Carona Gang Still Gunnin’ for Hunt: The Elusive Attorney General Report

As Bill Hunt’s candidacy for sheriff is building momentum, the previously unreleased Attorney General report on the Greg Haidl incident has begun to surface. FFFF has obtained the report now we pass it along, although it has been slightly redacted to protect the identity of a minor (view the report).

The Attorney General Report

The report was allegedly leaked to the press by Carona’s pal Michael Schroeder back in 2005 but was never completely released to the public. Why not?

Perhaps because the 21 page document is primarily an indictment against a department culture created under Carona himself, along with Jaramillo and Haidl back before Carona became a convicted felon and was forced to resign. The report also reprimands several subordinates, including Lieutenants Downing and Hunt for showing “poor judgment”. Somehow even blogger Jon Fleischman managed to receive a slap for his complete lack of accountability as PIO for the department.

Well that's bittersweet.

So how will the report affect candidate Bill Hunt?

It’s not quite the indictment on Hunt that his detractors claim it to be. Hunt’s involvement in the controversy centers around whether Hunt ordered his deputy to remove opinions and facts from an incident report on the night that Greg Haidl, son of Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl, was stopped with some friends who were found in possession of marijuana back in 2003.

The report does accuse Hunt of ordering the police report to be edited in a “questionable fashion,” but what does that mean? Were facts removed, or just opinions?

In our interview last month, Hunt indicated that he asked his deputy to remove only an opinion that contradicted both the evidence and a confession.

Additionally, a sworn statement made after the report that was issued by Hunt’s sargent asserted that the involved deputy’s report was “too opinionated” and so Hunt asked Deputy Roche to remove the opinions. Hunt reportedly said “you need to put the facts – the elements of the crime” into the report.

Statement by Sgt. Gaffner

Five years later, Hunt is still standing behind his actions. In our interview, he told us that he violated no law, no policy and he still maintains that he did the right thing.

I am told that forthcoming federal court testimony will be revealing. But will it conflict with what Bill Hunt told us?

It’s also important to note that the AG report was not part of an independent investigation – for some reason Carona specifically requested that an investigation not be performed (see page 2). Rather, the Attorney General based the report primarily on Carona’s own internal investigation as conducted by Assistant Sheriff Jo Ann Galisky.

11 Replies to “Carona Gang Still Gunnin’ for Hunt: The Elusive Attorney General Report”

  1. So let me get this straight:

    Carona has an internal investigation performed by the VERY culture in which the report indicates a culture wherein three of the top brass are now convicted felons.

    The report also mentions Lt. Hunt asking for opinions to be removed from a report and only allowing FACTS.

    Huh….here I was all along thinking that FACTS are what a REPORT is supposed to be.

    Seems like quite a non story here. Doesn’t it seem like this report is 5 years overdue? It’s almost as if Carona’s campaign, wait I mean Hunter’s campaign is reaching with this will.

    Oh and I figure Mr. Schroeder reads this. Hi! 🙂 Good to meet you here on the attempt to slime Mr. Hunt for demanding that FACTS be put in a report. Please move along now and find someone else to boss around.

  2. This really validates Hunt’s assertions of doing the right thing. Me thinketh that his ditractors doth protesth too much.

    Old MagicCarpetBagger Siduh sent out another mailer. He really is trying to mail it in, seeing he can’t debate worth a poop.

    Speaking of Poop, it had a picture of some idiots from the CRA, and of Nuygen and Campbell and some other loser.

    It’s Linda Ackeman all over again.

  3. Same old, same old from the Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. Learn more about his newest minion, Craig Hunter. If you haven’t heard, Hunter is Carona the Second.

  4. That was quite a read. My favorite part was when wannabe mall cop Jon Fleischman got reprimanded for his role as Carona’s Minister of Misinformation.

    You just can’t make this stuff up. You guys should make a post about that.

  5. Oh Craig Hunter, desperation is a stinky cologne…… Face it, your run is done. Time for both you & Hutchens to pull out of the race and let Bill Hunt take his rightful place as OC Sheriff…

  6. Cripes! I can not believe I read that whole thing only to find an opinion was removed and some other kid said it was his dope and not Haidl’s. Small wonder that whole thing was not released by Carona apologist Schroeder. Now that his puppet Hunter is in the run the whole document materializes. What a coincidence! The Carona campaign has risen from the dead. It took a federal indictment to take Carona down and here’s what it says:

    ” In or about October 2003, Defendant CARONA and co-conspirator Jaramillo caused co-cospirator Haidl’s son to receive preferential treatment from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in connection with a drug offense” (page 19, paragraph 65)

    October 26, I believe, to be exact. Where is Hunt’s name? It ain’t there.

  7. Yes, thank goodness for Appointed Sheriff Hutchens who was put into the office pretty much unvetted by only three of five county supervisors.

    Thank goodness we have Appointed Sheriff Hutchens who finally cracked under pressure and divulged that she is anti CCW & Second Amendment.

    Thank goodness we have Appointed Sheriff Hutchens who is citing and releasing misdemeanant criminals back into the community rather than keeping them in jail and then she has the chi chis to brag about having 1200 empty beds in the OC Jail that she wants to lease for pennies on the dollar to the federal government.

    Thank goodness we have Appointed Sheriff Hutchens who still allows non first responder OCSD employees to have County funded take home cars so they can drive their children to soccer practice and run errands on our dime.

    Thank goodness we have Appointed Sheriff Hutchens who lacks any innovation or out of the box thinking when it comes to running the OCSD and has driven department morale over a cliff reminiscent of the closing scene in Thelma & Louise….

  8. Notice on page 9 that the OCSD internal investigators asked the grand jury for their evidence and were denied because, as Judge Didier stated, the Sheriff already had all of the same documents and evidence. To me, it sounds like the OCSD was either lazy or they wanted to compare notes and make sure the grand jury didn’t have any other telling evidence.

    Is it me or does it sound like Roche was source of the audio/video leak to the media?

    1. Also it looks like that Roche guy wasn’t going to write a report at all until Hunt ordered him to do it at page 7. The whole thing stinks of Jaramillo and Carona. It’s simply amazing that this report all the while was in the possession of Carona and his people and now that Team Carona want their boy Hunter in office the report magically appears. It’s a nothingburger in any event as far as Hunt is concerned. Welcome back to 2006.

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