16 Minutes of Pure Agony

Enjoy these two clips that feature an exchange between County Supervisors Shawn Nelson and Janet Nguyen. The issue is pulling the plug on the moribund Civic Center Joint Powers Authority, an agency that was created when Lyndon Johnson was president, and that has served no legal or practical function for almost ten years.

You would think that supposed “conservatives” would pile on to the opportunity of killing a government entity, especially one that doesn’t do anything. Well, you would have to think again. Just listen to the drivel that escapes the Board Chair’s lips and dribbles down her chin. Ay, ay, ay!

32 Replies to “16 Minutes of Pure Agony”

  1. I bet you’re in nearly as much agony as you realized Nelson had played you (and your blog buddies) for suckers.

    1. Do you pour scalding water on bunnies very often?

      Why, are you a sadist?

      So you admit you experienced no agony when you realized that Nelson had played you for a sucker?

      Or you just don’t realize Nelson played you for a sucker.

      Hate to tell you this. Even though you don’t realize you’ve been played for a sucker, doesn’t mean you haven’t.

      1. As the boiling water bubbled up against his chest, 4SD Observer was heard to exclaim: “I’m glad I’m a rabbit!”

        1. Funny how you keep trying to make this about me.

          Did you notice that Nelson played you for a sucker?

          If not, you’d be the only one.

          1. It is about you. it’s always been about you. For two years it’s been about you.

            FFFF was started because of you.

  2. I didn’t watch much, but it looked like Campbell and Moorlach have a new competitor in their contest over who would be most bombastic, pompous, and bullying.

    And Janet is having a bad face day.

    Did you every think you’d miss having Jim Silva up there? Janet makes him look like a golden-tongued otrator.

  3. True, Nelson does apparently love the sound of his own voice. But he’s right on this.

    Janey Nguyen is an absolute embarrassment. Well, soon she’ll be on maternity leave.

  4. Honestly, I’m just an ordinary citizen, and I can’t understand what the hell Janet Nguyen is even talking about. What I do know is that she must be on drugs — look at 5:45 in the second clip, while she’s babbling on and on, she’s talking about “piping” and “crack”. Pretty sly…

  5. Joe Sipowicz :It is about you. it’s always been about you. For two years it’s been about you.
    FFFF was started because of you.

    Is that when Nelson started laying the groundwork to play you for suckers like he did last week?

    1. Tell us how it feels, ‘hon. The sucker thing, that is. To put your trust in Pam Keller. To believe her when she promised she wouldn’t take developer’s money, and when she said she’d let development be driven by residents.

      Oh, the pain to be played like a sucker as she took developer’s money for the Collaborative scam that paid her; to vote for their massive projects; to take their boat rides and fancy dinners in Newport.

      Oh! The humanity! How did that fell, sweetie? You’re just projecting, now.

      1. Hey shadow.

        Nice try.

        We’re discussing the point that Nelson played you for a sucker. Do you disagree with that?

        Why do the folks on this blog continually try to change the subject?

        This is the largest collection of ADHD afflicted individuals I’ve read.

        1. Wrong, Flopsy. We were discussing the useless Civic Center JPA and YOU changed the subject.

          ADHD. HA!

  6. 4sd. They aren’t bright enough to figure out Nelson has played them for suckers. They shill worse than Red County or LibOC. I hope Nelson loses in November.

  7. Well, why didn’t Nelson’s staff contact Nguyen’s? I don’t think it’s an unreasonable question to ask.

    1. Because she was previously WRONG about the Civic Center JPA and still is. Talking to her staff would have elicited the same gobbledygook, and been a complete waste of time.

      The fact is that the JPA is dead in all but name – and $18,000 a year budget. It should be laid to rest.

      Janet must believe otherwise, but being Board Chair is not a license just to make shit up.

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