Carona Insider Backs Craig Hunter for OC Sheriff

Shortly after Anaheim cop Craig Hunter announced his candidacy for OC Sheriff, a PAC called OCCCWS jumped to endorse him. Of course we found that interesting, since “Ordinary California Citizens Concerned With Safety” is primarily focused on issuance of concealed weapons permits to civilians, an issue on which candidate Bill Hunt has taken the most pro-2nd amendment stance possible.

So why wouldn’t this gun PAC get behind Bill Hunt instead of launching their own candidate?

According to our sources, OCCCWS is a front for a company called “Greg Block Firearms Training” in Huntington Beach. Those who have been following the improvements to the concealed weapons permit (CCW) process over the years know that Greg Block was a civilian who Mike Carona allowed to hold unusual influence within the OC Sheriff’s department.

Greg Block, OCCCWS
Greg Block, OCCCWS

Back in Carona’s corrupt heyday, most Orange County CCW applicants gathered on an internet forum called to seek advice on applying for a permit. Greg Block ran the forum, offering advice to gun permit applicants, selling his training classes and sharing details on Sheriff’s department internals with curious gun nuts.

It wasn’t long before the power of Block’s OCSD connections went to his head. Archived forum posts from the now-defunct website show that Greg Block held his insider influence in a threatening manner over the heads of potential gun permit applicants, going as far as reaching inside the department to sabotage the application of an individual who dared to question interim Sheriff Jack Anderson’s policy. Evidence of this appalling abuse will be revealed soon enough.

Greg Block with Carona's pal Jack Anderson
Greg Block with Carona's pal Jack Anderson

So back to Craig Hunter’s run for OC Sheriff:  Is Greg Block seeking to restore his influence on the department via OCCCWS? A firearms instructor who used insider connections to shove applicants through Carona’s department procedures sure would have a strong interest in putting a friend back in office.

And why the animosity towards Bill Hunt, who ran against Carona and accused him of running an incompetent department? Are Block and OCCCWS harboring a grudge against the man who spoke out against his Caronian meal ticket?

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  1. There is unlimited hostility to Hunt simply because he ran against the crooked Carona for his third slimy term. All the big repugs (+ many Dems – Demacreeps?) were for carona, but his biggest backers were people like Schroeder and his ilk – mean bastards who really resented the challenge.

    Even after his conviction that fat bastard Probolsky (who, like Fleishman got a gun) claimed he still like Carona – a lot more than Hunt.

    The hatred runs deep too for those who supported Carona and were later made to suck it up.

    Good luck Bill – you don’t even begin to understand the depth of hatred toward you.

  2. #1 is right. But it’s great to see that the stench of Caronyism is still sticking to these scumbags. Some of us will never forget what that thug did to our county.

  3. I remember the gun forums back then. Everyone was excited because Carona opened up gun permits to non-cops. Block had a real chip on his shoulder and considered himself some sort of arbiter for the OCSD. But nobody would call him out because they knew how deep his connenctions were within the department.

  4. During hunts trial he recieved vicious non stop attacks from random people on the OC Register. I think we found out how the bad guys are. Hunter was foolish to take on this connection, didn’t he know?

  5. Anybody who is willing to publicly call his/her boss to the floor for being corrupt and then to have that corruption proven so clearly in court is a person that can effectively lead without fear of intimidation.

    I don’t know who Craig Hunter is nor do I know anything about his ability to lead. I am certain that Bill Hunt knows how to lead as he ran the San Clemente Police Department (a contract service of the OC Sheriff for the City) for several years.

    Needless to say, Bill Hunt gets my vote.

  6. I too saw all the vicious personal attacks against Hunt durning his trial. I wasn’t sure how any normal person(s) could carry such a grudge. That PAC announced Hunters candidacy even before Hunter did. Hunter seems like a nice enough guy but his associations seem suspect now.

  7. I was involved early on with and I know for a fact that it was not run by Block because I met the guy who ran it. As far as OCCCWS/Block “launching” Hunter as a candidate, that’s BS. Hunter was a finalist as a Sheriff appointee by the BOS last year. So was Jack Anderson. Did Block and his alleged group launch Hunter AND Anderson? As I recall, OCCCWS backed Anderson back then. So now you’re accusing them of “launching” a candidate who had shown his interest in the job well over a year ago. You’re throwing stuff on the wall to see what will stick

    1. As the above commenter noted, OCCCWS announced Hunter’s run before Hunter did. I remember OCCCWS and/or Block hinting towards a new candidacy even before that. At this point, trying to unlink the two would be pointless.

  8. It looks like, although I can’t be sure, That they would support anyone who would let them back in the department.

  9. It looks like you have a hard-on against Block. Whatever. Did Block and OCCCWS back Anderson or Hunter back when the BOS was deciding? They backed Anderson. Anderson isn’t running now so they’re backing Hunter. What’s to unthink? They didn’t back Hunt last year and they’re not backing him now? Is that news? Are you just pissed because everybody isn’t in lockstep with you on Hunt? Hunt has a great policy, you’re right, and if it comes down to voting out Hutchens (the PRIMARY goal) by voting for Hunt, I will gladly pull the lever. Why are you trying to make this Hunt vs. Hunter? Getting Hutchens out of office is what we want.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. There’s no way Hunt can beat Hutchens. None. He won’t even be able to force her into a run-off.

      Hunter could put together a winning coalition, Hunt can’t, and that’s pissing off Hunt supporters. This is the Hunt campaign’s way of trying to pull Hunter down so they can have the glory of losing, again, all to themselves.

  10. Thanks for posting. Hunter will be the Ralph Nader, vote stealer of the OC Sheriff’s race… I wonder how long it took Greg to find a possible candidate for OC Sheriff whose name was so similar to the other candidates that it’s bound to cause confusion. Way to go Greg… You just dealt a terrific blow to the CCW cause. I’m sure Hutchens is dancing on air….

  11. If the goal is to replace Mrs. Hutchens with Mr. Hunter who will be in lock step with Greg Block why vote Hutchens out? Mrs. Hutchens has been just as “honest” about her CCW policy as Mr. Hunter…..who struggles to define his position.

    Oh I get it, with Mr. Block backing Mr. Hunter the elitist mentality will again be in play…..and that lines Mr. Block’s pockets. (As well as his ego….we can’t forget that ego.)

    So I respectfully disagree. The point is to replace Mrs. Hutchens with someone who already DEFINED his position accurately on CCW policy and is NOT an elitist.

    By the way is this Mr. Moedad or Mr. Block? With the blind faith to follow an elitist I couldn’t tell.

  12. Greg :
    I don’t know who Craig Hunter is nor do I know anything about his ability to lead. I am certain that Bill Hunt knows how to lead as he ran the San Clemente Police Department (a contract service of the OC Sheriff for the City) for several years.
    Needless to say, Bill Hunt gets my vote.

    Craig Hunter is Deputy Chief of the police department of the 10th largest city in California. Bill Hunt was police chief for dinky little San Clemente. There’s no way you can say with a straight face that Hunt is more qualified than Hunter.

    Hunt was a big Carona supporter as long as he thought our felonious, philandering former sheriff wasn’t going to run for a third term and would back Bill for Sheriff. When Carona broke his two-terms only promise, Carona’s corruption was suddenly too much for Bill to stomach.

    I hope this post doesn’t mean FFFF is getting in bed with Bill Hunt’s campaign. Travis and this blog will have copious amounts of egg on their faces when the truth about Hunt starts coming out.

    1. Strider,
      Thanks for the info on Hunter. I haven’t had time to look into him.

      That’s the first I heard of Hunt being “ok” with Carona’s corruption. If that is true, why didn’t the Feds go after Hunt for aiding and abetting???

      1. Greg, the carona supporters were always trying to pin Hunt with the “he used to support Carona.” Well he did up until Carona double crossed him and ran for thate third term he originally said he wouldn’t go for.

        Hunt’s ambition tied him to Carona – like many another OC Republican. But he was in no way responsible for or party to any specific illegal acts by Carona. He did have some issue related to the pot bust of Greg Haidl about which I can’t remember the details.

        Anyway, #1 is perfectly correct. The people who also supported Carona’s crroked regime resent Hunt for running against their boy, especially when all the dirt about Carona that everybody already knew about finally became public (and no thanks to the craven MSM, either!).

  13. #10. I assume you were talking to me. I don’t know this guy Block or that he had any influence in the sheriff’s department. I don’t really care for Anderson though. #13. Is that a threat? Please explain what “truth” is coming out?

    1. I assume you are talking to me, flip flop.

      I’m not threatening anyone. I don’t know what threat I could possibly make. Anyway, it was only a friendly heads up before this blog goes too far down the road with Hunt. They forget he’s been working as a private investigator, and has been representing some pretty sleazy clients. The Hutchens campaign is going to eat him alive by putting it in the mail.

  14. The goal is to replace Hutchens, with Hunt or Hunter, doesn’t matter to me (YMMV) as long as their CCW stance is better. I haven’t said anything differently.

  15. Strider,

    Please don’t attempt to explain to us lesser thinkers what qualifies a candidate. I am pretty sure we can figure it out on our own. I could care less who ran what department. I care about integrity.

    If egg on your face is a concern……enjoy that stench when the truth comes out regarding Hunter…..mix in a google search. (The term elitist comes to mind.) FFFF has become one of the only reliable news sources in the county. Imgaine that….people just trying to seek the truth……..seems eerily close to……wait for it…………integrity.

  16. Ok, I went to Hunter’s website and have a couple of thoughts.

    First, there is a press release dated November 17th. So this is old news…

    Also, Hunter repeatedly uses the title of “Chief” on his website. He is not the Chief of Police; he is the Deputy Chief of Police. There is a difference. I suppose Biden can go ahead and drop the Vice in Vice President…

    Lastly, other than his own website, I know nothing about Hunter. It would be very much like a Captain at Orange PD running for sheriff. A few folks in the law enforcement business or in that live/work in their own town might know the candidate, but the rest of us don’t. When the City of L.A. was interviewing their own Deputy Chiefs to replace Bratton, the rest of us who aren’t in the law enforcement world scratched our head and said “Charlie who?” And now Charlie Beck is the Chief. And, although I met Hunt once, I don’t know him beyond a few blogs and news reports.

    So, if you know Hunter (or Hunt for that matter), please do tell…

  17. #21, go to the APD website. He uses Chief Hunter there (same bio) too. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with the department.

    1. I don’t care if the department has an issue with what he calls himself; that’s their problem. I have an issue with misrepresentation. In my line of work, you are what you say you are or else. I realize that someone probably got lazy typing and didn’t feel like typing DEPUTY because it’s sooo difficult to reach those keys… Or he just likes the title of Chief over Deputy Chief. Go figure.

  18. Joe Sipowics is right… all three candidates are or were ranking law enforcment officers, and thus have checkered histories. All we can do is sort out the truth and vote for the least-crappy candidate.

  19. Admin,

    I think you have struck a cord with some new readers. Good work.

    You should consider starting a new blog for all of OC and branch out beyond just Fullerton. You guys are too good to keep stuck in one city and I’m really happy to see you guys tackle county wide issues.

    The Lib OC and that idiot Cunningham have lost any credibility they had by selling services in the “community relations” or “public advocacy” realm. Once anyone accepts money for advocating their future opinions should always be suspect.

    Please keep up the good work, focus on growing and most important, dont ever let anyone post on your sites that takes money for lobbying in any form or by any name.

  20. #24 Greg,

    My point was, if it was a violation of protocol to use the title “Chief” rather than “Deputy Chief”, a city government department with liability issues as big as Anaheim’s surely must be would’ve corrected it.

  21. Modad,
    You are missing my point. The issue of liability is not my concern. It’s about how one represents his or her self.

    But, let’s not get hung up on his real title vs. his made up title. I’m sure the corporals at Anaheim can call them selves sergeants as far as the public is concerned. I mean, sometimes when the sergeants are off, the corporal is the acting sergeant and can go ahead and call himself that when ever anyone asks.

    More important than his title is the company he keeps. This is the area which most of us know nothing about Hunter. He just might be a great guy and leader but I don’t know that. So, if you do know him, please enlighten me. My mind is open and waiting.

  22. #26, Travis wrote this post and has written many other good post on our blog about important issues that effect Fullerton’s future.

    Great job Travis!

  23. Greg,

    Liability is not my specific point. I address only to imply that there are no doubt legally minded folks overseeing what information is posted on the City of Anaheim’s various governemental webpages. You’re correct, Hunter is not The Chief (no more than he is a chief of deputies since all the deputies work for the OCSD), he is only A chief. As for knowing him, I have only seen him speak in public. I was encouraged by what he had to say about his vision for the OCSD should he be elected. I don’t Hunt either, although I know people that have talked with him and have been impressed with him.

  24. #19. Please don’t blindside me with generalities. So he’s an investigator. What’s the guy suppose to do?

    1. You’re missing the point. Do you think voters are going to look at mailers spelling out who Hunt has been representing as a P.I. and say to themselves, “Well, what’s the guy supposed to do? I’ll vote to make him sheriff anyway!”

      1. Strider. PI’s don’t “represent” anyone. I think I know where you are going though. PI’s are often hired by lawyers to take statements. Divorces etc. Sometimes they are hired by public defenders so the public defenders can defend criminal defendants. So if that is what you are talking about then yes, we don’t want anybody to have constitutional rights. That’s a given with Hutchens.

  25. Oh and I agree this place should grab the banner and commence unedited/uncensored dialogue. Everywhere else is shillville.

    1. Now that is a true statement if I ever saw one. The net nazis at and are famous for deleting any thread that is critical of their Sacred Cows. I guess the real conversation will be here.

  26. Bill Hunt’s biggest problem is that he latches onto corrupt people, then ditches them when it no longer suits him. He did it with Carona, and is doing it with Joe Arpaio, who came out here to shill for him. That’s disappointing. It’s also the reason he can’t win. If it was Hunt vs Hutchens, she will eat him alive. CCW isn’t a major issue for most residents.

  27. I really don’t care if Hunt or Hunter wins as long as it is not Hutchens since both are “claiming” Pro CCW and at this point, all I can do is take their word for it. I will, however, take my time to look at both candidate and judge for myself all the way up before I cast my vote. I suggest everyone do the same.

    Above being said, I still don’t know enough about Hunter as, like a few of you stated, he’s been under the radar unknown to the general public. But I have heard a lot about Hunt which I don’t like. For one… Hunt was Anti-CCW when he was running against Carona, now, all of a sudden, past few years he’s now pro CCW. There are also stories of him being just as, if not more, corrupt than Carona… i.e. today I just heard a few wealthy but shady CCW applicants, denied by Carona, is contributing to Hunt’s campaign. And there is a lot more I won’t go into. I’m sure the press will dig it up soon enough and you all can hear it from a more reliable source than I.

    My point is this, reserve your support for both Hunt and Hunter until you hear both side. This one little article hardly shows the real Hunter or Hunt. Everyone will have skeletons in the closet, I have heard of a lot of Hunt’s skeletons to date probably because he’s been in the spot light longer than Hunter but this does not mean Hunter or Hunt is more or less qualified or will get my vote. At the same time, I am not promoting Hunter… he is new to the spot light and so I have not heard any of Hunters skeletons (YET). Until the date of the election, I will not be siding with either Hunt or Hunter… I want a good show!! 🙂

    As for qualifications… both Hunt and Hunter are both qualified, the main point is, who will be better for the job.

  28. To answer Strider above: You are in luck. I’m pretty certain that FFFF will not be “endorsing” any candidate for sheriff.

    Bottom line: none of them are good enough.

    But it is our duty to explore the unexplored corners of these candidates’ backgrounds.

    Personally, I will be voting for the least-bad candidate when the time comes. Until then, we will keep writing what others are too afraid or too ashamed to say. If you’re only here to defend Hunter, you’ll want to stick around. You have a lot of work ahead of you.

  29. Strider, we’ve been hearing these veiled statements about some “truth” coming out about Lt. Bill Hunt for over 5 months now. In the summer, it was supposedly “imminent” that some earth-shattering bad news would come out. Surprise, nothing did. We’ve also heard near-constant bitching from the OCCCWS/CalCCW/Block group (they really are all one and the same) that Hunt “hasn’t been vetted.” Surprise again, he is probably the most vetted candidate in some time (2006 election, 2008 consideration for Sheriff, now in the 2010 race). If there really is all this dirt on Hunt, don’t you think the press would have trumpeted it by now? Instead all we have is reporting on his fundraiser with Arpaio and I daresay even that wasn’t negative.

    Now, let’s turn to your friend Hunter. He just launched his campaign, and already we have him tied to a Carona crony who fancies himself some kind of political operative but is really just a bottom feeder who wants his influence in the department back. First Block backs Anderson, who goes nuts on CCW holders at a party meeting, calling them evil and calling Hutchens a saint. Real good vetting there, Greg. Then Block backs Walters, who doesn’t run. It’s not very savvy politicking to back nonrunning candidates. Now he’s backing Hunter. Let’s see…

    Hunter was at the center of a prisoner beating/whistleblower retaliation scandal in Anaheim. Shortly after the Rodney King incident, a stellar officer by the name of Steve Nolan (who graduated first in his class in the academy) witnessed Hunter and another officer beat a Latino suspect with a flashlight. When Nolan reported this, Hunter destroyed his career. Nolan went on to win not only his labor arbitration but a civil retaliation suit, getting several hundred thousand dollars in back pay. Nolan is not some crackpot. He went on to become a Corona city councilman and mayor.

    So, for all the veiled threats about skeletons in Hunt’s closet, when never materialize, look where the real skeletons are. Right in the closet of Block’s new best friend.



    (Craig Hunter is a great guy, well educated, great position in Anaheim…and now…for the folks who brought you Mike Corona…we have a fine gentleman…Craig Hunter…. Why else would he want to leave a great job. Hummm.

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