California GOP Initiatives Endorsement Committee Hashes Out Prop 22

Proposition 22 here, is an initiative supported by the California League of Cities and Redevelopment agencies and their lobbyists.

Voting yes on 22 would prohibit the State from restricting the use of tax revenues dedicated by law to fund local government services, community redevelopment projects, or transportation projects and services. It would prohibit the State from delaying the distribution of tax revenues for these purposes even when the Governor deems it necessary due to a severe state fiscal hardship.

The question boils down to whether the State should have the authority to redistribute redevelopment property tax increment funds and use it for schools, and fire departments.

The clip below was taken at the GOP  state convention held this past weekend in San Diego and features the Yes on 22 proponents debating State Assemblyman Chris Norby at the Endorsement Committee meeting. Each party was given 3 minutes to make their pitch, the Yes on 22 proponents spoke for 3-1/2 minutes, however when Assemblyman Norby was only 2-1/2 minutes into his speech (6:58) one of the 22 proponents rudely interrupted Norby and yelled “TIME” even though Norby still had 30 seconds left of his 3 minutes.

My next post will feature video footage of questions and answers by both Norby (No on 22) and the Yes on 22 proponents. There’s also a little treat at the very end of the clip, enjoy!

6 Replies to “California GOP Initiatives Endorsement Committee Hashes Out Prop 22”

    1. Looked like Ackerman lover and dough-boy for hire, Jon Fleischman. He runs his own blog, that’s why he didn’t say anything bad about the blogs covering it.

    2. LT, that’s Jon Flieshman and he runs the Flash report blog. You may remember he was the guy that made the infamous Christmas youtube clip that helped sink Linda Ackerwoman’s claim that she lived in Fullerton when his video proved that the Ackermans lived in a “secret gated community in Irvine”.

  1. The party actually overturned the committee endorsement vote during the Sunday general session. It was pulled from the initiative committee report and voted on separately. We ended up voting 238 to 210 to endorse a “No Recommendation” on Prop 22. Thanks again for Assemblyman Norby and Assemblyman DeVore who made great arguments against this Prop at the initiatives comm and general session.

  2. Norby’s office in Brea overlooks a nice downtown redevelopment area that residents enjoy . Thousands of people go there to spend money .

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