Harry Sidhu & His Gang of Supporters

Now that Harry Sidhu mailers are landing in your mailboxes like confetti I thought  it might be a good time to do a recap, just like FFFF did last fall about the cipher Linda Ackerwoman, in order to complete a character profile of the people that have lent their names to his fraudulent 4th District candidacy.

Can't be an empress without the dough-re-mi!

1. Sidhu is a perpetual office seeker. I’ve now given up trying to count the number of elective offices he has run for, or put out feelers for, in the past eight years.

2. Sidhu lives in an “elegant estate” – in the 3rd District.

3. Sidhu faked an address at the Calabria Apartments on Lincoln Avenue. Even though he never lived there he claimed he did under penalty of perjury (twice) that he did.

4. Sidhu cooked yet up another address on Lucky Way, in Anaheim, and proceeded to carpetbag the race for GOP Central Committee from that locale.

5. Sidhu is barely intelligible when he speaks; and

6. When Sidhu does speak he demonstrates that he knows absolutely nothing about County government, including defined benefits, etc. etc.

7. Sidhu has become the darling of the Sheriff Deputy’s Union that have already poured tens of thousands of dollars in mailers telling us the opposite of what we have already seen for ourselves.

8. Sidhu has accomplished zilch during his tenure on the Anaheim City Council.

9. Harry Sidhu is a rich SOB who will spend any amount of money to get himself elected something – anything.

And now Friends, let us contemplate the Harry Sidhu supporter. What self-respecting person would let his or her name be attached to such a rickety bandwagon? Of course that’s a rhetorical question. Here’s a hint: all the political connective tissue that bind these people to Sidhu attach at point #9, above.

I have my reasons. And they're all selfish.

And then there are those who also are willing to a support a non-entity like Sidhu not in spite of the fact that he is ignorant, but because of it.

The less they know the more we like it...

One fellow in particular supports Sidhu as his own personal puppet to promote his vast High Speed Rail boondoggle.

Harry Sidhu is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life.

And let’s not forget the worst of the bunch. The lobbyist whose former tentacled stranglehold on the 4th District office was lost when his boy Chris Norby left town.

You'd better get to wordsmithing for Sidhu, pronto...

Then there are the ones whose own ethical problems were so embarrassing that they actually were removed from “host committee” lists – proving that even Sidhu’s well had a slimy bottom.

Actually, that whole sports hall of fame thing was a total scam. But I've decided to keep the $48,000 and all my new shoes.

Well, that’s certainly a rogue’s gallery. Sidhu’s campaign looks more like a jail break than a political campaign, and I apologize for having to inflict such tough love on the Friends. Still, in case anybody has any illusions about what Sidhu as a county supervisor means, just let your imaginations have at it.

11 Replies to “Harry Sidhu & His Gang of Supporters”

  1. Egad! That really is a nest of vipers. No, I’m not sure if I can forgive you for showing us that police line up.

  2. I heard that Sidhu stopped competitors from opening competing fast-food stores near his El Pollo Loco properties. Maybe it was Disney who pushed it but it worked out well for Harry. Someone should go review council’s actions against fast-food developments.

    Speaking of El Pollo Loco, I have yet to find a Sidhu sign on any El Pollo Loco property though he has decorated all of West Anaheim. Thanks Harry.

  3. In fairness, the Sheriffs crew of thugs have now spent a few HUNDRED thousand instead of TENS of them. I have received at least six mailers from them. Most of them are crap and either have a little girl that has nothing to do with Sidhu or a bagel eating, cell phone using driver (yes that is ironic the sheriffs would send this out since its illegal just like perjury) or a bunch of text that I really didnt read anyway.

    As for that union leader, I think you should refer to him as Wayne “Gotti” Quint. I dont know why that guy is trying so hard to look like he isnt a deputy sheriff but its kind of creepy. Joe Cavallo, defense lawyer and Corona buddy was the other guy I remember that dressed like Quint. Wierd

  4. I’m all for people living in large, elegant houses, like Sidhu. But they do cost a lot of money. So we should make sure he stays in the private sector to make all the moolah needed to make his mortgage payments. It also would help him to give up his fake “residence” in the Fourth District, which he will do once he loses on June 8. Just trying to help, Harry.

  5. It also must be a strain on his back for Harry to carry around his carpet bag. He’ll be able to put it down when he loses on June 8, saving on chiropractor bills.

    1. And watch for scumbag John Lewis and his boy Matt Cunningham at Shawn’s victory party sucking his d*&#. They will be saying “we were behind you all along, we were just kidding with the Harry stuff-we know he doesn’t live in the 4th…”

      Mark these words folks.

  6. God this is so funny, I put it in an email and sent it out to everyone I know.

    All of these people have backed a real embarrassing (barely speaking English) loser. What a scam.

    I hope everyone remembers this during a few of their re-elections, I guess there is only Janet in 2012 really.

  7. Man. The fatter the cost of high speed rail the fatter Pringle gets. Is he getting ready to play santa at some mall this year or what?

  8. weasel, sorry to say you are illinformed…dave cox has been putting this forward for the last 2 years…

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