Who Is Craig Hunter?

Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Last week we were alerted to a mysterious new blog called “Who is Craig Hunter,” which claims to  reveal the true power structure behind the candidacy of the Anaheim Deputy Chief for County Sheriff.

Drink it up

The blog seems focused the connections between political heavyweight Mike Schroeder and Hunter, who is called Schroeder’s protegé. Hunter was hand picked to fill in the void left by ex-sheriff Mike Carona’s felony conviction, alleges the author who goes by the pseudonym “V”.

A few ancillary players are introduced into the picture on a page called The Players, including Jack Anderson (Carona’s own pick for successor), Carona apologist and OCCCWS member Greg Block (that name sounds familiar), DA spokesperson Susan Kang Schroeder and GOP Chairman/lobbyist Scott Baugh.

Motives are questioned, empires are sketched out and historic similarities are drawn. What emerges? A sketch of a picture that isn’t very pretty.

I’ve also heard rumors that the site was created by Friends for Fullerton’s Future, citing a humorous yet biting style that is similar to many of our own posts. For what it’s worth, nobody here knows where this blog came from or where it’s going.

But we’ll be watching.

3 Replies to “Who Is Craig Hunter?”

  1. Humorous yet biting?

    Yep. keep biting ’til you hit bone. If it’s funny so much the better.

    This other site does sound a lot like us. Maybe it’s a new genre: Gonzo Blogging.

  2. Wo are these masked crusaders? If you beat up Mexicans you are bound to get a little blow back in the process… Good for them!

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