Caronies Seek Supervisor Endorsement for the Next Mike Carona

OCCCWS just issued an “Action Alert” asking its members to pester OC Supervisors Chris Norby, Patricia Bates and Bill Campbell to endorse their candidate for OC Sheriff, Craig Hunter. Standard PAC activity, for sure. But this is no ordinary PAC.

If you remember a few posts back, we talked about how OCCCWS is lead by a group of gun guys who wrote letters in support of Mike Carona after he was convicted on felonious corruption charges. Additionally,  OCCCWS leader Greg Block was granted special access inside Carona’s department, which Block used to enrich his firearms training company and torment weapons permit applicants.

Yeah, Mike still has a lot of fans. What's the big deal?

So will the Supes lend an ear to these masters of Caronyism? Or will they be careful to distance themselves from the empire of corruption that left a still-lingering stanky stench on the OCSD and the rest of Orange County government?

And what about the guy who is actually running, Anaheim cop Craig Hunter? Is he worthy of endorsement or will investigations into a dark past expose a potential Carona 2.0? Stick around, this isn’t over yet.

Just wait until you get to know me...

26 Replies to “Caronies Seek Supervisor Endorsement for the Next Mike Carona”

    1. Hey: I’ll put my dough on Travis.

      Only trouble is that the comments thread is gonna get jammed up by a bunch of Bill Hunt haters.

  1. Kiger is shilling for Hunt. This is so transparent.

    When is Travis going to write about Hunt’s strip club clients? Don’t hold your breath. Shill.

    1. You missed the definition of “shilling”. I have already said that I do not care for Hunt, Hutchens or Hunter. All three have significant flaws. Some of them might be acceptable, others are not. How about I tell the stories and you can decide for yourself.

    2. Hunt also investigated the Bail fraud that is going on today in the jails but Hutchens refused to address that. What’s up with that!? Hunt’s client’s are lawyers who are doing their jobs. Not anybody else. Don’t give up your lack of sophistication that easy. The lawyers and bail bonds people are as much a part of the “system” as anyone else. You appparently have a problem with the Constitution and an individual’s Constitutional right to confront witnesses. It surely looks like you do but I am hoping Peabody the nobudy is not a Peabrain. I am not optimistic. Do the research. It’s easy.

  2. Administrator, is Anaheim Police Officer related to former Anaheim Police Officer, later attorney and even later Anaheim Mayor Fred Hunter? They do not look unalike.

    1. I’ve heard that term before. Allow me to translate. “Cop’s cop” stands for code of silence, professional courtesies, coverup for your buddies, etc, etc.

      I actually read some crap on Google about Hunter covering up for some pretty nefarious stuff in his own department. It probably goes much deeper. I hope nobody goes digging there.

    2. Ay caramba! The only people who use that phrase (as a compliment) are cops who don’t want scrutiny or accountability. I’d rather have a “people’s cop.”

  3. The folks I have spoken to are well respected inside and outside the law enforcement community and they speak highly of Craig Hunter. Given their experience and intimate knowledge of law enforcement I will take what they have to say any day over baseless allegations. If Travis has the goods and shares them with us then I will gladly change my tune.

    “Not Funny” you are probably quite correct when you describe the allegations you found on Google as “crap”. Again anyone can post something on the net containing trumped up allegations, when they document it with facts I will believe it.

    “Joe” I am not a member of the law enforcement community and yet I view the term “cop’s cop” much differently. Mike Carona was never seen as a “cop’s cop” by anyone in law enforcement and look how that turned out.

    1. Carona was a crook’s crook. But he was also a “cop’s cop” in so far as he stonewalled outside investigations into his deputies’ long string of felonious behavior..

      Joe’s right. A “cop’s cop” looks out for cops first, not the public. The term derives from the distinction drawn in a typical cop’s mind between himself and an administrator, i.e. a paperpusher behind a desk. Unfortunately for the typical cop, the head job requires a manager – not a typical cop, i.e. high school graduate.

      The Sheriff is by definition a mangager of a huge government department.

      1. “Unfortunately for the typical cop, the head job requires a manager – not a typical cop, i.e. high school graduate.”

        Well thankfully “Shadow”, Hunter holds a BA degree on Organizational Leadership and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Chapman University.

          1. BIG FAN :And Carona had two masters and a MENSA membership, but he turned out to be nothing more than a dumb thug.

            Hunter is not Mike Carona, he is an actual police officer and not some glorified bailiff.

  4. The “crap” I read involved a jury and APD paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars on behalf of Hunter.

  5. Hey Sean. Allegations that Hunter beat a hispanic with a flashlight and then retaliated against the whistle blower is preferable to you? Cop’s Cop is right. Not a people’s cop. If you think association is worse than violence to an in-custody minority and the code of silence you need to take a look at the constitution and the First and Fouth Amendments.

  6. Personally my main campaign issue of concern is CCW and seeing that Hutchens is Anti Second Amendment & CCW, this makes her my enemy. The fact she has turned the OCSD into a three ring LASO type circus only motivates me more to help get her out.

    As for Hunter, I think he got coaxed into running by folks who have blatent agendas against Bill Hunt and big chips on their sholders. (All those at occcws and mainly Greg Block)

    As for Bill Hunt, I support him because of his pro ccw stance and OCSD experience. Hunter may be a nice guy but his CCW stance is far to wishy washy for my taste. He should distance himself from Block and the rest of that Carona gang…

    I really could care less about the Sheriff Joe association or Barbara Coe. Hunt is not going to be kicking down everyone’s doors in santa ana and draging them back to Mexico…. The only thing the mud slinging is going to acomplish is to help keep Hutchens in office which hurts us all…

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