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  1. What the hell is Bill Hunt doing accepting the endorsement of the thugs at the Sheriff’s union? I loved the guy right up until I read that they had endorsed him.

    1. He’s accepting endorsements from anyone that he thinks will help him get elected. I wonder how many of Santa Ana’s F-Troop gang bangers will show up for their support of Hunt at this fundraiser?

  2. Richard, I’m pretty sure that state law requires Sheriff candidates to be current or former sworn law enforcement officers, which pretty much guarantees that all of them will be card-carrying union members.

    Fortunately the impact is minimized as pay is negotiated between the Board of Supes and the union leadership. My understanding is that the Sheriff is not involved at all.

    If you want to stick it to the unions, focus on getting Nelson on the board.

  3. I’m glad Richard raised this “issue” again, because I was surprised that it was an “issue” on this blog.

    The ONLY person who I would LIKE to see receiving campaign contributions from the “Sheriff’s Union” would be the guy running for the job as Sheriff.

    It seems that it would be nice if the guys who work for him actually like him or at least support his candidacy.

    And I would fully expect that the new Sheriff would in fact be a big advocate supporting good compensation-benefits for members of the Sheriff’s Department. But, so what, he isn’t the guy who approves or disapproves the raises, he has the more important job of leading morale and readiness and running the overall department (and within the budget, etc.)

    I think Mr. Hunt has a lot of credibility in providing leadership (e.g. integrity) for law enforcement officers, and that is a BIG part of that job.

    He isn’t just a phony who fell into, or was affirmed into, a dumb government (featherbed) “job.”

  4. I’m about as anti-union as it gets and I have to say that I agree with Rain. The Sheriff has no vote in determining the pay and benefits of the deputies. You could hardly have a Sherriff lead while shouting “deputies are paid too much” from the mountaintops. His positions on gun rights, police powers and other areas where he has significant control matter most. If he turns around and runs for Supervisor in the future, I will be pretty tough to convince. This is the candidate we need to elect Sherriff.

  5. I just read on the OC Register that Hunt is now doing defense work for Santa Ana gang members who was held to answer for a robbery. Seems to be a bit of a conflict with his attempt to be the sheriff. Should make for some interesting conversations at the fundraiser.

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