Tanned, Rested, Ready. Bill Hunt For Fullerton Police Chief?

Dear Friends, we received the following e-mail today:

The Fullerton Police Department needs a housecleaning; a big broom that will reach all the way back into the filthy corners that haven’t been cleaned for years. There are hairballs and dust bunnies back in there dating to Patdown Pat McPension’s first years on the job.

Except for those inside the department and the cowardly do-nothing types like Sharon Quirk who would have us believe that she and Dan Hughes are cleaning up the spills on Aisle One, nobody believes the department is capable of reforming itself. We need an objective outsider to do the job. Somebody who has experience as a municipal police chief, but who isn’t afraid to take on the establishment.

That person is Bill Hunt.

As a lieutenant in the OC Sheriff’s Department he was the Police Chief of San Clemente. He took on the corrupt Sheriff, Mike Carona when nobody else had the guts to. In doing so he earned the enmity of all the other crooked repuglicans in Orange County. It cost him his job.

Let’s get Fullerton back on track. Let’s get a strong, effective, honorable reformer running our police department!


Bill Hunt Supporters Rally for Constitutional Rights

Last week supporters of Bill Hunt organized a protest on the steps of the old county courthouse to counter a recent attack on his profession — an attack that is a clear distraction from the issues that are facing the office of Orange County Sheriff.


Hunt has been criticized by his opponents for his actions as a private investigator, which is essentially evidence gathering in accordance with the 5th and 6th amendments of the U.S. Constitution to counter the power of the state.

An urgent message from Bill Hunt

Just passing along this letter from Bill Hunt:


Dear Friends and Supporters,

There is a concerted effort by my two opponents to falsely attack me and to try to derail the momentum my campaign is enjoying-thanks to your support.  These are the same people that supported and worked for the convicted criminal, Mike Carona. They are employing the same dirty tactics they did last time which was distort the truth, invent “outrage”, and throw everything at me including the kitchen sink to see what would stick.  All this to protect their candidate and their interests in the corrupt Carona Administration.

The People vs. The Establishment

Besides a negative hit-piece earlier this week by the Hutchens camp, Team Carona/Team Hunter sent out a ridiculous e-mail blast claiming my campaign has “imploded”.  They have orchestrated and coordinated a political attack on my objective work as a Private Investigator on behalf of an individual who was arrested by Santa Ana Police and accused of a specific crime the facts indicated he did not commit The Rule of Law is being tossed aside for a Code of Silence by SAPD Chief Paul Walters and DA Spokesperson Susan Kang Schroeder. (Both are declared staunch supporters of my political opponents, a fact conveniently omitted in the news accounts of this matter.) These two were trying to be both judge and jury before the case was even heard in court!   Now that their actions and motives are being further looked at they are trying to accuse me of being sympathetic toward gang members….Nothing could be further from the truth! What I AM sympathetic towards is our Constitution and The People’s Bill of Rights; specifically in this case, our Fifth Amendment right to due process and our Sixth Amendment right to a defense when charged with a crime.

To quote Mark Twain, “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated!”

Thanks to your efforts and support and in contrast to my opponent’s lies, my campaign received almost $80,000 from 3/18 to 5/22 and the contributions continue to come in.  We also recently picked up four more endorsements from groups with a common denominator:  The Rights of The People!  As the Constitutional Candidate in this race, I am humbled and thankful for their support. I am proud to say I am the only Candidate in this race that has active, aggressive support from volunteers and the momentum only continues to grow as we get closer to Election Day.

That being said, I need your help; we can take nothing for granted.  I need to raise $25,000 in the next few days so I can continue to effectively battle the lies and distortions being hurled upon me by both Sandra Hutchens and Craig Hunter. This is our chance for They’re scared with good reason. You, the People, are supporting me and they will say and do anything to try to erode that support.  Will you please go to my website and contribute whatever you can to help me fight on your behalf?  Will you also please forward this message to your family members and friends with an urgent note to ask them to do the same?

If we all pull together over the next week, we can win this Election on June 8th. Thank you for standing with me.

Fullerton Taxpayer Group Endorses Bill Hunt for Sheriff

We just got this press release from FACT:

The Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers (FACT) has announced its endorsement of Bill Hunt for Orange County Sheriff.

“FACT’s endorsement is based primarily on Bill Hunt’s solid position on the Second Amendment and his sound fiscal agenda for the Sheriff’s Department,” said Jack Dean, president of FACT.

FACT is an alliance of business people and citizen activists who advocate for legislative fiscal restraint, constitutional integrity and property rights.

Hunt Helps Defend Innocent Latino While the Union Plays Politics

I was surprised when I heard that the Santa Ana Police Officer’s Association (SAPOA) pulled their endorsement for Hunt. Something in this story just didn’t sound right so I called Bill this morning to get his take:

Bill Hunt was hired by attorney Ricardo Nicol to help look at a criminal defense case of Victor Manuel Lua who is charged with a Santa Ana assault and robbery. Early on Nicol and Hunt found holes in the prosecutor’s case. The suspect was a known gang associate of the Santa Ana street gang known as F-Troop who has a prior conviction on his record. Right there most of us would say case closed, guilty as charged. However, the justice system doesn’t work that way.

In this case, Nicol and Hunt had to look a little deeper. The suspect had completed his four years of probation without any further legal troubles and appeared to be getting his life together. Ok, no violins please. At the time the crime occurred, the suspect was not in the vicinity. Hunt says the cell phone records don’t lie.

Further the original description was of two shaven head Latinos in blue jeans on a single bicycle. The suspect on trial was wearing basketball shorts and slippers (us older folks might remember them as thongs or shower shoes). A gun was used during the crime and no gun has been found since. Lua was in his truck just 400 feet from the crime scene when the officers decided he looked like he could be one of the described perpetrators because his head was shaven much like many other Latinos in Santa Ana and he had a criminal record. Also worth noting is that Lua was “caught” in what many describe as a rival gangs turf, implying that Lua isn’t actually in a gang nor was he associating with a gang at the time the assault and robbery occurred. Simply put, this is a case of mistaken identity which the evidence in the case reportedly proves.

R. Scott Moxley reported via OC Weekly that “But Hunt disputes the assertion, saying that he was hired to work on a robbery case and recently attended a preliminary hearing but did not testify. He also says that his client, Victor Manuel Lua, is innocent of the charges based on evidence he’s developed and that the gang allegation is tenuous at best: The 20-year-old Lua, he says, grew up in a Santa Ana neighborhood controlled by a criminal street gang and thus knows members but is not one himself.”

Hunt goes on to connect the dots for us. He thinks the DA began getting nervous when he started putting the pieces together and blowing up the prosecutions sure conviction. And we all know who the number two person at the DA’s Office is: Susan Schroeder, wife of Mike Schroeder.

Yes, the same Mike Schroeder that gave us convicted felon Mike Carona; the same Mike Schroeder who is pushing hard to give us Craig Hunter, an Anaheim PD deputy chief. It’s obvious at this point that it looks like the Santa Ana PD dropped the ball with their due diligence and investigation. And everyone knows when the PD looks bad the chief looks bad and so enters SAPD Chief Paul Walters, the possibly still disgruntled former sheriff’s candidate who appears to have finally given up on running and is now supporting Hutchens. You heard me correctly, he supports Sandra Hutchens.

Moxley reports this quote, “Our members are very upset with Mr. Hunt,” one officer told the Weekly on condition of anonymity. “He testified against us in court.” Why do you suppose the anonymity? Is he or she afraid of something? What could a police officer be scared of?

No doubt Santa Ana police officers are upset and embarrassed for being called out in court over what appears to be a rush to judgment by the officers and investigators.

The real irony rests in two final thoughts. First, Bill Hunt has caught a lot of flack from immigrant rights folks who say he is a racist and anti-Mexican. This case alone clearly debunks that myth. Second, SAPOA provides assistance to its members who are charged with breaches in departmental policy and crimes. Their defense attorneys rely on private investigators to dig for the truth and protect them from wrongful prosecution and punishment. It seems highly hypocritical that this association would use their misguided logic to fulfill the political agenda of a handful of miscreants who are only concerned with their consulting contracts and political livelihood. You would think that it would have occurred to someone in the SAPOA that Hunt, as a PI, might work on criminal cases. But I suppose the SAPOA board members were too wrapped up in other matters or just didn’t care to know.

An interesting side note to the SAPOA and Chief Walters is that the SAPOA supported Hunt and the Walters supports Hutchens. Why not endorse the same candidate? Assuming the SAPOA endorses another candidate, who will they choose? Will they go against their chief by supporting the card-carrying union member Craig Hunter or will they fall in lockstep with their boss? You would think the SAPOA would realize the error of their decision and help the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs (AOCDS) elect their candidate, Bill Hunt. I suppose the various OC law enforcement associations, though, are truly disconnected from one another and don’t see eye to eye except where wages and retirement are concerned.

Carona Gang Still Gunnin’ for Hunt: The Elusive Attorney General Report

As Bill Hunt’s candidacy for sheriff is building momentum, the previously unreleased Attorney General report on the Greg Haidl incident has begun to surface. FFFF has obtained the report now we pass it along, although it has been slightly redacted to protect the identity of a minor (view the report).

The Attorney General Report

The report was allegedly leaked to the press by Carona’s pal Michael Schroeder back in 2005 but was never completely released to the public. Why not?

Perhaps because the 21 page document is primarily an indictment against a department culture created under Carona himself, along with Jaramillo and Haidl back before Carona became a convicted felon and was forced to resign. The report also reprimands several subordinates, including Lieutenants Downing and Hunt for showing “poor judgment”. Somehow even blogger Jon Fleischman managed to receive a slap for his complete lack of accountability as PIO for the department.

Well that's bittersweet.

So how will the report affect candidate Bill Hunt?

It’s not quite the indictment on Hunt that his detractors claim it to be. Hunt’s involvement in the controversy centers around whether Hunt ordered his deputy to remove opinions and facts from an incident report on the night that Greg Haidl, son of Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl, was stopped with some friends who were found in possession of marijuana back in 2003.

The report does accuse Hunt of ordering the police report to be edited in a “questionable fashion,” but what does that mean? Were facts removed, or just opinions?

In our interview last month, Hunt indicated that he asked his deputy to remove only an opinion that contradicted both the evidence and a confession.

Additionally, a sworn statement made after the report that was issued by Hunt’s sargent asserted that the involved deputy’s report was “too opinionated” and so Hunt asked Deputy Roche to remove the opinions. Hunt reportedly said “you need to put the facts – the elements of the crime” into the report.

Statement by Sgt. Gaffner

Five years later, Hunt is still standing behind his actions. In our interview, he told us that he violated no law, no policy and he still maintains that he did the right thing.

I am told that forthcoming federal court testimony will be revealing. But will it conflict with what Bill Hunt told us?

It’s also important to note that the AG report was not part of an independent investigation – for some reason Carona specifically requested that an investigation not be performed (see page 2). Rather, the Attorney General based the report primarily on Carona’s own internal investigation as conducted by Assistant Sheriff Jo Ann Galisky.

Chris Norby: Why I Support Bill Hunt for Sheriff

Four short years ago – 2006 – Bill Hunt challenged Sheriff Mike Carona’s re-election. Carona was well funded and had the backing of the entire OC political establishment – including me. That was my mistake. Our mistake. We already knew there were serious leadership issues in the Sheriff’s Department, serious enough to at least stay neutral. But we didn’t.

Three challengers received 49% of the votes, just a shy of forcing a November run-off. Of those three, Lieutenant Bill Hunt received by far the most votes. Give him credit for standing up and running, for taking an underfunded campaign without endorsements and nearly making it a 2-man run-off in November.

When Carona was forced to resign, I supported another candidate (Santa Ana Police Chief Walters) who had also nearly been elected – in 1998. I give my consideration and respect to those who want a job enough to actually place their name before the voters. Of the three current Sheriff’s candidates, only Hunt has actually received any votes in an election. The three votes our current Sheriff received came from the Supervisors who appointed her. Based on her subsequent performance, it is doubtful those three votes would still be there today.

A sheriff should protect people’s liberties – not restrict them. The current appointed Sheriff has arbitrarily revoked legally issued CCW permits of law-abiding citizens who did nothing to deserve such treatment.

A sheriff must face economic facts and work with the Board of Supervisors to adjust to revenue realities – not play a game of fiscal “chicken” and budget brinksmanship.

A sheriff must instill in staff a respect for elected decision-makers – not use security cameras to spy on them. They should respect citizens’ rights to voice their opinions – not use government-issued blackberries to belittle them in public meetings.

Bill Hunt understands this. He was there for us in 2006. He’s there now, again.

Friday: Join FFFF at Operation Overpass for Bill Hunt

Fans of Bill Hunt for Sheriff are invited to participate in Operation Overpass on Friday afternoon from 3:30 to 6:00 pm. Freeway overpasses all across Orange County will swarm with supporters holding up signs for Bill Hunt during rush hour. The Friends at FFFF have chosen the overpass of the 57 freeway at Yorba Linda Blvd to show our support.

Park in the Target parking lot on Yorba Linda Boulevard and head up the sidewalk to the overpass. We will have signs ready to go.

And while we’re talking about Bill Hunt, here is a new video that describes Hunt’s challenge to the Sheriff-turned-convicted-felon Michael Carona in 2006.


See you at the overpass!

Bill Hunt on CCWs and the 2nd Amendment

As part of an ongoing report, March 1, 2010, FFFF’s Travis Kiger, Fullerton businessman Larry Lazar and myself sat down with Bill Hunt, 2010 candidate for Orange County Sheriff.  The round table discussion was an opportunity to ask some important questions that we think are on the minds of voters.  No topic was off-limits.

We had some questions about concealed weapons permits (CCW’s) for the man whose slogan has been “The Sheriff should be in the business of protecting people’s rights, not restricting them.”

We asked Hunt how his stance was different from his opponent’s.  Hunt told us that he is a constitutionalist and believes that the current system lends itself to corruption.  Hunt believes that statistics from than 39 “Shall Issue” states are proof that CCW’s lower crime rates.  Further, he believes that an armed citizenry will help keep the peace at a time when the Sheriff’s Department is looking to lay off sworn deputies.

We also asked Hunt to lay out the process that a permit applicant can expect if he is elected Sheriff.  Hunt said, “If we have someone come in and they are a range owner and maybe they have one of these reciprocal CCW’s that’s good in thirteen states, and they’re in good standing in those states, then I think we need to shorten up that process.  We need to verify that the permit is legitimate and have had backgrounds on them, and then do an updated background to make sure there have been no problems in the interim.  Then we check their training.  If they’re proficient, we have our range master check them out.  If they’re proficient, sign them off.  If it’s a new person with no current CCW then we need to do the full background check, send them through the full NRA familiarization course, and get them through the process!”

Hunt also wants to waive or at least reduce fees for low-income applicants. The logic is simple: low-income areas have higher crime rates thus more victims.  Lowering fees would put the odds back in the hands of citizens rather than the criminals.

View the transcript

A cookie-cutter approach is the wrong way to handle it.  There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to CCW’s, crime victims, and high propensity targets.

“When seconds count, cops are minutes away!” – Bill Hunt

View the transcript of this interview