Hide-n-Seek Harry Finds A New Address

The sun sets on Lucky Way. There is no aviary.

Harry Sidhu’s short lived “residency” at the Calabria Apartment, #116 is over, as we reported, here. We can’t say he moved because that would imply that he actually lived in an apartment behind the Linbrook lanes bowling alley in the first place, and nobody was buying into that load of road apples. But he has a new voter registration address.

So why the “move”? Obviously an implausible address had to be replaced with a plausible one. This was effected at almost the same moment Sidhu assembled his campaign “team.” A coincidence? Yeah, right.

Here’s Sidhu’s re-registration form at the OC Registrar of Voters office, where Harry has become a recognizable regular customer:

This other day I decided to find out where Harry “moved” to this time. It’s on the very scruffy southern edge of Anaheim in a new little four house subdivision; the signs on the adjacent street say Garden Grove.

Anyhow, I rang the doorbell and was greeted by Mrs. Harry Sidhu. I asked if Harry was home and she told me no; I told her I had sent Harry an email questioning his residency in the 4th Supervisorial District¬† and that he hasn’t sent me a response. I asked if she realized what Harry was doing was called “carpettbagging” and she told me that she did not believe they were carpetbagging because they moved into the district. I wonder if Harry told her that people who move into a district just to run for office are called carpetbaggers? I told her who I was and she told me that I was talking to the wrong person. We said goodbye and off I went.

Upon leaving I had to ask myself whether Mrs. Harry is just a day-time stage prop at another fake residence, or whether the family was really going to try living there. When you see the house and the neighborhood its still a real big stretch. Although there’s no pool hall next door, the neighborhood is a far cry from the Elegant Old Yorba Estate in the 3rd District, that’s for sure.

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  1. Geez that’s a crappy looking house. Looks like a single-family version of the Calabria.

    I know that neighborhood – it’s tucked away behind the Melrose Mortuary and on the border of Orange, Anaheim and Garden Grove. The land that time forgot.

    No way Harry’s living there. I vote for “stage prop.”

  2. Looks like Harry’s residence is about 100 feet inside the 4th District. Talk about meeting the bare minimum! Of course I don’t buy into this abode either.

    Make that another vote for stage prop.

  3. His children attend Orange Unified School district schools. How’s he going to explain that little problem away with the move?

    1. yeah, how does that work? how come nobody can corner this phony and ask him about his kids going to school in the third. what do you wanna bet they still show the yorba estate as the main residence.

      what a liar.

  4. The only difference between this place and the last is that he is actually willing to go to this one.

    He still lives in Anaheim Hills where he invited us all to his lovely home, the Historic Yorba Mansion.

    I get that you think we’re all stupid Harry. We’re just not that stupid. When do I get my yard sign? I’m tired of waiting and I want to be the first person in La Habra with a Sidhu Carpetbagger sign.

    1. They could have even filled the house up with furniture (speaking of which, did you peek inside? Was it furnished?) and there’s still no doubt that regardless of the outcome of the election, he’s still not going to live in that house. I don’t see anywhere Sidhu will be able to move too after this. Once he gets beat this last time, he’s done for a while. Good riddance.

      1. Mrs. Sidhu knew I was trying to look inside so she opened the door just wide enough to talk, so I really couldn’t tell if there was any furniture inside.

        However, what I thought was totally bizarre was to see a fake Christmas tree in the front yard, if you look close you can see it in the image, it may have been left there by the prior tenant and the Sidhu’s haven’t noticed it. I checked the ownership records and Harry doesn’t own the house, it’s obviously a rental.

        1. Will be interesting to see who Harry Sidhu is renting from.

          I wonder how many complaints of visual blight city hall is going to get tomorrow. There’s a specific measure regarding the disposal of Christmas tree’s but I dunno if it applies to plastic ones.

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    1. After assclown re-re-registers in Anaheim Hill we will be able to reclaim a good part of our lives. We did it with Ackerwoman and your boy is next.

      You’ve gotta work hard to pull the invasive weed out by the roots.

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