Too Good To Pass Up

I recently visited the Craig Hunter for Sheriff website and found this picture. Yeah, a picture of Hunter with Il Duce himself. The guy who became an American hero and terrorism expert by accomplishing – absolutely nothing. That’s right kids. Apparently this noble nation is so starved for real heroes that you can become one […]

Who Is Craig Hunter?

Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone. Last week we were alerted to a mysterious new blog called “Who is Craig Hunter,” which claims to  reveal the true power structure behind the candidacy of the Anaheim Deputy Chief for County Sheriff. The blog seems focused the connections between political heavyweight Mike Schroeder and Hunter, […]

Anaheim Police Admit to Wrongful Arrest of Craig Hunter’s Most Vocal Enemy

A recent internal investigation at Anaheim PD concludes that several officers wrongfully arrested an activist who frequently speaks out against OC Sheriff candidate Craig Hunter. James Robert Reade is a civil rights activist from Anaheim with a long history of publicly speaking out against abusive Anaheim police officers. For years, Reade has been making accusations […]