The Killer Attack of The Black Magic Marker

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A while back I became curious as to what exactly Renee Ramirez did as County Clerk Tom Daly’s #2. I had heard lots of unflattering things about her not really doing any work and I thought would avail myself of the Public Records Request process to take a gander at some of her records, including phone calls made and text messages. We provide a typical sample of her phone records, above.

We were warned ahead of time by the County that personal phone numbers would be redacted. But never did I expect what I got: page after page after page of blacked out phone numbers.

Good God! These people want us to think Ramirez made hardly any business calls during the course of a month? During one period of several days all the numbers are blacked out. And who were these people she was talking to? That must remain speculative for unless Renee tells us we shall never know.

So what gives? Are they trying to hide something?

The Clerk-Recorder brain trust.

P.S. As a point of interest I note that for a brief shining period Ms Ramirez was Tom Daly’s hand-picked successor. Guess who was squiring her around the OC GOP Central Committee, making introductions: our old pal Brett “Hall of Fame” Barbre. Coincidence? I think not.

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  1. I want a county phone, so I can make personal phone calls all day. That’s really nice that the taxpayers can pay for my personal phone calls.

    The Clerk-Recorder’s office is a joke. Tom Daly gives friends and supporters jobs and contracts , while his assistant Renee Ramirez makes personal phone calls during county time.

    The public should be piss off and they should reprimand Renee for abusing the county phone. Tom Daly should be fired!

  2. Now wait one moment here. Half these calls are to my boss Tommy boy even after hours and the rest are to my husband in Orange who is an Orange PD guy and I happen to live in Orange. If I had earned a college degree I would have know better than to have phone sex on my county issued phone. But I tell ya, i should have gotten one of those unlimited plans so the tax payer isn’t stuck paying the price. But what the hell, it isn’t my money so what do I care. The county pyas for this? I thought the toothfairy paid cause really I never see the bill until this PIR.

  3. Well you know what the saying is monkey see monkey do. So yoiu know Daly is doing the same. funny how she has her little condensending little rugrat veronica training everyone to not use department resources for personal use. How about leadership by example? The only time Renee is working is when she is on her knees in Tom’s office doing whatever it takes to keep her knob err I mean job. Who knew that working on your knees could be so lucrative? Better to die on your feet that live on your knees Renee.

  4. This is terrible that the Board of Supervisors would let the Clerk-Recorder department abusing taxpayers money.

    Renee Ramirez this is a county phone and not your personal phone. You wasted my taxpayer money on your personal phone calls.

    I demand an Audit for this department. Tom Daly what do you do all day beside campaigning at work. You should reprimand Renee Ramirez for abusing my tax dollars.

  5. This is bullshit. Doesn’t anyone review Renee Ramirez phone bill? Where is Tom Daly? If he was at work or more involved with his job he would have caught this.

    We need to vote Tom Daly out of office so they can fired Renee Ramirez. Tom Daly stop wasting my taxpayers money.

  6. Shame on the union for sitting back and doing nothing about Tom Daly wasting taxpayers money and giving out contracts that are split so they don’t have to go to the Board of Supervisors.

    Nick where is your bullhorn is it broken? Nick are you afraid of Tom Daly! Last I check Union members pay your salary and not Tom Daly.

    Tom Daly retaliate against your union members and people including myself are so unhappy working there. Tom Daly is a IDIOT and should be vote out of office.

  7. The FFFF should sue the OC Register for misrepresentation:


    They are the dog that can not bite!

    Good stuff Bush!

  8. It Is funny to see how Tom Daly drools all over himself when he sees Anna walk by and she dosen’t even give him the time of day Haha!!

  9. This is a sham!

    She just calling them personal because , she doesn’t want the number or text contents displayed.

    I say since these are fromm 2008, request all of her phone records and let them keep on calling them personal calls, blackening them out. Then when its over, write to the county auditor in charge of misuse of public funds, waste , and abuse and have her reimburse these personal caals charges.

    There is a policy on using county provided equipm,ent for personal use and I know of someone who had to repay around $10 to the county after his/her phone records were examined.

  10. Folks this is typical behavior by Renee and Tom (by the way you should see tom’s phone records). They totally disrecard rules, county policy and laws. They frequently meet with campaign managers during work hours talk to campaign managers and personnel with their county phones and nothing is done about it. How many of the blacked out numbers were for campaigning??

  11. This is such a disgrace. I have never seen anything so blatant (except Sheriff Gates phone records). It just reinforces the other things I have read about this office and its upper management.

  12. A lot people think the Clerk Recorder employee are a bunch of whining cry babies when they complain about Tom. This is only a small glimpse of the character, honesty and leadership of Tom Daly and Renee Ramirez. Some of us actually have a conscience and want to do a good job for the taxpayers. We are taxpayer too, and this graft and dishonesty bother us too!!!

  13. FFFF – Did you pay anything for these records??? if you did, I would beupset. I would go back to the County and demand my money back!!! To give you nothing but blacked out records is ridiculous. What if those numbers are too political people (like Brett Barbie, lewis, etc) during county time like one of the commenter said. Who oversee campaign rules? …..I’d like to see Tom Daly’s phone records.

  14. yes, i am another one of the CR crybabies. If you were wondering if Renee is that stupid. Yes she is!!! I don’t know about tom because we never see him, but Renee is a complete idiot with fake boobs (that’s why tom like her). If you wanted to, you could run post every day for six months of the stupid and illegal things she (and im guessing tom) does.

  15. yes, i am another one of the CR crybabies. If you were wondering if Renee is that stupid. Yes she is!!! I don’t know about tom because we never see him, but Renee is a complete idiot with fake boobs (that’s why tom likes her). If you wanted to, you could run post every day for six months of the stupid and illegal things she (and im guessing tom) does. Like the time she told us to charge the wrong title company for recordings, even when people told her it was a mistake. Well she order us to do it and we charge the wrong company for 4 years, then the company (United Title Company) had to submit a claim against the County “improperly drawing on United Title Company’s bank account to pay recording fees and transfer taxes relating to document which were not recorded by United”. To show how stupid she is she then blamed Accounting because they wrote the checks, even thought she basically tells them what checks to write. I heard from the title company that the total amount of wrong charges over $500,000. YES THESE TWO ARE THAT STUPID.

  16. If you want to confirm what i say, the Claim was filed August 28, 2008 by LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. as claim by United Title Company for Improper Charges of Recording fee and Transfer Taxes.

    the issue here was the employees knew it was a mistake, but Clerk Recorder management didnt.

  17. This is BS, those phone numbers should not be blocked out!! That phone was a county phone paid for by tax payers and all the info should be subject to public view. Isn’t it the same as county email and memos? If Ms Ramirez wants confidentiality she should use a personal phone. Daly and Ramirez are just thumbing their nose at you. FFFF you should challenge the county on this one, that information should be public!!! Please pursue.

    So much for hard working County employees!

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