Too Good To Pass Up

I recently visited the Craig Hunter for Sheriff website and found this picture.

Yeah, a picture of Hunter with Il Duce himself. The guy who became an American hero and terrorism expert by accomplishing – absolutely nothing. That’s right kids. Apparently this noble nation is so starved for real heroes that you can become one by being a mayor in a town where terrorists fly airplanes into your biggest buildings.

But this post isn’t about Rudy Giuliani – not directly, anyway. It’s about authoritarianism masked as conservatism; about using the police power of the government to keep us safe from – ourselves. And that’s the vibe I’ve gotten from this Hunter guy, from his statements about marijuana and the hapless “drug war”  and about the rights “that have been given to us” – presumably he believes by the government.  It doesn’t help that most of his pictures seem to reveal a guy with a really bad case of constipation.

More fiber, dude.

I really can’t wait for the day that wannabe politicians quit sharing their photos ops with Bush-era police staters.

When this campaign started I really was planning on just boycotting the whole thing. But the more I see of Hunter the less I like him.

4 Replies to “Too Good To Pass Up”

  1. Yes, what’s with that permanent frown. Looks like he wants to kick my ass and take my joint.

  2. Ahhh, we love that pic and we too have a little something special in mind….

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