Why Can’t We Have Cops Like This?

The fine state of Washington recently made the bold move to end the senseless prohibition on marijuana. Not only will citizens who want to enjoy a puff o’ pot in private be spared being processed through the legal system, it also sets the stage for the state to collect up to 500 million dollars annually in taxes.

So if you’re in Washington, it’s now legal for adults 21 or older to consume marijuana in private, and to possess up to an ounce for personal use. And, like alcohol, open consumption in public can result in a citation.

On the Seattle police department’s blog, Jonah Spangenthal-Lee explains how the department views these recent developments:

But the police department believes that, under state law, you may responsibly get baked, order some pizzas and enjoy a Lord of the Rings marathon in the privacy of your own home, if you want to.


And so can you!


Hmm, what are the chances for our own men in blue to sport such a sensible attitude? Could it ever happen here in Fullerton?


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  1. This is just another part of the attack on American culture. Dumb, ignorant, stupid Americans!

    “We will bury you without firing a single shot!” ~ Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev to the USA at the UN in 1956

    1. “’We will bury you without firing a single shot!’ ~ Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev to the USA at the UN in 1956″…….. Hmmmmmmm

      Not Soviet Union but the Communist China did!

  2. War on drugs = stupid

    Weve been doing drugs since we were cave men

    And who is any lawmaker to say you cant use that plant or this fungi.

    But then all kinds of horrible drugs and lifestyles are sanctioned and promoted.

    pretty much another horrible sad policy brought to you by the usa.

    Freedom? Ya right.

    1. And why do politicans continue to imprison users of recreational drugs. Law enforcement and prison guards, that who. It job security for them

  3. Actually the drug war is a huge success.

    It did exactly what it was meant to do

    It filled up th prisons, to the point where we now
    Have privatly owned for profit prisons.

    Thats fucked up.

  4. And a huge police military court system, and we can all spend tons of mony on all that instead of using our resources to bring up the people.
    Education, health care, housing, equality, goodness

    Prison, guns ,cops, violence, fear, raceism, messed up society, and class war

    Great plan america!

  5. I’ve never believed that the courts should be filled with drug cases-that is, unless the person committing the crime killed or maimed someone. It’s a travesty!
    I remember a proposition over 10 years ago where voters could give defendants in drug cases a second chance to get clean. Knowing that people are human and often need that second chance, I voted for it. I remember though how
    Republicans were just SO against it, which was nuts to me.

    1. After all done these two guys looked like Kelly Thomas in the hands of FPD and Mexican Ramos.

      The point is that it is all Democrat party’s fault!

      The democrats are in the power and you can vote as you please but democrats can’t be defeated.

      So keep voting for Obama who supplied AK47 to the Cartel and chainsaw too in his “FURIOUS” program.

      1. Stanley I think that your being biased and short-sighted by not mentioning how the Republican party has continually sold out our national interests also.
        Remember in the 80’s when they decided to poison their own population, by using our own armed forces to transport cocaine into U.S. cities so that they could finace the Contras in Nicaraugua?


        What about Bush and the Republican party selling out President Carter during the Iran hostage crisis in order to pave the way for Reagan’s first election win?


  6. Kudos to Seattle police department for respecting the will of the voters and enacting sane and fiscally responsible policies.

  7. It’s gonna be hard to give up all the assets they seize, although I’m sure they’ll find other ways to fill their coffers.

  8. Fullerton once had a progressive open minded cop who understood the freedom of self rule and chemical expression his name was Todd Major.

  9. Why Can’t We Have Cops Like This? Because we have a corrupt FPD! When changes at the top occur, then will we be able to think of a Dept. like Seattle. Maybe.

    1. We cant have Marijuana here cause we have a corrupt PD. Do you know how stupid you sound. Shut up R.D., what the hell do you know what the people of Fullerton want. You are full of shit. You are not from Fullerton. You just came a few years ago. What makes you think you are gonna change Fullerton. To many old conservatives here. Dispensaries will never happen in Fullerton. Go back to where you came from and go fuck up that city.

      1. Anonymous: You obviously can’t read. I didn’t say one word about Marijuana. I said we will never have cops like Seattle, because we have a corrupt PD. I live in Fullerton, idiot! So why don’t you shut the f up, Barry Coffman.

        I’m here to fix this city. I’m here to speak out about idiots like you! Go back to your donut shop.

      2. ….Too many old conservatives that are OK with a downtown full of booze because the green bins in Raymond Hills clank on Monday mornings just like the MG disposal blue bins do downtown. Maybe that is why the old conservatives are not the least bit concerned with the murder of an innocent schizophrenic homeless man that was brutally bludgeoned and electrocuted on camera for the whole world to see.

  10. OH GOOD GRIEF! Grow up people! It’s time to be adults and not smoke weed. Wait til you have to take a drug test to get a good job. Oh wait, the majority of you could never get a good job because you can’t grow up.

    1. I take it your opinion goes for the very sick. You would rather them take mophine and oxi. I take it you have never watched the death process? Those who are sick are generally not looking for a job position, just a little bit of peace. YOU GROW UP…..

      1. cg, you know this is not about people who are legitimately sick. This is about people whom I have to work with who choose to smoke a bowl before during and after work. The ones who can’t function in society without smoking weed. I have worked with enough of them to know it’s not about being sick. It’s about the ones who need it because they can’t function without it. So dang tired of this crutch. Get a life, job and be a productive human.

        1. This is about people whom I have to work with who choose to smoke a bowl before during and after work.

          and then he says…

          So dang tired of this crutch. Get a life, job and be a productive human.

          That made me chuckle.

        2. Oh, brother. If they come to work intoxicated they should be fired.

          Go spend your energy ferreting out drunks on the job. Start with FPD.

  11. Do all you suffer from short term memory loss? There was a fake dispensary set up in Fullerton 2 summers ago. A vendor traveled all the way down from Northern California, in lieu to supply the dispensary with medication. The vendor was robbed at gunpoint by the supposed owners. It made the local news media circuit. FPD followed SB420 law by checking the vendor’s recommendation, and pressed charges against the fake dispensary. They also let the vendor leave without any charges brought up against him. FPD follows SB420 laws. Rec usage isn’t allowed and if you aren’t smart enough to get a recommendation, then you aren’t smart enough to smoke a joint.

    1. Not really. I have a tumor near my brain and one of the things the doctor specifically told me would make the hormones feeding this tumor to jump sky high were illicit drugs-including pot. I’m really boring and don’t do drugs, so this doesn’t apply to me.
      I’m okay with anyone smoking pot in your own home, but there are consequences to actions-even with pot.

      1. I really don’t believe you have a brain tumor. To have a brain tumor you would first have to have a brain. However, there must be something rattling around up there since you managed to gt through the public school system.

        Oh, wait…

          1. And furthermore, only a person with no brain accuses someone of being a liar without the proof to back it up….

  12. Self rule, freedom, a nanny state, control

    We used to live In tribes, maybe a shaman, connected to each oter and nature.

    Now we have phatmacueticles, lonlyness, depression,
    Addiction, toxic everything

    1. We may presume there will be no Sargeant Bong Hit Shone standing up berating the Seattle City Council for supporting legal collectives.

      1. -in front on a standing room only audience of young impressionable minds gazing in astonishment who told 2 friends and they told 2 friends and so on. Yes officer Schoen planted some seeds that night in the fertile ground of young children’s minds but also in the rocky ground soiled minds of Fullerton’s semi conscious voters. Sadly the seed may take root in the children’s minds but maybe to his liking that will create more clients for the criminal justice system. Fortunately seed sown in the rocky soil of the voters minds will wither as it can’t take root. Let’s see if the sower returns to reap his harvest.

      1. The addicts usually start with prescription drugs they are very very very very deadly, and mistakenly thought to be “SAFE”.

        1. Im against recreational drug use, but when the money trail is followed it is far more disturbing and violence is something to be avoided.

          According to Doctors drug use is not the problem it is a symptom of the problem or problems of society. “The urge to get high is actually quite natural, it goes beyond species, and cultures” In the world “Getting high is a universal part of Religion in the world” even today. Im pretty sure Tibetan Monks use to use small doses of Extasy (MDMA) or whatever you may call it.

          Religious aspect is a key part of the situation. Religion is key to why historically man killed each other very very effec tively, enough to be probably the most influential part of mans history.

          Young people that arent kept busy are the ones most likely to start drugging up. But some knew that from long a go not just recently.

          1. You are 8 times more likely to be murdered by a policeman than a terrorist. (Ive seen links here)

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