Observer Seeks Credibility; and City Funding

A Friend sent in an interesting newspaper clipping this week. It looks like Sharon Kennedy is trying to obligate the city of Fullerton to pay her Observer rag for posting public notices.

Back in March the city council decided to stop paying local newspapers to print public notices in order to prevent layoffs. An obscure set of state laws deem that Fullerton has no local “newspaper of record” and thus is not required to waste money on ad space in the back of newspapers for notices that could just be posted on the Internet.

But now it appears that Kennedy is anxious to latch on to the city teat and get her hands on the $40,000 per year that the city is currently saving. She will appear before a judge next month in hopes that her wretched rag will be bestowed with some judicial legitimacy.

Unfortunately Kennedy has failed to read the very simple laws that define a newspaper of general circulation.

For one, the  paper has to be printed at least weekly. The Observer is printed bi-weekly and monthly during the summer.

Second, it has to be physically printed inside the city. The Observer is printed elsewhere.

Third, it must have “substantial distribution to paid subscribers.” The Observer is free.

And finally, the paper must have “maintained a minimum coverage of local or telegraphic news and intelligence of a general character of not less than 25 percent of its total.” We’ve said it before: most of the stuff printed in the Observer is opinion disguised as news.

If Kennedy succeeds in her wacky court case, it will force the city to pay her for publishing public notices. Perhaps the city will dispatch someone to the hearing to make sure she doesn’t get away with it.

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  1. Oh, a liberal media organization that’s trying to get government funding. What a surprise.

  2. I thought Sharon Kennedy’s opines were thinly veiled endorsements for her pet Fullerton city council members? More than likely this seasoned, I believe, welfare recipient is hoping city o fullerton will settle out of court and give her $20,000. Is she planning on using this money to moveon out of town?

  3. Sharon Kennedy, I highly doubt you don’t faithfully read the FFFF blog.
    After waltzing into one of modern history’s most successful enterprise and telling them you are a talented artist and editor of a popular newspaper, Wal-Mart will immediately hire you to greet their customers at the door.
    To artist/editor Sharon Kennedy, if you want money then why don’t you just earn it?

  4. At least the Observer practices journalism as opposed to the anonymous asshats here who, when confronted with facts, still cling to their claims. For example, the DA says there’s nothing to investigate about Harry Sidhu’s voting status and you continue to insist he committed perjury. Too bad there won’t be any charges against Harry but not that it’s going to stop you conspiracy theorisst that he did so.

    Harry could walk on water and you’ll report he can’t swim. Lori Gallaay could heal the sick and you’ll bitch that she has no nursing background. But if Shawn Nelson wipes his ass in public, you’d say the image looks like Jesus and declare it a blessed event . You are all asshats, assclowns, and yes, asswipes too…and I’m not Thomas Gordon

  5. Major Turd,

    Harish Siduh is nowhere close to walking on water, although he would like us to believe he does, just as he wants us to believe he really lives in the Fourth District.

    Meeting the letter of the law is hardly something you want to hang your asshat on in politics – remember the ultimate, Internet Al Gore, who proffered as a defense “there is no controlling authority.” The public knew it was bullshit and they know that Harish’s residency is a scam to seek higher office.

    As for charges, there was never a doubt in my mind that T-Rak would do nothing. He has a track record of doing nothing when it comes to politicians. The State AG, on the other hand, is at least 50/50 if they are forwarded the case.

    But I digress.

    The public knows what Harish is perpetrating. Just as everyone knows what you are selling. You can’t hide the fact that Harish, like Ackerwoman, will slink away, back to his out-of-district Yorba Mansion in Anaheim Hills when he loses.

    Harish can’t articulate cogent thoughts or ideas as represented by the debates we have seen him in.

    Then we analyze his endorsements and it’s a who’s who of fat bloated bureaucrats, money hungry wallet vampire consultants, and out of district types who lack as much integrity as Harish does, all wanting to feeding at the incestuous trough that has the name plate of Harish Siduh upon it.

    Congratulations. Even Gordon has enough brain matter not to use religious analogies and scatological references to Christ in his posts.

    We reserve the ubber title of ASSMONKEY for folks like you, Major Turd.

  6. #1. Wrong link for the rules you quoted.

    #2. Regardless of their opinion/fact quotient, are they not allowed to voice their opinions?

    I realize you’re not posing as a newspaper here on your corner of the web, but you present a lot of facts mixed with vitriolic opinion, something which makes the whole endeavor seem petty.

  7. Keep trying; not Sharon either.

    But when are you blowhards going to admit Nelson broke the law using cops in campaign literature in his campaign ads when he knows it is illegal? And he’s supposed to be a lawyer!

    Les, I’m sure that even if it were revealed that Shawn Nelson’s urine was used to give a cruisfxy in “Piss Christ” (Google it OK) a golden shower, you guys would still bend over to his every whim.

    I know, I know…how many more high school football photos can we show of Shawn Nelson to show his competence for office? Huddle up!!

  8. Hmmm. Major Nelson just threw out an oddball sexual reference… that could only mean that Gordo must have handed over his “Major Nelson” badge to his pal Dan C. Hello Dan!

  9. Major Turd,

    If you were denigrating Islam and I was a terrorist, you’d be receiving an Al-Qaeda hair cut right about now. Being of a religion that merely looks upon those who slander someone’s religion as misguided, you have the only thing I would ever acquiesce to you; my pity. After that, AssMonkey you can pound sand.

    Obfuscation or parlor slight of hand magic tricks are what you are performing here. “Nobody look at the big Unions or Bill Campbell/Curt Pringle bureaucrats pulling the levers behind the Harish Siduh curtain.”

    Harish Siduh is known for his political habit of rewarding those who otherwise couldn’t pass muster in normal society. He attracts those who have situational ethics and a perverse need to be right also; an over-inflated ego usually is the first noticeable characteristic in his disciples. What are you getting? El Pollo-Loco discounts, a job, access (unions lobbyists), free high colonics or a happy ending at the local the message parlor?

    Lastly, Major Turd in the punchbowl, no matter what your religion is or if your are fool enough to be in the religious sect of atheists, what-ever you want to call it, instant karma will ultimately catch up to Harish Siduh and you.

    There is a price to be paid, in the end. Just as the idea of the ramifications of a butterfly flapping its wings in Africa can cause a storm in the Gulf, so can the feeble movement of your hapless insect wings cause Harish Siduh to lose this race.

    Keep flapping.

  10. The post has to do with how u ass hats regard anyone who differs from your view. The Observer is not perfect but they aren’t the biased asswipes you guys are. Les will you ever admit Nelson broke the law or was unethical in his police mailer? Nope. Nelson won’t get 30 percent of the vote. Harry takes Anaheim. And if Harry was the stooge you say he is, why is he so successful?

  11. This is pretty funny, people arguing which politician is better. Sort of arguing which kind of shit is better. Diarrhea or hard.

  12. #16, WTF are you talking about? This entire blog revolves around politics and the politicains that affect or lives. You only see it as funny becuase you don’t understand the issues or the complexity.

    This counrty was made out of the results of arguing and debating.

    What is at stake is electing someone who is going to go along with another pension spike like Harish Siduh (and Bill Campbell who voted for the first one) or SOmeone who is going to fight that type of insanity, Nelson.

    Keep laughing as the pension tsunami comes slamming down on your head. Will see how funny things look then.

    Go to to read what I’m talking about. I think this is Jack Deans brain child and he is a genuis when it comes to this type of stuff.

  13. #17 I didn’t say the issues were funny, just this mindless ranting about one politician v. another politician and which one is better. Perhaps you need a reading course.
    Yet with all this mindless “arguing and debating” as you call it, the issues never really seems to get solved, do they? At least our founders resolved their issues, albeit only somewhat.
    You want to talk about the “pension tsunami”, maybe if less “arguing and debating” about stupid politicians and maybe more discussion about what is actually happening, possibly this mess would have never become a “tsunami”. It was criminal then and its criminal now.
    Both Sidhu & Nelson are idiots, it just happens one is less of an idiot then the other. I’ll let you guess which one is the worst.
    Thanks for clearing up what this blog is about. Stupid me, I was hoping it was about issues that actually effect me, not personalities.

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