. Don’t sell out our intelligence for more googie architecture to house a coffee bar with a collection of books. the private sector bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Nobles can’t compete with

  4. In the 1970’s,a gaggle of foolish women sat on the library board and an artist sold these bimbos on his expensive sculpture by telling them it was an interpretation of a book.
    Hey, it was fullerton emerging from the radical sixties and this was their interpretation of that decade

  5. My kids love the Library. Books will always be important to a child’s learning to read. It is a place where kids can get tutoring for homework and studying.

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