Doc Jones Brings Ashes to the Christmas Tree?

Always a memorable quotation in every box. That’s the Doc Hee Haw product line. And ya never know what’s going to pop out.

Here is his ‘poneness wringing hands (or finger wiggling?!) about the heart-breaking budget cuts. You wouldn’t think you were dealing with  a conservative, here, would you? Actually he sounds a Hell of a lot like a big gummint Dem; which is basically what he is.

A real conservative would relish taking the opportunity to cut back inflated salaries, bloated pensions, and silly services that are always “popular” with somebody or other. But no. I really believe him when he says how terrible it is to cut the budget.

And here is one of the basic conflicts we at FFFF have with our local Republican leaders who keep backing RINO nitwits like Jones simply because they are registered as Republicans.

Anyway go ahead and enjoy.

Fullerton’s Pension Watchdog Endorses Shawn Nelson

The Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers (FACT) just sent us the following endorsement of Shawn Nelson for County Supervisor in Orange County’s Fourth District:

“During his 8 years on the Fullerton City Council, Shawn has demonstrated that he is a true friend of the taxpayer,” said Jack Dean, president of FACT. “He’ll make an outstanding County Supervisor.”

Dean noted that FACT was especially impressed with Nelson’s willingness to blow the whistle on a secretive attempt to boost the pensions of Fullerton’s city employees by 25% in 2008.

“Had Shawn not let us know that such a deal was in the works, I doubt that we could have stopped it,” said Dean. “And in light of the subsequent economic meltdown and huge market losses experienced by CalPERS, Fullerton would be in much worse financial shape today.”

“We’re going to need him on the board of supervisors to help maintain the impressive momentum the county has been making on pension reform,” added Dean.

FACT has a special interest in the public pension issue. In 2005, the group successfully blocked an attempt by the Schwarzenegger administration to issue nearly $2 billion in bonds to make the state’s pension payments. The state appealed, and in 2007, FACT won an appellate court ruling that enforced the California Constitution’s ban on unapproved state debt. Article XVI, Section 1 of the California Constitution requires voter approval for long-term state debt exceeding $300,000; FACT won a decision from the Third District Court of Appeal that issuance of a pension bond should not be allowed because it had not been submitted to the electorate. FACT was represented in both cases by the Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) in Sacramento.

Next month FACT — once again represented by PLF — will be filing an amicus brief in support of the County’s lawsuit on retroactive pensions (County of Orange v. Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs and Board of Retirement). The goal will be to protect the landmark legal decision that FACT and PLF secured in the pension obligation bonds victory (Pension Obligation Bond Committee v. All Persons Interested).

“FACT has a direct interest in protecting and enforcing the precedent it established,” said Dean, “that is, the  constitutional principle that major government indebtedness must receive voter approval.”

Under the auspices of FACT, Dean publishes a website called that tracks the growing public pension crisis on a daily basis. He is also vice president of the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility — a watchdog organization that plans to conduct a ballot initiative to reform the state’s pension system.

Nelson and Sidhu; Divergent Philosophies On Public Employee Unions

Watch this clip. First you’ll hear from 4th District Supervisor candidate Shawn Nelson and then Harry Sidhu. Both talk about public employee unions.

Remember that Sidhu actually lives in an elegant estate in the 3rd District and faked an address at the Calabria Apartments (2230 W. Lincoln Ave. West Anaheim). Even though he never lived there, Sidhu claimed he did under penalty of perjury (twice).

Sidhu has become the darling of the OCEA and OCSD unions, who poured in over 1.3 MILLION dollars into mailers, radio and TV ads telling us the opposite of what we have already seen for ourselves.

URGENT (UPDATE): Message to Republican Voters… Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly is NOT a Republican.

My nose gets longer with every lie, hehe...



Two-faced Tom Daly is busy lying to voters and is  trying to pass for  a Republican in slate mailers. By now I’m sure you have received a slate mailer describing Daly as the “Tax fighter who cut wasteful spending” or a “proven leader for reform”  or that he “defeated a local utility tax”.  Really?  As the Clerk-Recorder?  He even places his 15-year old portrait next to prominent Republican candidates or incumbents.  He surrounds him-self with Repuglicans like John Lewis and Bruce Matthias.  But no matter how hard Tommy boy tries to look Republican, we all should know that he is a pro-big government, free-spending, tax-wasting, lying, liberal Democrat and has been since his days in Anaheim.  Remember, this is the guy responsible for the election of Loretta Sanchez!

True, Tom has the right to buy any slate mailer he wants to but has he no loyalty to his fellow Democrats. There are plenty of slate mailers he can be on that are owned by Democrats but Team Tom Daly knows better.  He knows Orange County is a majority Republican county so Team Daly opts to play a Republican.   It appears that Daly is willing to do anything, including lying to voters to win this election.  If I were a Democrat I would be fuming! Tom doesn’t want you to know that he received money from unions or that he is endorsed by unions.  He doesn’t even list any union endorsements on his re-election webpage.  But if you scrutinize his campaign finance statements, you will see what a blue –blooded Democrat he really is.

Tom Daly is simply a two-faced opportunist willing to jump on any team to get the win.  We recently became aware of a slate mailer in which Tom’s portrait is next to Democrat candidates like Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom.  In the slate, he claims to be endorsed by none other than Loretta Sanchez and even Jose Solorio.  The back-stabbing truth is that he doesn’t mention these endorsements in his re-election webpage.

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I believe you would vote for the candidate who represents your party’s values and for a candidate who is proud to be part of your party. Tom Daly fails both ways.  Let’s send him a message and vote the opportunist career politician out of office.

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs,” Got Lost in Sidhu’s Bermuda Triangle

Harry Sidhu likes to blather on about jobs, jobs, jobs, but maybe he would be well-advised to remember that government shouldn’t be in the jobs business and that lots of things government does destroys jobs. Sidhu should know.

In Anaheim he’s been Curt Pringle’s right hand man in the (over development) of the much lauded, now ghost town like “Platinum Triangle.”

Pringle, Sidhu and Company changed the zoning to benefit the big developer who comes in and clears out lots of businesses who employ people in order to over build monster apartment and condo blocks. Where’s the outrage from Lucy Dunn and the OCBC when their golden boy Curt Pringle led this charge?  Who benefited from the loss of jobs, surely not the city of Anaheim.

The fact that Curt Pringle was employed as a lobbyist for Lennar while Lennar was buying up several industrial buildings in the Triangle while Curt and Sidhu were secretly planning to rezone the “Platinum Triangle” does not sit well now that the entire project is a flop, jobs are gone and the property is vacant, or a shit-load of condos are in default. Where’s the outrage Ms. Dunn? Can’t hear you.

If there ever was an example of what not to do in planning and business this is the model project for it.

Waste And Deception. So What’s New? They’re Unions.

So far the Orange County public employee unions have spend over a million dollars in this year’s 4th District Supervisor’s election.

Doing what? Calling Shawn Nelson a pedophile supporter; claiming what a virtuous and honorable man Harry Sidhu is. A million bucks.

Lest anybody thinks these goons are going to give up their death grip on the taxpayers without a struggle had better think again. A million times.

Forget issues. They only care about their own selfish interests and Heaven forfend anybody suggests that a County paper shuffler shouldn’t be able to retire at 55 and enjoy most of his pay for rest of his life. Naturally these people are going to do everything they can to distract attention from the main issue of this campaign: unfunded liabilities on the taxpayers caused by public employee union greed and spineless politicians.

And so Hide and Seek Sidhu, carpetbagger and perjurer, the man who doesn’t even know what a defined benefit is suddenly a paragon of virtue; Nelson is an unspeakable monster.

There you have it. Fear and Loathing, and enough to go around.


Can't touch this

That is the question of the day.  We have previously reported here that Tom Daly likes to give jobs to relatives or friends of campaign donors.  But this hiring takes the “Manager of the Year” to a whole different level. According to department insiders, Tom Daly hired the wife of a City of Anaheim employee who also happens to be a personal friend of Tom’s.

Even during these tough times at the County, Daly has been budgeting at least $200,000 per year for extra-help hires. Despite revenues and workloads being at their lowest levels ever, Daly feels it is more important to keep his friends employed than to protect the interests of the public. Extra-help employees are basically at-will employees and can be let go at anytime.

Not surprisingly, Daly hired his friend’s wife under this category which means no competitive recruitment was held to bring her on board.

Clerk-Recorder employees tell me they are upset because this person speaks very little English.  Due to her lack of English skills, this person is given very menial work but is getting paid the same as others who do much more.  Word has it this person doesn’t seem to posses any qualifications or skills or even a verifiable high school diploma, the minimum educational threshold for the county, but was even given a raise over all the other extra-help employees in the department.  How does this happen?  Loophole-finding Tommy boy allows the assignment to expire and then re-hires the person at a higher position thus earning higher wages.

Other extra-help employees have been told by department HR that per County policy they were not entitled to raises.

Even more disturbing is that Assistant Clerk-Recorder Renee Ramirez approached several staff when this person was being hired and asked them “do you know how to hire an illegal alien?”

Is this a liability for the County?  Is Tom Daly opening himself to a lawsuit where the taxpayers will have to foot the bill?

This clearly demonstrates that Tom Daly feels he can do no wrong and that no one will hold him accountable.  Let’s show this CAREER POLITICIAN that we are watching him and that we will vote him out of office sooner than he thinks.